Types of Desert Safari in Dubai

What is a desert safari?

Desert Safari in UAE

Imagine big dunes – golden sun. Adventures are waiting for you. This is a desert safari. It’s a trip into the desert. You get to see nature, culture, and adventure. This post will discuss different types of desert safari available in Dubai.

Why is a desert safari a must-do in Dubai?

Dubai has tall buildings. But it also has a beautiful desert. This desert is special. It tells stories of old times. It has adventures like dune rides. It shows Dubai’s soul. So, visiting Dubai? A desert trip is a must!

Why are these trips popular?

People love new experiences. In the desert, they find it. There’s thrill. There’s culture. There’s peace. It’s like a big, sandy playground. And everyone wants to play.

Different Types of Desert Safari in Dubai

Imagine starting your day in the desert. The sun is rising. The world feels fresh.

Activities? Ride over sand dunes. Ride a camel. Slide down sand hills on a board. It’s all fun!

Best time? Go in the early morning. When the sun’s not too hot.

The evening is special. The desert turns gold. The sun sets. The stars come out.

Activities? Do fun dune rides. Ride camels. Watch cool dances in the evening. Like the Tanura dance. Hungry? Have a BBQ dinner.

What’s magical? The sunset. It’s like the desert says goodnight.

Ever slept under stars? Here’s your chance. The desert is quiet. It’s peaceful.

Activities? Do all the evening stuff. Plus, sleep in a tent. Wake up to a yummy breakfast.

What’s so cool? The night. Hear desert sounds. See millions of stars.

Got kids? No problem! This trip is for all.

Activities? Camels? Yes! Fun shows? Yes! Safe fun for kids? Totally.

Romantic Desert Safari

Just two of you? Perfect! This trip is for lovebirds.

What’s special? Private tent. Dinner for two. A desert date.

Love thrills? This is for you. It’s all about big fun.

Activities? Ride fast bikes. Slide down big sand dunes. It’s wild!

Luxury Desert Safari

Want to feel royal? Choose this. It’s the desert, but super fancy.

What’s different? Ride in luxury cars. Stay in big tents. Eat gourmet food. It’s all VIP.

Budget Desert Safari

Traveling light on cash? This one’s for you.

What’s in it? All the fun. Less cost. No compromise on joy.

Comparison of Desert Safari Tours in Dubai

Want to know which desert safari is best for you? Let’s compare them side by side!

Type of TourDurationActivities IncludedPriceProsCons
Early Morning Desert Safari3-4 hoursDune rides, camel ride, sandboarding$$$Fresh start, cool temperaturesShorter duration
Afternoon Desert Safari5-6 hoursDune rides, camel ride, Tanura dance, BBQ dinner$$Sunset views, more activitiesCan get a bit cooler in the evening
Overnight Desert SafariOvernight (15-18 hours)All evening activities + sleeping under stars, breakfast$$$Full desert experience, star gazingLonger duration
Adventure Desert Safari3-4 hoursFast bikes, sandboarding$$$Thrills and adrenalineNot for everyone

Which Desert Safari Tour is Best for You?

Your PreferenceBest Desert Safari OptionsWhy?
Morning personMorning Desert SafariExperience the desert in the cool morning air.
Love sunsetsEvening Desert SafariWatch the desert glow with the setting sun.
StargazerOvernight Desert SafariSleep under a shimmering blanket of stars.
Short on timeMorning or Adventure SafariEmbark on a quick 3-4 hour thrill.
Thrill-seekerAdventure Desert SafariQuad biking, sandboarding, and more!
Crave luxuryLuxury Desert SafariPremium services and a posh experience.
Family outingFamily Desert SafariFun-filled and kid-friendly activities for all.
Romantic getawayRomantic Desert SafariSpecial moments tailored for couples.
Budget-consciousBudget Desert SafariExperience the desert without breaking the bank.

Tips for Having the Best Desert Safari Experience in Dubai

Excited for your desert adventure? Great! Let’s make it even better. Here are some easy-to-follow tips:

  • Check the Weather
    • Why? The desert can be hot. Really hot. But sometimes, it’s cold. Especially at night.
    • What to do? Bring a hat and sunscreen for the day. A light jacket for the evening might be a good idea.
  • Book in Advance
    • Why? Popular safaris fill up fast. Don’t miss out.
    • What to do? Plan ahead. Book early. Get the date and time you want.
  • Dress Comfortably
    • Why? You’ll be active. Dune bashing. Camel riding. Maybe sandboarding.
    • What to do? Wear comfy shoes. Loose clothing is best. It lets you move and keeps you cool.
  • Respect Local Customs
    • Why? It’s about respect. The desert is a special place for locals.
    • What to do? If you’re unsure about something, ask. Your guides are there to help.
  • Stay Hydrated
    • Why? The desert is dry. You’ll need water.
    • What to do? Always carry a water bottle. Drink often.
  • Bring Cash
    • Why? Some desert spots don’t take cards. Especially for small purchases.
    • What to do? Keep some cash on hand. Just in case.
  • Capture the Moments
    • Why? The desert is beautiful. You’ll want memories.
    • What to do? Charge your camera or phone. Snap lots of pics. But also, take a moment to just enjoy.


Your Dubai trip is incomplete without the mesmerizing experience of a desert safari. Whether it’s watching the golden hues of a desert sunset, feeling the adrenaline rush of dune bashing, or enjoying the traditional dances of the region, there’s a desert safari waiting to make your Dubai journey unforgettable. Dive in, feel the desert sands, and take home memories that will last a lifetime.


Yes, we offer pick-up and drop-off services.

We have restroom facilities in our desert camp.

We have a desert safari package, which includes alcohol.

Some activities might be unsuitable if you’re pregnant or have back/joint issues.

Yes, desert safaris operate during Ramadan. However, entertainment activities like belly dancing might not be available.

A regular desert safari offers standard amenities and activities. Premium desert safari provides enhanced services, luxurious setups, and often exclusive experiences.

This all depends on what you like. If you like sunrise, go for the morning safari; if you want to enjoy entertainment, go for the evening safari tour; or if you want to spend night in the desert, go for the overnight experience.

Consider factors like the time of day, activities offered, your budget, and read reviews. Ensure the provider is reputable with good safety records.

While a regular desert safari covers various activities across the desert landscape, a red dune safari specifically focuses on the high, reddish sand dunes, often offering intense dune bashing experiences.

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