Best Places to Visit in Dubai in Morning

The Desert is a part of Earth where you seldom find living organisms. Most of the land is composed of sand, and you will rarely find any vegetation. Deserts are mostly dry and hot areas with the temperature reaching several degrees high during day time. But due to the reflective nature of sand, you will find the night quite cold and relaxing. That is why morning and evening time is best to visit beautiful places in UAE.

Being a tourist, it is the hardest part of the tour to decide which part of the city to explore first. And for making a plan, you need to know about the weather conditions and regular updates to the town. UAE has extreme weather, and if you are visiting Dubai in Summers, you need to be pre-planned about your visit as Summer days are too hot. So you need to start your daily activity in the early morning. Let’s look at some of the places to visit in Dubai and UAE during the early morning time.

Places to Visit in Dubai in the Morning

Dubai is one of the fastest-growing city in the world in terms of tourism and structure. In the last 30 years, Dubai has become the modern city where you will find the tallest buildings, 7-star hotels, luxury malls and the busiest international passenger airport in the world. In Dubai, there are so many places to visit; you will enjoy the best sunrise and sunset spots in Dubai, places to do adventure in Dubai, Picnic spots in UAE lot’s more you can categories them below.

Places to visit in Dubai

Places to visit in Dubai

  • The Desert
  • Burj Khalifa
  • Mountains of Hajjar
  • Beaches at Dubai
  • Park of Zabeel
  • Jabal Hafeet
  • Dubai water canal broad walk
  • Dubai water canal broad walk
  • Al Fahidi City
  • Al Mamzar Park
  • Visit Palm Islands
  • Bastakiya Quarter
  • Hot air balloon ride
  • Skiing at Dubai Park
  • Marina Yacht Club
  • Dubai frame
  • Hatta pools
  • Jumeirah Mosque
  • Abra ride

The Desert

Dubai is a modern, global city, boasting the largest skyscrapers in the world and a multinational population. But travel a few miles to the south, and you’ll find yourself deep in the desert surrounded by drifting sand dunes and one of the quiet places in Dubai. As we know, deserts are too hot during day time, so it is best to plan your visit to the desert early in the morning. Due to thrilling activities in the desert, it has become one of the adventure places in Dubai. You can enjoy a camel ride in the early morning, do quad biking, and enjoy a dune buggy ride and as well as thrilling dune bashing. The Dubai desert is one of the best and recommended places to see in UAE. The desert is also picnic spots in UAE.

In the early morning the desert is not as hot as the day time. You can enjoy a camel ride, quad bike ride or ride in a dune buggy. The sand is quite cold at that time, and if the wind is blowing, it wouldn’t be too harsh.

Burj Khalifa

The tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, hosts thousands of visitors each day. It opens at 5:00 am; you can book your spot in advance, and it only opens on Friday & Saturday at 5:00 am. On other days you can enter the building at 8:30 am. The Burj Khalifa provides an overview of the modern city of Dubai. You can enjoy the view from the 124th floor of the building. At Burj Khalifa, you get the chance to see the sunrise from the 124th floor.

Mountains of Hajar

If you are fond of adventure and loves to climb mountains, Dubai will not dishearten you. Hajjar mountains are worth seeing. There are a lot of activities like hiking, trekking, bird-watching and observing valleys and dried river beds. Hajar mountains are famous for local people also, during holidays it’s one of the busiest places to visit in UAE. Mountains of Hajar come in the category of adventure places in the UAE

Beaches of UAE

UAE is quite rich in beaches as it is surrounded by sea. There are different spots available for jet skiing, diving, and snorkeling at various resorts.

Best Beaches of Dubai to visit in Dubai

  • 4×4 Beach
    • Located: At the corner of Al Athar Road and Jumeirah Beach Road, next to Jumeirah Beach Park, Jumeirah 2.
  • Al Mamzar Beach Park
    • Located: Near Century Mall, Al Mamzar.
  • Black Palace Beach
    • Located: Al Sufouh Road (just before Hessa Street and about 500m before Dubai Media City).
  • JBR Beach
    • Located: The Beach, opposite JBR.
  • Jumeirah Open Beach
    • Located: Near Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa, Jumeirah Beach Road.
  • Kite Beach
    • Off Street 5a, behind Jumeirah Beach Road, Umm Suqeim.
  • La Mer
    • Located: La Mer, Jumeirah 1.
  • Mercato Beach
    • Located: 13a Street, Jumeirah 2.
  • Nessnass Beach
    • Located: Nessnass Street, behind Sunset Mall.
  • Sunset Beach
    • Located: 2C Street, Umm Suqeim.

