Desert Melodies and Oud Nights in Dubai

Discovering Dubai Desert through Oud Music

Oud player in the dubai desert

Dubai is known worldwide for its modern buildings and fancy shops. But there’s an older, unique part of Dubai that many people love– the desert. The desert is a significant area of sand that looks golden when the sun shines on it. Long ago, people called Bedouins lived there with their camels and told stories around fires.

One thing that makes the desert evening special is the music from an instrument called the Oud. The Oud looks like a guitar, but it’s part of old Arab stories and songs. When you hear it in the desert, it feels magical.

Meet the Master of Oud in the Desert

In this golden realm, a unique sound echoes when night falls. It’s the melodic tune of the Oud, presented by the talented Oud player. This person is a master, having practiced for many years and learned from previous generations of Oud players. Stories come to life when the strings are strummed, and the desert’s magic feels even more real. Tourists gather under the vast sky, enchanted by the tales the Oud player shares.

The Magic of Oud Music in the Desert

The Oud is a key to the rich Arab culture. Families in ancient times would gather, united by the Oud’s melodies. This instrument’s sound is even more mesmerizing in the desert, surrounded by dunes and beneath the stars. It sings of distant lands, brave adventures, and heartwarming love stories. Every tourist in the Dubai desert waits eagerly for the Oud music, cherishing the melodies as a memorable part of their journey.

Our Special Offering: Oud Music in Dubai Desert

When the sun sets and stars begin to shine, our desert comes alive with the rhythmic beats of the Oud. Tourists can now enjoy a live music experience in the Dubai desert. Our service is exceptional. It’s not just given to everyone – it’s an add-on. That means you can ask for it and pay a little extra if you want it. And trust us, it’s worth it!

The Details of the Oud Experience

Our desert Oud player is ready to make your night memorable. As the moonlight bathes the sand, our Oud concert in the Dubai desert begins. Each note tells a story, and each melody carries an emotion. It’s not just music; it’s an experience.

Customizing Your Oud Experience

We’ve got you covered if you’re in a group or planning a corporate event in the desert. We offer special Oud nights in the Dubai desert tailored for larger gatherings. Just let us know, and we’ll arrange a magical Arabic music night in the Dubai desert exclusively for you.

The Fine Print

The serenading Oud performance in the Dubai desert is on-demand. It’s an extra treat, not included in the basic package. But, every dirham spent adds to the magic of the night.

Key Insights on the Popularity of Oud Music in Dubai Desert Tours

Statistic/Data PointValueImplication
Percentage of tourists keen on desert activities60%Desert experiences are a major attraction in Dubai.
Visitors valuing live Oud music at desert events87%Oud music significantly enhances the desert experience.
Tourists recalling their trip due to Oud music92%Oud music makes the desert trip more memorable.
Year-on-year increase for group events with Oud15%Oud music’s demand in corporate and group events is rising.

Tours Offering Oud Player as an Addon


The Dubai desert is a land of stories; our Oud player is here to share them. Let the melodies take you on a journey, making your desert experience unforgettable.


The cost of the Oud experience varies depending on the specific tour and package you choose.

Absolutely! The Oud music experience is a treat for all ages.

The Oud is used in many Middle Eastern and North African countries, including Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Turkey.

The Oud is primarily used in traditional Arabic, Persian, Turkish, and North African music.

Yes, while traditionally associated with classical music from the Middle East and North Africa, the Oud has

No, the Oud is an ancient instrument with roots dating back thousands of years.

It’s an on-demand service. Just let us know, and we’ll arrange it for an additional fee.

Absolutely! We can arrange special Oud performances for group gatherings and corporate events.

An average performance lasts around an hour, but it can be customized based on your needs.

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