Dune Buggy Dubai Tour

Dune Buggy Dubai Tour

Dubai, a destination for tourists and land of opportunities. It provides tourists with a fantastic blend of locations. You can find modern buildings, with the tallest building of the world Burj Khalifa on one side and desert on the other side. Enjoy sunbath at the beach. And don’t forget to travel across the dunes. Dunes cannot be crossed with casual vehicles, like cars and jeeps. As these cars stuck in the sand. There is a particular type of vehicle known as a dune buggy, which run smoothly on dunes. These buggies are all made up of three or four wheels and are lightweight. If you are an adventurous person and want to know how can you complete your desert adventure, you are in the right place. All you need is to have the best travel partner, a dune buggy. Pack your bag to have an adventure with dune buggy Dubai.

Different types of dune buggies are used for desert safari. They are available in various sizes, shapes, and design. Most of the dune buggies have four wheels, but you can also find tri wheeler dune buggies. These buggies are mostly owned by tour companies which provide them to their tourists during their vacations. Let’s have a look at the types of dune buggies used for desert adventures in Dubai.

Single Seater Dune Buggy

Single Seater Dune Buggy in Dubai

Single Seater Dune Buggy in Dubai

You are an adventure and thrill loving person and like to face danger. This is the perfect vehicle for you to fill your desire for action. You will find several travel companies providing their clients these vehicles for desert safari.

As already mentioned, most of the dune buggies have four wheels, and they differ in the number of seats for the riders. There are four wheeler buggies with a place for a single person. AEON a manufacturer of automobiles and vehicles have introduced various models of single seater dune buggies to use in desert adventures. AEON dune buggy is a single seater with electronic power steering. This vehicle is designed to move on any surface with low-pressure tyres. You can find a fantastic model of these buggies with style and strength.

Some of these dune buggies are mini cars. They have proper roof and sides covered. Polaris is also among the manufacturers of dune buggies. Their dune buggy has three wheels.

Tour companies in Dubai use these buggies for 2 hours of desert adventures. If you like to travel alone, this one-seater dune buggy is perfect for you for your desert adventure with full safety measures. Well, they are quite costly, and a single ride may cost you a lot. But, what is a better feeling than to fulfill your desires if you can?

Double Seater Dune Buggy

Double Seater Dune Buggy in Dubai Desert

Double Seater Dune Buggy in Dubai Desert

There is a quad wheel motor vehicle with seats for two passengers. The car comes with a removable rooftop for an open-air adventure. They are an all-terrain runner and comes with a powerful engine. These dune buggies are automatic. You can drive the vehicle by yourself that tour is called “Dune Buggy Dubai Self Drive” or hire a driver if you are not an expert driver. Several tour companies use these double seater dune buggies for their tourist adventures. Can-am is one of the leading manufacturers of these dune buggies, providing an amazing experience with their vehicles.

The rental price of these dune buggies varies. The dune buggy rentals in dubai ranges from $250 to $350 for two hours. The average age to drive the dune buggy is 16 years. And you get an instructor in a separate buggy to help you get a smooth ride, if you like.

Tri seater Dune Buggy

Another type of dune buggy available for tourist adventures is four wheeler dune buggy with three seats. It is easy to drive. Enjoy your ride through the desert with your group in these open air, strong engine, and metallic body buggy. You can drive the buggy by yourself or enjoy the desert safari as a passenger, while the driver is handling the carriage. Take photos with your friends and of the desert too.

Tri seated dune buggies have an added advantage that they can be used to carry luggage. Maximum three people can ride as the name suggests. Several companies are manufacturing these dune buggies. Again the prices for the ride varies from one Dune Buggy Dubai Rental to another. The cost of the trip also depends on the time for acquiring the vehicles.

Four Seater Dune Buggy

Apart from one, two, and three seater buggy, companies are also moving another step ahead with the four-seater vehicle. The vehicle comes with a robust working engine and strong body. Enjoy a desert ride in fully automatic four-seater dune buggy in Dubai. For a group of four people, buggies are available in reasonable price. You can also share the carriage with someone else to reduce the expense with other members. That will be a cheap and economic off-road experience.

You can have these buggies without rooftop or covered rooftop. The choice is yours. Drive your buggy by yourself or enjoy the ride by sitting as a passenger while the driver can give you a ride. These dune buggies come with all safety measures for an off-road ride. The price for an adult ride starts from AED315. You can also get a discount during special offers from tour companies.

These buggies can run on all surfaces. They run smoothly on the sand and can work well on the road too. Go through a thrilling ride and take photos to share your experience with others.

Apart from these buggies, other vehicles like Land Rover, Land cruiser designed for desert rides are also available, but you can find information about them in our other blog. Gear yourself up for a thrilling ride with the dune buggy safari. These are automatic, easy to learn, and adventurous to drive. What is better than having a trip with full safety measures! Almost all travel companies in Dubai offer their tourists with amazing rides on dune buggies. So start searching for your suitable travel and tour packages and give it a try. Be careful if you are not an active hearted person, avoid riding these vehicles.