Evening Desert Safari Vs Morning Desert Safari

Scenic view during camel trip

Do you like the warmth of a hot summer day or the cooling winds of the winter? Your answer to that question might determine if a day or evening desert safari Dubai is more up your alley.

Consider the following aspects before booking desert safaris :

1. Temperature

You would think you would face harsher temperatures during a day safari, but this is actually not true. The desert mornings, before the sun rises and starts baking the sand like a batch of cookies, is actually quite cool.

Evening excursions typically start during the hottest part of the day and end at the coolest. If you feel like you can face the heat long enough, then you can probably handle the evening trip.

If you want to have a cool morning and are okay with getting up before the sun rises, then a morning trip is a good idea.

2. Activities

The day trip is more for those who are interested in extreme desert sports. You will enjoy dune bashing, sand boarding, or a dune buggy ride, and experience wildlife and camel riding. You can also take a quad bike out amongst the dunes if that’s what you want.

The night safari, while it does have a few adrenaline-pumping activities, is more centered around entertainment and dining. Some packages allow you to stay the night and sleep under the desert stars.

3. Dining

During the morning safari, you will enjoy a lavish breakfast spread.

At night, you will enjoy a large dinner buffet while being entertained by dancers of all variety. Entertainment options include Bellydancers, fire dance, horse dance, Tanoura, and puppets.

Morning is more for adventure and breakfast, the night is for dinner and a show.

It’s recommended you eat lightly during breakfast and don’t drink to much water as the sun gets very intense. The same can be said about lunch before you start the night tour.

4. Adventure Level

As said above, the morning tour is more for the adventurer in you. Not everyone is a fan of the extreme sports side to things as it can get intense.

If you’re older, have a heart condition, or are bringing little ones along, it might be best that you take part in the evening activities.

The evening tour has all of the things that the morning one offers but to a lesser extent. It’s more relaxed with the dancing, and henna paintings.

You can unwind in a desert camp as the sun sets, and get to try on traditional dress. Kids might find that a little more up to their speed.

Book the Best Desert Safaris

There are many benefits to both a day and night desert safaris. If you like extreme sports and intense fun, the morning is the way to go. If you like the stillness of the night with an emphasis on entertainment and food, then you want to go with the night.

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