Desert Camel Riding For Kids

Camels and Kiddos - The Perfect Desert Duo

camel riding for kids

The vast expanse of the desert, with its golden sands and azure skies, has always been a source of wonder and allure. But imagine experiencing this enchanting landscape, not from the window of a tour bus but atop a gentle, ambling camel. Add to this picture an excited bunch of kids, their faces lit up with glee, eagerly gripping the camel’s hump, ready to explore this magical realm. This isn’t just any adventure; this is the desert camel riding for kids experience.

Camel Ride For Kids

For many families and young adventurers, the idea of mounting these majestic ‘ships of the desert’ is a dream waiting to come true. As they say, every grain of sand has a story. And what better way for children to hear these tales than by taking a camel ride, custom-tailored for their young hearts and curious minds? It’s not merely a ride; it’s a journey into a world of history, nature, and pure, unbridled joy. So buckle up, or should we say, hold on to that hump, as we delve deeper into what makes the camel ride in the desert an unmissable activity for kids!

Desert Camel Ride for Children

A Whimsical Introduction

Picture this: Cammy, a young and spirited camel, waits eagerly under the morning sun, her long lashes casting shadows over her big, playful eyes. Beside her is Little Tim, a 7-year-old adventurer with a cap askew and a camera dangling from his neck. With a nudge and a laugh, the two embark on their first shared desert escapade. Dive into the whimsical world of “Cammy the Camel’s First Ride with Little Tim!”

The Desert's Canvas

With its ever-shifting dunes and mirages, the desert unfolds as a canvas for stories. Each camel ride paints a new tale. For children, the desert isn’t merely an expanse of sand. Here, they envision the adventures of Aladdin or race with the wind, their laughter leaving an echoing trail. With their rhythmic strides, the camels turn narrators, weaving enchantments with each step.

A Unique Perspective

What truly distinguishes the desert camel ride for children? The exhilaration of being atop such a magnificent creature, feeling its rhythmic rise and fall, caressing its soft fur, and synchronizing with its calm breathing. More than that, it’s about seeing the vast world from an elevated perspective: spotting playful desert creatures or watching cloud shadows dance over the glistening sands.

Memories Cast in Golden Hues

As dusk approaches and the sun drapes everything in gold, children don’t just come back with sand in their shoes. They carry with them ageless memories. Their radiant faces, hearts full of stories, and minds imprinted with an eternal experience. So, if you ever thought camels were merely desert landmarks, think twice! They’re the awaiting gentle giants, ready to transport your kids into a realm of wonder.

Desert Camel Riding for Kids Tour

Desert Camel Riding for Kids Tour

The desert, a vast symphony of sand, wind, and sun, has long shared tales of adventure with those who listened intently. As families prepare for the ultimate desert camel riding tour for kids, anticipate more than just a conventional ride. This is an immersive encounter with nature’s majesty, with unexpected delights greeting you at every dune.

Dawn's First Light

As dawn breaks, the adventure commences, casting the desert in orange and purple hues. The camels, characterized by their swaying rhythm, emerge as ideal desert vessels. They gracefully traverse the sands, offering young riders unparalleled panoramic vistas. These creatures perform a captivating dance harmoniously aligned with the desert’s ambient melodies.

Discoveries Beyond the Ride

The journey is more than just a ride; it’s a voyage of discovery. Young explorers will meet the desert’s lesser-known residents: the agile jerboa leaping amongst the shadows, the elusive desert fox, and perhaps the rare desert owl surveying its kingdom. These sights not only enchant but educate young people about the resilience required to thrive in this challenging terrain.

Oases: Nature's Pit Stops

The journey includes stops at ancient oases – tranquil havens where children can alight and play beneath date palms. Here, they can indulge in local folklore or savor a refreshing traditional mint tea. These oases serve as ideal breaks, offering shade from the blazing sun and a space for families to reconnect.

Chasing Mirages

The mysterious desert mirage might reveal itself as the tour unfolds, leaving both children and adults spellbound. The sheer delight of chasing these optical illusions fills the desert with resonating laughter, animating its serene expanse.

More Than Just a Ride

The desert camel riding tour for kids is not merely a journey across the sands. It’s a carefully crafted experience designed to ignite wonder, instill respect for nature, and create timeless memories. So, as you ponder over the next big escapade for your youngsters, heed the call of the desert with its enigmatic camels and boundless secrets.

Camel Riding for Kids: What the Reviews Say

A Cascade of Narratives

From bashful first-time adventurers to adept young desert navigators, an influx of reviews is painting the canvas with tales of desert camel rides for children. These narratives, infused with excitement and wonder, encapsulate the enchantment the desert casts when combined with its celebrated dweller: the camel.

Sophia's Giddy Adventure

Nine-year-old Sophia gleefully narrates, “I named my camel Whiskers because of his fuzzy chin! Racing alongside the wind, befriending a curious lizard – it was the Best. Day. Ever!” Such heartfelt testimonials resonate a common chord, underlining the exhilarating escapades that lie in wait.

