Desert Safari Outfit Ideas for Girls

Almost all the tourist ask what to wear during the desert safari tour. So here is the detailed post regarding what to wear during the Dubai desert safari and why.

Summer Clothes to Wear in Dubai Desert

During the summer season, the temperature in the desert is very high even you spend most of your time in an air-conditioned 4×4 and air conditioned desert tent but still, when you come out of your 4×4 to do a camel ride, quad biking, or sandboarding; you feel boiling. So we suggest Outfit for desert safari should be breathable and adjustable for evening and morning tours.


Dubai Desert Outfit during winter

During the winter season, the desert gets cold in the evening, and early morning, so the suggested Dubai desert outfit will be full selves with causal cotton pants and bring a shawl with you.

What color to wear during the desert tour.

Wear something with bold prints or the same color from top to bottom. So your dress will pop out against all the brown background “Desert.” So we decided what color we were going to wear. The next step is what to wear or what do people wear in the desert; there are so many options like wearing a jumpsuit, causal cotton pants, Loose or stretchy pants, or even leggings, Bermuda Shorts, Or high-rise long shorts.

The shorts idea is best for summer. But during winter, “November to February the weather gets cold in the middle of the desert after sunset and early morning.

For the tops, I will recommend at least half sleeve shirts. Half sleeve shirts work in both winter & summer as you have to follow the rules of the UAE dress code. So if you are wearing a jumpsuit, wear a blouse on it. So here our dress issue gets resolved; now come to the point, wear sneakers, sandals, or flip-flops. According to our experience, sandals and flip-flop are the best options. If you wear sneakers, you will be bringing a lot of sand back to the hotel as a souvenir. As well as you get irritated while removing sand from your sneakers as your feet remain in the sand all the time during your desert trip.

Outfit for Camel Ride

Camel ride in the Dubai desert is one the most demanding and thrilling activities; wear some stretchable clothes if you go for a camel trekking tour, which is around 30 minutes. Bring a scarf, wear your shades, and must use sunscreen. The best way to protect yourself from sunburns during a camel ride is by covering yourself with sunscreen. Make sure your sunscreen is not greasy and tacky. You must bring and use the lip balm; lip balm will protect your lips from cracking as the desert is dusty and dry.


Wear something somewhat loose-fitted, so they’re comfortable to be in. As you have to sit in a land cruiser for at least an hour, you have to enjoy a camel ride, sandboarding, and quad biking. You can also buy an Arabian headscarf from the desert.

A final thought about what to wear during the desert tour, A hoodie or a bulky pullover, half-sleeved tops & comfortable trousers, bring Sunglasses, Hat & Light Shawl use Sunscreen and Lip balm during camel ride and quad biking and at end wear sandals or flip-flops. Last, don’t bring your valuable accessories to the desert.