Desert Safari Outfit

Desert Safari Outfit Ideas for Girls

Almost all the tourist ask what to wear during the desert safari tour. So here is the detailed post regarding what to wear during the Dubai desert safari and why.

Summer Clothes to Wear in Dubai Desert

Desert Safari Outfit For Girls
Desert Safari Outfit For Girls

During the summer season, the temperature in the desert is very high even you spend most of your time in an air-conditioned 4×4 and air conditioned desert tent but still, when you come out of your 4×4 to do a camel ride, quad biking, or sandboarding; you feel boiling. So we suggest Outfit for desert safari should be breathable and adjustable for evening and morning tours.

Dubai Desert Outfit During winter

During the winter season, the desert gets cold in the evening, and early morning, so the suggested Dubai desert outfit will be full selves with causal cotton pants and bring a shawl with you.

What Color To Wear During The Desert Tour.

Wear something with bold prints or the same color from top to bottom. So your dress will pop out against all the brown background “Desert.” So we decided what color we were going to wear. The next step is what to wear or what do people wear in the desert; there are so many options like wearing a jumpsuit, causal cotton pants, Loose or stretchy pants, or even leggings, Bermuda Shorts, Or high-rise long shorts.

The shorts idea is best for summer. But during winter, “November to February the weather gets cold in the middle of the desert after sunset and early morning.

For the tops, I will recommend at least half sleeve shirts. Half sleeve shirts work in both winter & summer as you have to follow the rules of the UAE dress code. So if you are wearing a jumpsuit, wear a blouse on it. So here our dress issue gets resolved; now come to the point, wear sneakers, sandals, or flip-flops. According to our experience, sandals and flip-flop are the best options. If you wear sneakers, you will be bringing a lot of sand back to the hotel as a souvenir. As well as you get irritated while removing sand from your sneakers as your feet remain in the sand all the time during your desert trip.

Outfit for Camel Ride

Camel ride in the Dubai desert is one the most demanding and thrilling activities; wear some stretchable clothes if you go for a camel trekking tour, which is around 30 minutes. Bring a scarf, wear your shades, and must use sunscreen. The best way to protect yourself from sunburns during a camel ride is by covering yourself with sunscreen. Make sure your sunscreen is not greasy and tacky. You must bring and use the lip balm; lip balm will protect your lips from cracking as the desert is dusty and dry.

What to wear on a camel ride in Dubai?

  1. Comfortable Clothes: Wear loose, comfortable clothing that covers your arms and legs to protect you from the sun and rubbing against the camel’s fur.
  2. Zipper pockets clothes: Always wear zipper clothes to secure your belongings easily. On daily bases, tourists say they lost their Sunglasses, Cell phone, Credit cards or paper money during the camel ride in Dubai. Wearing clothes with zipper pockets can help keep your belongings secure and prevent them from falling out during the camel ride.
  3. A scarf or tight-fitting cap or hat: A scarf or cap can help protect your head and neck from the sun and wind and keep your hair out of your face. We recommend using a scarf so you can cover your nose and mouth. It helps to stop the sand from entering your mouth. 
  4. Sunscreen: It is important to protect your skin from the intense sun in Dubai, so make sure to apply sunscreen with a high SPF before your camel ride.
  5. Sunglasses: Sunglasses will protect your eyes from the sun and also the blowing sand.
  6. Moisturizer: The desert air can be very dry, so applying moisturizer will help keep your skin hydrated.
  7. Female Hygiene Items: Female riders should consider bringing feminine hygiene items as restroom facilities may be limited during the camel trekking.
  8. Wet Wipes: Wet wipes can come in handy for cleaning off sand or dust from your face or hands during the ride.
  9. Camera: You will want to capture the beautiful scenery and your camel ride, so bring a camera or smartphone with you.

What to Wear During Desert Trip

Dress for the Desert Trip
Dress for the Desert Trip

Light and Flowy Maxi Dresses for the Desert Safari Dubai Tour

Suppose you’re heading to the Dubai desert for a safari tour. In that case, you want to ensure you’re dressed comfortably and appropriately.

Light and flowy maxi dress is an excellent option for this adventure. Here’s why maxi dresses are perfect for a desert safari and what you should keep in mind when choosing one.

Why Maxi Dresses are a Perfect Choice for a Desert Safari

Maxi dresses are ideal for a desert safari because they are comfortable, stylish, and appropriate for the environment. A maxi dress’s light and flowy silhouette will keep you cool in the hot desert sun, and the long length will protect you from the elements. 

Additionally, the relaxed fit of a maxi dress allows plenty of room to move around and explore the desert, making it an ideal choice for an active day.