James' Parental Perspective

James, a doting father, reflects, “Initially, I was skeptical about the desert camel ride for kids. But witnessing my children’s bright eyes and their incessant storytelling, I’m convinced it was a decision well-made. They not only reveled in the experience but learned and laughed their way through it.”

Emma's Handy Tips

Beyond the adventures, it’s the tidbits and advice that parents glean which prove invaluable. Emma, mother to vivacious twins, suggests, “Equip your children with sun hats and comfortable footwear. And perhaps, a toy or a book for those idle moments. While camels are gentle, kids might crave a brief change of scene now and then!”

The Camel-Child Bond

Sifting through the reviews, one sentiment prominently emerges: the deep connection between child and camel. Lucy, an 11-year-old, expresses it poignantly, “With my camel, it felt like we exchanged whispers of secrets. Gazing at the vastness together, even in his silence, I believed he was sharing tales of his home, the endless desert.”

A Consensus for Parents

For parents oscillating on the decision of a desert camel ride for their children, the consensus from these reviews is loud and clear. This isn’t just a fleeting pastime. It’s an odyssey that ensnares young hearts, ignites inquisitiveness, and imprints itself on youthful memories. In the words of many, a camel sojourn in the hypnotic desert transcends a mere ride; it evolves into a treasured segment in their tapestry of childhood recollections.

Cracking the Price Tag: Desert Camel Riding for Kids Prices

So, you’re sold on the idea of a mesmerizing camel ride across the desert for your kids, but there’s one lingering question in the back of your mind: How much will this slice of magic set me back? Fret not, dear parent! 

We’re here to break down the desert camel riding for kids prices for you, ensuring no surprises, just pure, unadulterated fun.

The desert, in all its vastness, offers a range of experiences, and the cost of your child’s camel ride can vary based on several factors:

1. Duration of the Ride

From short jaunts that last an hour to full-day treks that allow for deeper exploration, the length of the ride will naturally influence the price. While a brief ride can provide a quick thrill, extended journeys dive deeper into the desert’s mysteries.

2. Specialized Guides

Some tours offer guides skilled in engaging young minds. They sprinkle tales of lore, teach kids about the ecosystem, and make the ride educational. Opting for such guides can be slightly pricier but is often worth every penny.

3. Included Amenities

Think snacks, hydration packs, souvenirs, and even photography services. Some tours package these in, making the ride more comprehensive and, in turn, a tad more expensive.

4. Seasonal Variations

Just as with most travel experiences, there are peak seasons where prices surge, usually during comfortable weather conditions. Booking during off-peak times can offer cost benefits and a more peaceful desert ambiance.

5. Group vs. Private Tours

Joining a group can be lighter on the pocket, but if you’re looking for a personalized experience, private tours are available – they come with a higher price tag but ensure exclusivity.

Safety First! Desert Camel Riding for Kids Safety Tips

Adventures are all fun and games until someone forgets to tie their shoelace or, in this case, neglects to heed safety advice on their desert escapade! The allure of the desert camel riding for kids experience is undeniable, but ensuring that this journey remains a fond memory requires a bit of prep and precaution. Let’s dive into those vital safety tips that guarantee nothing but smiles from start to finish.

1. The Right Gear

Ensure your child is dressed for the desert – light-colored, breathable clothing, sturdy shoes (sorry, flip-flops aren’t camel-ride friendly), and a hat. And while we’re on the topic of gear, sunglasses aren’t just for looking cool; they protect those young eyes from both the sun and the sand.

2. Hydration Station

The desert can be deceptively draining. Regular sips of water or hydrating drinks keep the adventure spirit high and the risk of dehydration low.

3. Know Your Camel

Spend a few minutes letting your child get acquainted with their humpbacked ride. Gentle pets, soft words, and maybe a treat or two can make the bond instant and the journey smoother.

4. Listening Ears On

Guides are there not just to narrate tales but also to ensure safety. Encourage your child to listen to instructions – whether it’s how to mount and dismount or what to do if they want a short break.

5. Stay Sun Safe

Generous slatherings of sunscreen, reapplied every couple of hours, will keep sunburn at bay and ensure your child returns with nothing but golden memories.

6. Keep Essentials Close

A small backpack with a few essentials – think wipes, a snack, a whistle, and maybe a toy or two – can be comforting for kids and handy in case of small breaks.

7. Humorous tip

If you ever find yourself in a staring contest with a camel, always let the camel win. Trust us, they have the patience of a… well, camel.

Top Tips to Make the Experience Unforgettable

desert camel ride for kids is not just about straddling a camel and meandering through the dunes. It’s about creating moments that’ll be recounted at dinner tables for years to come. So, how do you transform a simple ride into an unforgettable saga? Let’s unveil the secrets to making your desert camel riding for kids tour the stuff of legends!

