How to Become a Tour Guide in Dubai

How to Become Licensed Tour Guide in Dubai

How to Become a Tour Guide
Dubai, a global tourist hub, offers countless opportunities for those passionate about guiding visitors through its magnificent attractions. Becoming a licensed tour guide in Dubai is a fulfilling career choice, allowing you to share the city’s rich history and vibrant culture with tourists worldwide.

Eligibility and Requirements

To join the Dubai Tour Guide Program (DTGP), you must meet the following criteria:
  • Age and Residency: You must be at least 18 years old, hold a valid Emirates ID, and have a residence visa.
  • Education and Language: A high school certificate is the minimum academic qualification required. Additionally, you need good English communication skills and an English language certificate from an approved center in the UAE.
  • Additional Documents: A first aid certificate from the UAE, a no-objection certificate (NOC) from your sponsor (for non-UAE nationals), a passport-size photo with a white background, and a valid Dubai police clearance certificate.

Application Process

  1. Create an Account: Visit to create an account. Ensure all information is accurate to avoid application rejection.
  2. Activate Your Account: After creating your account, you will receive an activation link via email. Click on the link to activate your account.
  3. Submit Documents: Log in to your account and click on “Dubai Tour Guide Program” (DTGP). Upload all required documents in one PDF file and submit them for verification. The verification process takes approximately 48 working hours.

Required Documents

To apply for a Dubai Tour Guide license, you need to submit the following documents:

  • Emirates ID: Copy of valid Emirates ID, front and back.
  • Passport-Size Photo: A photo with a white background.
  • First Aid Certificate: From an approved health and safety training center in the UAE.
  • Dubai Police Clearance Certificate: A valid certificate.
  • Academic Certificate: A tested high school certificate (minimum requirement).
  • No-Objection Certificate (NOC): For non-UAE nationals, a letter from your sponsor stating no objection to attending the tour guide training course.
  • English Language Certificate: From an approved language center with a minimum score of upper intermediate (Level 5) or an international English test such as IELTS (score of 4.5), TOEFL CBT (140-153), PBT (460-477), or IBT (48+).

When completing your profile, make sure to include a professional photo with a white background. Your tour guide documents will get rejected if this photo is not uploaded in the system.

Special Considerations for UAE and Non-UAE Nationals

  • Non-UAE Nationals: Non-UAE nationals interested in obtaining a tour guide license in Dubai can get a corporate rate from Eurolink Safety Center.
  • UAE Nationals: UAE nationals can start the tour guide program for free and benefit from free first aid training upon completion. This offer is valid for the first four Emirati nationals who finish the program each month and must be utilized within a month. No rescheduling is allowed for no-shows, and the tour guide license will only be issued upon obtaining the first aid certificate.

Training Program Details

The DTGP consists of three main stages:
  1. Dubai Way Program: An e-learning platform covering essential knowledge about Dubai.
  2. Knowledge Assessment: Self-study and reading about Dubai’s attractions.
  3. Skills Development: An e-learning module to enhance tour guiding soft skills.

The final assessment is a practical evaluation, where you conduct a bus tour and provide information about Dubai’s attractions. The total cost of the program is AED 7,520, but a 30% discount is currently available, Dubai’s cost of AED 5,260. UAE nationals can enroll for free and receive free first aid training upon completion.

Assessment and Certification

After completing the program, you will undergo several assessments in Dubai. The final practical assessment evaluates your ability to guide a tour. Upon successful completion, you will receive an electronic completion certificate and a tour guide license, valid for two years. Ensure the license expiry date is mentioned; if not, wait 15 minutes and try downloading again.

Retake Policies

Assessment retake chances and fees:

  • Dubai Way Final Assessment: 4 attempts allowed; retake fee AED 375 if 80% or more grade is not achieved.
  • Knowledge Assessment: 2 attempts allowed; retake fee AED 220 if 75% or more grade is not achieved.
  • Interview: 1 attempt allowed; retake fee AED 220 if not passed.
  • Skills Development Assessment: 3 attempts allowed; retake fee AED 220 if 80% or more grade is not achieved.
  • Practical Assessment: 1 attempt allowed; retake fee AED 220 if not passed.

Retake assessment attempts are unlimited, but fees apply for each retake. These fees apply to all applicants, nationals, and non-nationals.

Working as a Licensed Tour Guide

Tour guides must work under a registered tourism company. It is not permitted to offer tour services directly to tourists. Always wear your tour guide license in a badge while on duty.


Becoming a licensed tour guide in Dubai is a structured and rewarding process. By following the steps outlined above, you can embark on an exciting career in the tourism industry. For any inquiries or assistance, visit the contact section on the DTGP website or call their support team.


Tour guides in Dubai typically earn between AED 4,000 to AED 15,000 per month, depending on experience, language skills, and the employer.

The cost of obtaining a tour guide license in Dubai is AED 7,520. However, there is a current 30% discount, reducing the cost to AED 5,260. The program is free for UAE nationals.

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