Recommendation for Light, Breathable Fabrics

When choosing a maxi dress for a desert safari, selecting a dress made from a light and breathable fabric is important.Cotton or linen are great options because they are soft, lightweight, and allow air to circulate around your skin, helping to keep you cool. Avoid heavy fabrics like denim or thick synthetic materials, as they will be hot and uncomfortable in the desert heat.

Tips for Choosing a Dress with a Flowy Silhouette

A dress with a flowy silhouette will help keep you cool and comfortable in the desert heat. Look for dresses with a loose fit, plenty of gathers or pleats, or an A-line shape.

Avoid tight-fitting dresses, as they will not provide enough ventilation to keep you cool in the desert sun.

Suggestions for Accessorizing the Maxi Dress

To make your maxi dress suitable for a desert safari, you’ll want to accessorize with practical and stylish items.

  • A wide-brimmed hat or a scarf can provide protection from the sun and keep you cool.
  • Sunglasses are a must to protect your eyes from the bright desert sun.
  • Closed-toe shoes will protect your feet and support you in walking on uneven terrain.
  • A lightweight bag, such as a backpack or cross body bag, is a good idea to carry water, snacks, and any other essentials you might need during the day.

In conclusion, a light and flowy maxi dress is an excellent choice for a desert safari in Dubai. Choose a dress made from breathable fabrics and a flowy silhouette, and accessorize with practical and stylish items to complete the look.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be dressed and ready for an unforgettable adventure in the Dubai desert.

Wide-Leg Pants for the Desert Safari

Regarding dressing for a desert safari, comfort and style are both important. Wide-leg pants are a great option that offers both.

Here’s why wide-leg pants are comfortable and stylish the choice for a desert safari and what you should keep in mind when choosing a pair.

Why Wide-Leg Pants are a Comfortable and Stylish Choice for a Desert Safari

Wide-leg pants are an excellent choice for a desert safari because they offer comfort and style. The relaxed fit of wide-leg pants provides plenty of room to move around, making them ideal for an active day in the desert.

Tips for Choosing a Pair with an Adjustable Waistband

Choose a pair of wide-leg pants with an adjustable waistband to ensure the most comfortable fit during your desert safari. An adjustable waistband will allow you to customize the fit of your pants, ensuring a comfortable fit throughout the day.

Additionally, an adjustable waistband will make it easy to adjust your pants as needed, whether you need to tighten or loosen the waistband for added comfort.

The Perfect Footwear for Dubai's Desert Safaris

The Importance of Proper Footwear Wandering the vast expanse of the desert isn’t just about gazing at the horizon; it’s about doing it right.

  • Why the right shoes matter
    • Selecting the perfect shoe can make a world of difference. Picture this: you’re trudging through fine sand, with each step sinking you deeper. If you’re not wearing the right shoes, this picturesque journey can quickly become uncomfortable.
  • Protecting your feet in the desert
    • The desert may seem benign, but it hides many challenges – the searing heat of the midday sun or the surprisingly chilly nights. Proper footwear ensures you’re ready for these unpredictable shifts, protecting your feet from potential injuries and burns.

Understanding the Desert Terrain

  • The desert’s shifting sands
    • Ever tried walking on a beach? Now, imagine that with shifting dunes that make each step a mini workout. The desert is unpredictable, and your shoes must rise to the occasion.
  • Hot by day, cold by night
    • For the uninitiated, deserts can be full of surprises. While the days are hot and might make you want to throw on some sandals, nights can get cold, warranting sturdier footwear. 

Best Footwear Choices

  • Closed shoes vs. open shoes
    • While the temptation to slip into sandals is real, closed shoes offer more protection against the desert’s challenges. They guard against hot sands and unexpected critters, protecting your feet.
  • Breathable materials for comfort
    • Ever heard the saying, “It’s not about the shoe, but the material”? Okay, maybe that’s not an actual saying, but breathable materials make a significant difference in the desert. They allow your feet to breathe, reducing sweating and discomfort.
  • The debate: Sandals vs. sneakers
    • Sandals may offer ease, but sneakers win in the protection department. However, particular specialized sandals, designed for desert terrains could be a middle ground. Weigh the pros and cons based on your desert safari’s planned activities.

Specialized Desert Boots

  • Advantages of desert boots
    • Purpose-built for the desert, these boots offer maximum protection. They’re every desert adventurer’s dream, from their high ankle support to the heat-resistant material.
  • Popular brands to consider
    • Several renowned brands, such as Timberland and Merrell, offer specialized desert boots. Depending on your budget and requirements, you can find a boot that’s perfect for you.

Desert Safari Activities & Footwear

Embarking on a desert safari promises many unique activities, each with its own challenges and requirements. With every thrilling activity, from dune bashing to horse riding, ensuring that your feet are clad in the best possible footwear tailored to the adventure you’re diving into is vital. Let’s explore the world of shoes for each of these exciting desert escapades.

