How to Ride a Camel in Dubai – A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide

How to Ride a Camel in Dubai

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Welcome to the enchanting city of Dubai, a place where ancient traditions meet modern luxury. Among these traditions is the unforgettable experience of camel riding. This blog post will guide you through everything you need to know about how to ride a camel in Dubai, ensuring you enjoy this unique adventure smoothly and safely.

Understanding Camels and Their Care

Camels are a symbol of the Middle East’s heritage and an integral part of the desert lifestyle. The camels used for rides in Dubai are well-accustomed to human interaction and are carefully looked after by their owners, reflecting their value and pride. Riding camels does not harm them when done correctly; they are incredibly resilient creatures, capable of carrying significant loads and travelling long distances.

Step-by-Step Guide to Riding a Camel

Mounting the Camel

  • Approach your camel calmly from the side without making direct eye contact if you feel nervous. Your guide will usually have the camel sitting down to make mounting easier. If available, use the stirrups; otherwise, your guide may provide a stool or assistance.
  • Swiftly swing your leg over the camel using any stirrups or support offered. Situate yourself so that you’re straddling the camel to maintain balance.

Adjusting to the Camel's Movements

  • As the camel rises, lean back to counterbalance the initial movement since camels stand up back legs first. Once the camel levels its front legs, gently lean forward to stabilize yourself.
  • Once the camel is fully upright, adjust your seating. Crossing your legs on the saddle can distribute your weight more evenly and enhance comfort for you and the camel.

During the Ride

  • Embrace the camel’s unique gait by relaxing and allowing your body to sway with its movements. Hold onto the saddle post for stability. This not only makes the ride smoother but also keeps the camel calm.
  • Avoid trying to control the camel directly; they respond to their handlers and are familiar with their routes. Stay calm, especially if the camel gets spooked, to prevent escalating the situation.


  • Wait until the camel is sitting down before attempting to dismount. Swing your leg back over the camel gently and dismount using the saddle for support.

Choosing a Responsible Camel Riding Experience

It’s crucial to select operators who prioritize animal welfare over profit. Look for signs of healthy, well-cared-for camels and ask about the provider’s standards and practices. A proper load and humane treatment ensure the health and happiness of the camels.

Explore the Best Camel Ride Tours in Dubai

Dubai offers a variety of camel ride experiences, each tailored to different times of the day and personal preferences. Here are some of the best camel ride tours that promise an unforgettable adventure in the desert:

Start your day with an exhilarating morning desert safari that includes a camel ride through the serene desert landscape. This tour typically begins early in the morning, allowing you to enjoy the cool desert air and witness the sunrise. It’s perfect for those who prefer a fresh start and want to pack their day with more activities.

The evening desert safari with a camel ride offers a magical experience as the sun sets over the desert. This tour includes not just a camel ride but features other activities such as sandboarding and a BBQ dinner under the stars. It’s a fantastic way to experience the desert’s beauty at dusk.

For those who want to immerse themselves fully in the desert experience, the overnight safari is ideal. This tour includes all the fun of an evening safari, plus an overnight stay in a desert camp. After your camel ride at sunset, enjoy an evening filled with cultural performances before retiring to a traditional Bedouin tent.
If you’re looking for a more personalized and intimate experience, a private camel ride tour is the way to go. These tours allow you to customize your experience, ideal for special occasions or for those seeking a quieter, more reflective experience of the desert.


Riding a camel in Dubai offers a glimpse into the region’s rich history and a chance to connect with the desert in an authentic way. Remember, a relaxed rider leads to a relaxed camel, making your experience enjoyable for both.


No, riding a camel is quite different from riding a horse. Camels have a rocking gait and a different body structure, which affects balance and comfort.
Riding camels can be ethical if the animals are well cared for and not overburdened. Choose operators committed to ethical practices.

Camel riding is less comfortable than riding a horse due to the camel’s unique gait and hump, which can make seating awkward.

Riding a camel feels unsteady at first due to their rolling gait. It offers a unique perspective of the landscape at a slower pace.
Camels can be friendly and docile if properly trained and treated with care and respect.
Yes, camels are still used in the Middle East for farming, race, and tourism.
Yes, camel riding is still a popular activity in the Dubai, both for traditional uses and tourism.
Riding camels is not advised for pregnant women due to safety concerns and the camel’s unpredictable movements.
A camel can travel up to 40 kilometers in a day depending on conditions and the camel’s health.
To get on a camel, approach from the side when it’s seated, use the stirrups if available, and swing your leg over carefully.
A camel rider is often referred to as a “cameleer.”
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