How to Renew a Tour Guide License in Dubai

Renew a Tour Guide License

How to Renew a Tour Guide License in Dubai

Hello and welcome to the Dubai Tour Guide Program! I’m here to guide you through the process of renewing your tour guide license. This program helps current license holders stay updated with their knowledge and skills. Let’s walk through the renewal process together.

Step 1: Create an Account

Start by visiting If you already have an account, log in and skip the next two steps. For new users, make sure to enter accurate information during account creation to avoid rejection. After completing the required information, you will receive an activation link via email.

Step 2: Activate Your Account

Click on the activation link sent to your email. Use your username and password to log in to your account on the website. Select the “Dubai Tour Guide Update Program” to access the course.

Step 3: Upload Required Documents

You will need to upload several documents to get accepted into the course. These documents include:

  • A copy of your valid Emirates ID (front and back)
  • A copy of your old tour guide license
  • A passport-sized photo with a white background
  • A valid Dubai Police Clearance Certificate

Merge these documents into one PDF file and submit them through the website. Confirm your submission by clicking “Click Here to submit documents” and then “Continue.”


To obtain a Dubai Police Clearance Certificate, visit the Dubai Police website. Ensure your photo with a white background is uploaded in your profile to avoid application rejection. The document verification process takes around 48 working hours. You will be notified of your document status. If accepted, you can access the course and make the payment. If rejected, check the notes from our team and resubmit.

Step 4: Access the Course and Make Payment

Once your documents are verified, log in to your account and select “Dubai Tour Guide Update Program.” Make the payment for the course and start the course. Note that late renewal fines have been removed, and there is a 30% discount on all courses until further notice.

Course Details

The course consists of four stages that must be completed within 90 days of document verification. The renewal fee is AED 1020, but with the 30% discount, it is now AED 720. The update course is free for all UAE nationals. Here are the details of each stage:

  • Assessment Passing Marks and Retake Policies: Unlimited retake attempts, but the course must be completed within 90 days. Retake fees apply to UAE nationals.

Retake Policies

  • Dubai Way Final Assessment: 4 attempts allowed; retake fee AED 375 if 80% or more is not achieved.
  • Knowledge Assessment: 2 attempts allowed; retake fee AED 220 if 75% or more is not achieved.
  • Interview: 1 attempt allowed; retake fee AED 220 if not passed.
  • Skills Development Assessment: 3 attempts allowed; retake fee AED 220 if 80% or more is not achieved.
  • Practical Assessment: 1 attempt allowed; retake fee AED 220 if not passed.

Completion and Certification

Upon successful completion of all course requirements, fill out the course feedback form. You will then receive an electronic certificate and license, valid for two years. The new license issue date depends on the course completion date, not the previous license expiry date. Tour guides must work under a tourism company and are not allowed to offer guiding services directly to tourists. For any inquiries, contact via the website form or call at 04-403-2828.


Renewing your tour guide license in Dubai is a straightforward process designed to ensure you stay updated with the latest knowledge and skills required for providing exceptional tours. By following the steps outlined—creating an account, uploading the necessary documents, and completing the course—you can smoothly transition to a renewed license.

Remember to pay attention to the retake policies and complete the course within the stipulated time. This program not only helps you maintain your credentials but also enhances your proficiency as a tour guide. For any further assistance, our support team is always available to help. Happy guiding!

Elina Shaukat
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