Exploring the Cool Mystery – How Dubai’s Desert Stays Cooler Than the City

How Dubai's Desert Stays Cooler Than the City

Dubai Desert Cooler Than City

You might think the desert near Dubai would be hotter than the city, especially in the afternoons. But, surprisingly, it’s actually cooler! While Dubai is famous for its hot summers, the desert offers a refreshing break from the heat as the day winds down. About two hours before sunset, the desert quickly cools down, becoming 7 to 10 degrees cooler than the city or the coast.

This cool-down happens because the desert sand doesn’t hold much moisture, allowing the temperature to drop fast once the sun starts setting. This makes a late afternoon desert trip one of the best summer activities in Dubai.

The Bedouins, who have lived in the desert for centuries, knew how to make the most of this cool. They built their camps on sand dunes to catch the evening breeze and designed their tents to let air flow freely, keeping them cool. The tents, often insulated with animal hair, stay cooler during the day, showing how well the Bedouins adapted to the desert’s climate.

Despite the popular choice to visit Dubai in winter, summer has its own charm with proper planning. You can explore the desert in comfort with air-conditioned luxury vehicles like Land Cruisers, Nissan Patrols, G-Wagons, or even take a thrilling ride in a Hummer. Visit a real Bedouin camp to enjoy a peaceful night under the stars in a traditional majilis, right in the heart of the Dubai desert.

Choosing a Desert Safari in Summer Has its Perks

This experience not only offers relief from the city’s heat but also a peek into Dubai’s authentic culture.

  • Less Crowded: Enjoy the beauty of the desert without the crowds for a more personal experience.
  • VIP Services: Summer often means exclusive services and experiences, making you feel like a VIP.
  • More Affordable: Tours and activities tend to be cheaper in summer, offering a budget-friendly way to explore.

Summer in Dubai presents an opportunity to experience the city differently, with its rich culture and cooler desert adventures waiting for you. Step out of the usual and discover what makes Dubai’s summer uniquely appealing.

Best Desert Tours for Summer in Dubai

Start your day with an exhilarating adventure in the cool, crisp morning air of Dubai’s desert. An early morning safari lets you witness the breathtaking beauty of the desert at sunrise. You’ll enjoy activities like dune bashing, sandboarding, and even a camel ride in dubai, all before the heat of the day sets in. This tour is perfect for those looking to experience the desert’s tranquility and capture stunning photos of the sunrise over the dunes.

As the day cools down, an evening desert safari offers the perfect escape from the city’s hustle. This tour begins in the late afternoon, allowing you to enjoy the cooler desert climate and the golden hour’s magical light. Experience thrilling dune drives, visit a traditional Bedouin camp, and cap off the evening with a delicious BBQ dinner under the stars. The evening safari also includes entertainment like belly dancing and Tanura shows, making it a memorable cultural experience.

For those seeking a touch of luxury in the desert, the VIP desert safari is the ultimate choice. This exclusive experience includes pick-up in a high-end 4×4 vehicle, leading you to a sophisticated desert camp where comfort meets elegance. The highlight of this safari is the AC tents provided in the Dubai desert camp, ensuring you stay cool and comfortable throughout the experience. In addition to the thrilling dune bashing and entertainment, you’ll enjoy a gourmet BBQ dinner, personalized service, and the serene beauty of the desert at night, all from the comfort of your air-conditioned tent.

Tips for Visiting Dubai in the Summer

1. Stay Hydrated

Dubai’s summer heat can be intense, with temperatures often soaring. Always carry a water bottle with you to stay hydrated throughout the day.

2. Dress Appropriately

Opt for lightweight, breathable clothing to help keep cool. However, remember to respect the local culture and dress modestly, especially when visiting malls, restaurants, and public places. you can read our detailed post about the desert safari outfit.

3. Choose Indoor Activities During Peak Heat

Take advantage of Dubai’s world-class indoor attractions during the hottest part of the day. Visit the Dubai Mall, explore the Dubai Aquarium, or enjoy indoor skiing at Ski Dubai.

4. Make Use of the Night

Dubai comes alive at night when temperatures are cooler. Explore the city’s vibrant nightlife, dine al fresco, or stroll along the Dubai Marina.

5. Take Early Morning or Late Afternoon Tours

If you’re planning outdoor activities or desert tours, opt for early morning or late afternoon slots when it’s cooler. Avoid outdoor activities during midday heat.

6. Use Sun Protection

Apply a high SPF sunscreen regularly, wear a hat, and use sunglasses to protect against the sun’s rays.

7. Stay in Accommodations with Pools

Choosing a hotel or apartment with a pool can provide a refreshing escape from the heat. Many places offer indoor or shaded pools.

8. Take Advantage of Summer Deals

Summer is considered off-peak season in Dubai, so look out for discounts on accommodations, attractions, and flights. You can enjoy luxury experiences at a fraction of the cost.

9. Keep an Eye on Humidity Levels

The humidity in Dubai can make the heat feel more intense. Plan indoor activities on extremely humid days to stay comfortable.

10. Explore Early Morning Desert Safaris

The desert is significantly cooler in the early morning. An early desert safari can be a breathtaking experience to see the sunrise and enjoy the desert’s beauty without the intense heat.


Exploring Dubai during the summer months reveals a different side of the city, from the refreshing cool of the desert to the indoor marvels waiting to be discovered. With our guide, you’ve learned not just why the desert can be cooler than the city but also the best tours to enjoy this unique phenomenon.

We’ve shared practical tips to ensure your summer visit is comfortable, enjoyable, and full of discovery. Whether you’re watching the sunrise over the dunes, enjoying a BBQ under the stars, or taking advantage of the summer deals, Dubai offers an unforgettable experience. So pack your bags, bring your sense of adventure, and get ready to see Dubai in a new light this summer.

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