1. Themed Adventure

Elevate the experience by turning it into a themed adventure. Maybe it’s a treasure hunt with a map and clues, or perhaps it’s a quest to find a hidden oasis. A storyline keeps kids engaged and fuels their imagination.

2. Desert Picnic

Bring along a picnic basket filled with some of your child’s favorite snacks. Halting atop a dune, laying out a blanket, and feasting while surrounded by nature’s majesty? Priceless!

3. Starlit Stories

If your tour extends into the evening, nothing beats gathering around a campfire (or a flashlight) and sharing stories. Local legends, personal tales, or even making up stories together can be magical.

4. DIY Souvenirs

While there are plenty of souvenirs to buy, creating one can be special. Collecting sand in a bottle, or making a simple sketch of the desert landscape, can be cherished keepsakes.

5. Desert Dance

Play some local music and let your child dance on the dunes. The freedom, the setting sun, and the joy of movement can create a picture-perfect memory.

6. Camel BFF

Encourage your child to get to know their camel. Naming it, talking to it, or even singing a song for it can form a unique bond that they’ll fondly remember.

7. Capture Candid Moments

While posed photos are great, sometimes candid shots capture the essence. Your child’s wide-eyed wonder, a spontaneous laugh, or a quiet moment of reflection can become the most treasured snapshots.

8. Gratitude Ritual

At the end of the ride, have a little gratitude moment. It could be thanking the camel, expressing joy for the experience, or just a moment of silent appreciation.

9. Post-Trip Scrapbooking

Once home, relive the experience by creating a scrapbook. Paste photos, jot down memories, and maybe even stick that sand-filled bottle or the drawn map from the themed adventure.

10. Share and Shine

Encourage your child to share their desert camel riding for kids experience with friends or in school. Narrating their adventure can reinforce the memories and make them feel proud.

Why It's the Best Family Activity

The Essence of Family Time

Family time is more than just being together; it’s a cherished period where memories are molded, bonds reinforced, and life’s simplest pleasures are embraced. A camel ride through the desert shines prominently among the many family activities. Here’s why:

1. Shared Adventures

A unified spirit of adventure emerges as a family unit rides camels across the sprawling desert. Every dune scaled and every sunset observed becomes a shared treasure of memory.

2. Education in the Sands

The desert transforms into an expansive classroom. Families can delve into understanding the intricate anatomy of camels or explore the wonders of desert plant and animal life. Learning as a cohesive unit ensures the knowledge lasts.

3. Embracing a Digital Detox

In a time when digital screens are pervasive, the desert beckons with a promise of genuine disconnect. It provides a sanctuary for heartfelt talks, shared laughter, and a chance to bond without digital interference.

4. Diving into Culture

Many camel rides offer windows into local customs and ways of life. Whether visiting a Bedouin encampment or a traditional music session, these experiences allow families to immerse in and celebrate diverse cultures together.

5. Fostering Teamwork

From assisting each other onto camels, sharing essentials, to making collective decisions on which trail to follow, numerous instances nurture collaboration and fortify family bonds.

6. Legacy Tales

Stories of desert adventures are not fleeting anecdotes. Picture grandparents regaling their young ones with accounts of their desert camel rides, ensuring memories and teachings are passed down.

7. Marveling at Nature's Canvas

The boundless desert offers humility lessons with its ever-changing sands and the interplay of shadows and light. It is a testament to nature’s magnificence and its simple beauty.

8. Overcoming Together

Deserts can pose challenges – the intense heat, rugged terrains, or the sheer unfamiliarity of it all. Yet, facing and surmounting these challenges together as a family builds bonds of unparalleled strength.

9. Reflection Amidst Silence

The profound silence of the desert grants moments for introspection. Families can ponder their journey together, express gratitude, and set collective aspirations for the future.

10. A Unique Narrative

Let’s face it: a family desert escapade isn’t a run-of-the-mill tale. It’s distinct, invigorating, and surely a highlight during family gatherings.
In essence, a family camel ride in the desert is not just an activity but an enriching journey that resonates on multiple levels.


In our journey through the desert, camel rides offer more than just fun. They’re a chance for kids and families to learn, bond, and make lasting memories. It’s essential to pick the right tour and stay safe. So, strap in and enjoy the desert’s magic. Safe travels!


The minimum age requirement is around five years old.

Comfortable, loose-fitting clothing is advisable. Long trousers prevent chafing, while a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen protect from the sun. Closed shoes, like sneakers, are preferable over sandals. For more info read our guide about what to wear for a camel ride.

Duration varies based on the tour package.

No prior experience is needed. Before the ride, guides typically provide basic instructions to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

It’s natural for some kids to feel apprehensive. Tour guides are trained to handle such situations, and parents can often accompany younger children on the same camel or walk alongside to provide comfort.

Yes, in many cases, especially with younger children, adults can either share the camel or have their own camel and ride alongside their child.

We offer private desert tours, ensuring a more personalized experience for families.

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