Dubai Falconry Desert Safari

Falconry Desert Safari

Falconry Desert Safari Dubai

The glittering metropolis of Dubai is known for its towering skyscrapers, luxurious malls, and state-of-the-art infrastructure. However, nestled in its heart is an ancient tradition that remains as awe-inspiring as the city’s modern wonders – falconry. And when this age-old practice meets the vast desert expanse of Dubai, the result is nothing short of magical. Enter the realm of the Dubai Falconry Desert Safari, a once-in-a-lifetime experience that promises thrill, excitement, and a deep dive into the Emirati culture.

Dubai Falconry Desert Safari - A Time-Honored Tradition

Falconry, the art of training birds of prey to hunt, is an ancient tradition practised in the Middle East for centuries. The Bedouin tribes of Dubai initially used falcons as hunting tools, valuing them for their keen eyesight and swift hunting capabilities. Today, falconry remains a revered sport and cultural activity in Dubai, evolving from a means of survival to a symbol of prestige.

  • The Majesty of Falcons: These majestic birds are more than just hunters; they are symbols of freedom, power, and grace. Their significance in Arab culture cannot be overstated.
  • Evolution of Falconry: From its humble beginnings as a hunting technique, falconry has evolved into an elite sport and cultural showcase, attracting enthusiasts worldwide.

Why the Desert?

The vast dunes of Dubai provide the perfect backdrop for the falcon’s flight. But it’s not just about the aesthetics. The desert environment challenges the bird and the falconer, making the hunt even more exhilarating.

  • Natural Habitat: The desert is the falcon’s natural hunting ground, which preys on smaller birds and animals, showcasing its hunting prowess.
  • Challenges and Thrills: The unpredictable desert winds, the vast expanse, and the shimmering heatwaves make the safari a challenge, but therein lies the thrill.

A Luxurious Adventure

The Dubai Falconry Desert Safari is not just about watching a falcon in flight. It’s a luxurious experience that starts when you leave your accommodation.

  • Ride in Style: Many providers offer luxurious 4×4 vehicles to transport you to the desert, ensuring comfort every step.
  • Dine Under the Stars: After the adrenaline of the safari, relax with a sumptuous meal under the starlit desert sky.
  • A Cultural Dive: Traditional music, dance, and Bedouin tents set up the mood, immersing you in the local culture.

First-Hand Experiences

There’s something surreal about watching a falcon dive from the sky, its wings cutting through the air precisely. The falcon’s eyes, sharp and focused, lock onto its target, making the entire experience breathtaking.

  • Training Sessions: Some safari providers offer falcon training sessions, where you can learn the basics of handling and training these magnificent birds.
  • Photographic Memories: Ensure you have your camera ready for the desert, the falcon, and the entire experience is worth capturing.

Planning Your Trip

Dubai offers various falconry desert safari packages, catering to different needs and budgets. Here are some things to consider:

  • Season: While falconry safaris are available throughout the year, the cooler months between October and April are ideal.
  • Budget: Choose one that suits your pocket, from basic packages to ultra-luxurious experiences.
  • Duration: Depending on the package, safaris can last from a few hours to an entire day.

Desert Safari Tours Include Falconry

Tour NameDurationIncluded ActivitiesPrice Range
Desert Falcon Elite4 hoursFalconry demonstration, Dune bashing, Sunset photoshoot$$
Evening Desert Safari Dubai6 hoursFalconry show, Camel ride, Traditional dinner under the stars$$
Overnight Desert Safari Dubai18 hoursInteractive falconry session, Traditional dinner under the stars, Sandboarding, night stay in desert, BBQ dinner, Belly dancing show$$
Morning Desert Safari4 hoursFalconry training, Dune drive, camel ride, sandboarding$$$

Prominent Falcon Species in Dubai

Several falcon species are used in this tradition. Here’s a breakdown of some popular falcon species found in Dubai, along with their key features:

Falcon TypeSizeDistinct FeaturesPreferred Use in Falconry
Peregrine FalconMediumDark crown and moustache, light undersides with fine barringHigh-speed chases; particularly prized for hunting waterfowl
Saker FalconLargeVariable colors, from dark brown to light sandy. Broad wings and tailCommonly used in Middle Eastern falconry; hunts hares and bustards
Gyr FalconLargeComes in pure white to dark grey. The largest falcon speciesValued for its power and size, used to hunt large game birds
Lanner FalconMedium to LargeSleek body, a reddish back and head, and pale undersidesPrimarily used to hunt game birds like partridges and quails
KestrelSmallRust-colored back and tail, spotted belly, and a notable hover flight patternBeginners often start with kestrels; they hunt small prey like insects and mice

The choice of a falcon depends on the falconer’s experience, the intended prey, and the hunting environment. Many falconers in Dubai and the wider UAE region prefer the Saker and Peregrine falcons due to their historical significance in Arabian falconry and their adaptability to the desert environment. Additionally, the Gyr Falcon, the largest species, is often crossbred with other species to produce hybrids that combine the best traits of both parents, such as size, speed, and temperament. These hybrids are pretty popular in the region.


The Dubai Falconry Desert Safari is more than just a tourist activity; it’s an experience that imprints on your soul. The blend of tradition, luxury, and nature makes it unforgettable. As the falcon soars high above the dunes, one can’t help but marvel at nature’s wonders and human resilience. So, on your next trip to Dubai, dive into this enthralling adventure.


Yes, the falcons used in these safaris are well cared for, trained, and treated with utmost respect. It’s a partnership between the bird and the falconer.

Absolutely! Falconry desert safaris are family-friendly, but ensuring that kids are always supervised is essential.

Safety is a top priority. Trained professionals handle the falcons, and all safari providers have safety measures for a memorable experience.

Given its popularity, booking your safari in advance is recommended to secure a slot.

Depending on your package, we offer interactive sessions where you can handle the bird under expert guidance.

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