1. Dune Bashing and Shoes

This exhilarating activity involves driving aggressively over dunes; the right shoes can make all the difference.

Footwear Recommendations: Opt for shoes that offer excellent grip, ensuring that your feet remain firmly anchored even if the vehicle sways and rocks. Sneakers with a rubber sole or hiking boots are ideal for this activity. Breathability is a plus, as it can get entirely heated inside the vehicle.

2. Footwear For Camel Riding

A desert safari is incomplete without the iconic camel ride.

Footwear Recommendations: Stability is the name of the game here. Shoes with a firm grip will help you remain steady atop these majestic creatures. Ankle boots or lace-up shoes are preferred as they prevent sand from entering and offer a snug fit, which is crucial when high up on a camel’s back.

3. Footwear For Sandboarding

Imagine snowboarding but on golden dunes!


Footwear Recommendations: For sandboarding, traction is crucial. Opt for shoes that provide a good grip to prevent slips and falls. High ankle sneakers or boots with deep treads are suitable for this adrenaline-pumping activity.

4. Footwear for Quad Riding in the Desert

Quad bikes offer a thrilling way to explore the vast desert landscape.

Footwear Recommendations: Shoes that offer protection against the heat, sand, and potential debris kicked up by the bike are essential. Closed-toe, sturdy shoes like hiking boots or specialized biking shoes are the top choices. They not only provide the necessary grip on the quad’s footrests but also ensure your feet are shielded from the elements.

5. Dune Buggy Ride Footwear

Dune buggies provide a unique experience of conquering the desert terrains.

Footwear Recommendations: For dune buggy rides, look for shoes that grant stability and comfort. Closed shoes with a snug fit, such as sports sneakers, will prevent sand from entering and ensure a firm grip on the buggy’s pedals.

6. Footwear for Dirt Biking in the Desert

Dirt biking is a heart-pounding activity that requires the utmost precision.

Footwear Recommendations: Specialized dirt biking boots are your best bet. They’re designed to offer maximum protection from impacts, are heat resistant, and provide excellent grip on the bike’s pedals. If you don’t have access to these, at the very least, wear high ankle boots to protect against potential sprains and injuries.

7. Horse Riding Footwear

Riding boots are the classic choice for this activity. They offer protection against chafing from the saddle and ensure your feet sit securely in the stirrups. In their absence, go for closed, calf-length boots with a slight heel to prevent your foot from sliding through the stirrup.

8. Desert Walk Footwear

Walking in the desert is a meditative experience, allowing you to connect with nature.

Footwear Recommendations: Comfort is paramount here. Choose lightweight, breathable shoes, preferably with a mid or high ankle to prevent sand ingress. Trail shoes or desert walking boots with a good grip and support are ideal.

hese varied desert activities require different types of footwear, but the common thread is the need for protection, comfort, and grip. By pairing the right shoes with each activity, you’ll ensure a memorable and safe desert adventure. After all, as the saying goes, “It’s not about the destination, but the journey,” and what better way to enjoy the journey than with happy feet?

Caring for Your Shoes Post-Desert Safari

  • Cleaning after the safari
    • Deserts are beautiful but can be messy. Learn how to efficiently clean your shoes after a day in the sands, ensuring they’re ready for your next adventure.
  • Ensuring longevity
    • With the proper care, your desert shoes can serve you for many future trips. Discover maintenance tips that ensure your shoes last longer.

FAQS About Desert Safari Outfit

While it may be tempting to wear shorts and a t-shirt, it is not recommended. Shorts and t-shirts do not provide enough coverage to protect you from the sun and sand. It is better to opt for loose-fitting clothing that covers your skin.

Yes, it is recommended to wear sunglasses and a hat to protect your eyes and face from the bright sun. Choose sunglasses with UV protection and a hat that provides enough shade to protect your face and neck.

It is best to avoid wearing jewelry and accessories during the desert tour that may get lost in the dunes.

You can bring a backpack or purse to carry any essentials, such as sunscreen, glasses, or a camera.

Wear closed-toe shoes or sandals with a strap around the ankle to protect your feet from the sand and sun.

It is better to wear light-colored clothing to reflect the sun’s rays and keep you cool. Dark clothing absorbs the sun’s heat and may make you feel hot and uncomfortable.

Yes, it is recommended to wear sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Choose a sunscreen with a high SPF and frequently reapply it throughout the day.

Wear a wide-brimmed hat that provides enough shade to protect your face and neck from the sun.

Dress in layers for a desert safari in Dubai’s winter. While daytime can be warm, mornings and evenings get chilly. Pack breathable fabrics like cotton or linen for a base layer, with long sleeves and pants for sun protection. Bring a light sweater or jacket for warmth and a hat that covers your ears for the wind. Comfortable closed-toe shoes are a must!

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