Dubai Drums Desert Safari

dubai desert safari with drums
Dubai Drums Desert Safari

Imagine the sun setting, painting the sky with hues of gold and purple. Now, add the echoing rhythm of drums to this picture. That’s the Dubai desert safari with drums for you—a journey where sound meets sight in a beautiful dance.

About Dubai Drums Desert Safari

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Duration 6 - 7 hours

Pickup Time is 3:00 PM & Drop Off Time is not confirmed.

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We are pleased to offer pickup services from a range of locations for our esteemed clients. These include hotels and apartments in Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman, as well as from the Dubai Cruise Terminal, encompassing both Port Rashid and Dubai Harbor.

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    1. Sands & Sounds: Enjoy the mix of golden dunes and drum beats in the heart of Dubai’s desert.
    2. Bedouin Rhythms: Feel the stories of nomadic tribes through the powerful beats of Bedouin drums.
    3. Night Dances: Watch dances that move with the desert’s rhythm under the starry sky.
    4. Arabian Tunes: Listen to the soothing strings of traditional instruments, taking you back to old Arabian nights.
    5. Desert Shows: See falcons fly and dancers perform, making the desert come alive with entertainment.


The Pulse of the Desert - Dubai's Bedouin Drums

Ever heard the deep, rhythmic beats of Bedouin drums? These beats tell tales. Tales of nomadic tribes, their adventures, love stories, and legends. On this safari, you don’t just hear the drums; you feel them deep within your soul.

Dancing Dunes - Dubai Desert Safari with Music and Dancing

As night takes over, the desert comes alive. The soft sand becomes a stage, and the stars, your audience. Witness traditional dances that narrate tales older than the dunes themselves. It’s not just about watching; it’s about feeling the desert vibe.

Live Entertainment in the Desert - More Than Just Drums

But wait, there’s more! Along with the drumming, the desert offers a spectacle of fire dances, falcon shows, and other live acts. The Arabic tunes in the background? They’re just the cherry on top.

The Echoes of Tradition - Arabic Music in the Desert

Ah, the soul-stirring strings of the oud and the harmonious qanun! They join the chorus with the drums, making the night truly magical. As you sit there, wrapped in traditional Arabian melodies, time seems to pause.

Why Choose a Drumming Desert Safari in Dubai?

So, why this desert safari? Because it’s where memories are made. It’s where the modern world meets age-old traditions. It’s where you truly experience the heart and soul of Dubai beyond its skyscrapers.

Full Moon Drumming in Dubai's Desert

Imagine Dubai’s vast desert under a full moon. The silver glow lights up the dunes, creating a magical backdrop. Now, add the rhythmic beats of drums to this scene. This is full moon drumming in Dubai: a special night where the moonlit desert dances to the tunes of traditional drums. It’s a simple yet powerful experience, bringing together nature’s beauty and cultural beats in perfect harmony. For booking and more information about full moon drumming, please get in touch with us.

Team Building Drumming Session

Imagine colleagues, not in an office, but with drums. This is team building with drumming. It’s about teamwork and finding a shared rhythm. Everyone plays, listens, and connects. The result? A united team, all through the simple magic of music.


Drumming in a group in Dubai helps people bond. It’s fun, reduces stress, and lets everyone feel connected through music.

A drum circle in corporate team building is an activity where colleagues gather in a circle and play drums. It’s a way for teams to bond, learn to listen to each other, and work together.

The full moon drum circle in Dubai’s desert celebrates nature’s beauty. It’s a time to enjoy the moon’s glow, the desert’s peace, and the joy of drumming together.

Full moon drumming is a gathering where people come together to play drums during a full moon. It’s a special way to enjoy music and nature at the same time.

Drum circles can happen often, especially on full moon nights. But the exact number may vary based on organizers and venues.

No, you don’t! Everyone is welcome, whether you’re a beginner or an expert. It’s all about having fun and connecting.

Various types of drums can be used, from traditional Middle Eastern drums to modern ones. The focus is on rhythm and collaboration.

Yes, Drumming is fun for all ages!

A typical drum circle might last 3-4 hours.