Beaches to visit in Morning in Abu Dhabi

  • A’l Bahar
    • Located: Daily 7am-sunset. Corniche.
  • Al Bateen Beach
    • Located: Open daily 8am-sunset. Al Bateen, Khalifa Al Mubarak Street, off Al Khaleej Al Arabi Street.
  • Hudayriat Island
    • Located: Open daily 8am to 7pm. Hudayriat Island.

Park of Zabeel

It is a park full of greenery and recreation. Enjoy a morning walk within a calm atmosphere and fragrance of flowers. It has playgrounds and picnic spots too.

Jabal Hafeet

The second highest peak of UAE “Jabal Hafeet” is worth seeing and adventurous to hike. You can also have an overview of the border of Oman. There are many forts and tombs located in this region. And you should gear up yourself in the morning as the weather will be pleasant and you will not feel sweating.

Dubai water canal broad walk

As the infrastructure of Dubai is quite fantastic and with each new day, there comes a new structure with excellent features. This water canal is another massive project completed by Dubai’s government. You can enjoy a morning walk on the footpath. With a cool breeze blowing in the morning enjoy a relaxing view of the moving water. The paths are well lighted and also gives a beautiful sight at night.

Al Fahidi City

This is a historical city around modern Dubai retaining its old architecture. You should explore the city on foot. Metro service is available to take you to the town. And obviously, it can be a better idea of having a morning walk through the streets.

Al Mamzar Park

We all know that the beaches are quite crowded areas. If you want to enjoy a calm and relaxing beach view, the best time is to start your ride early in the morning. There is a rare chance of people at the beach in the morning. And apart from less crowd, you can enjoy cool breeze in the morning. This is a park located on the shore of Dubai. It contains various spots for relaxation. Relax under the trees and observe the blue water waves.

Visit Palm Islands

One of the marvels of architecture Palm islands are man-made and are tourist attractions from around the world. They consist of two islands; Palm Jebel-Ali and Palm Jumeirah with marvelous buildings and construction. Enjoy a boat ride to these islands. The early you go, the more time you will get to explore the islands.

Bastakiya Quarter

Civilized nations never forget their past. They keep a record of their history to help them remind of their struggles and achievements. You can come across this example with the well-conserved old city in Dubai known as Bastakiya Quarters. This place is the opposite of the current city of Dubai in architecture. Tour groups start in the morning, of which you can become a part to explore the architecture of this fantastic place. Vehicles are prohibited from entering this area. The site also contains galleries to represent the art and history to foreigners and preserve them.

Hot air balloon ride

Want to have an overview of the desert of Dubai, a ride in hot air balloon has no comparison. Book your trip early in the morning and try to reach there in time. Up in the sky in a hot air balloon, enjoy the spectacular and panoramic view of the desert. Observe the gazelles running in the deserts and camel crossing their path. One of the fascinating things to have these balloon rides is observing the mesmerizing sunrise.

Skiing at Dubai Park

We know that there is no chance of snowfall at such a warm place. But with the advancement in technology and diverse architecture, you can also enjoy skiing in Dubai, but it is indoor. You need to be a professional skier; otherwise, there is no chance as they offer this opportunity to professionals only. The park is themed like a snow-capped mountain, and all activities are performed under strict supervision. Visitors enjoy skiing at the park throughout the year.

Marina Yacht Club

Enjoy a ride on a yacht at the marina early in the morning. After that, you can perform activities like shopping, dining. Marina mall is a worth place for shopping while observing the sea. A variety of restaurants are there giving you a blend of food items.

Dubai frame

Another marvel of architecture to enclose maximum part of the city in a frame, it appears like an original photo frame. The frame is 152meters in height. The structure is built to show the formation of modern-day Dubai city. From one side of the frame, you can view the modern infrastructure like Burj Khalifa, Canal, Skyscrapers while on the other hand, is the old city view of Bastikaya Quarters.

Hatta pools

They are clear water lakes surrounded by huge mountains, giving them a scenic beauty. There is no entry ticket, and you can visit this place at any time of the day. But it would be better to drive this place early in the morning for a relaxing time. Enjoy the sunrise behind the mountains and the chirping of birds.

Jumeirah Mosque

Al-Azhar’s mosque, Cairo inspire the most beautiful mosque located in Dubai, its architecture. The minarates of mosque resemble the Fatimid dynasty. You can offer prayer at the mosque. But the tour begins at 10 am.

Abra ride

The ride starts from 5 am early in the morning and if you don’t want to experience heat it is perfect addition for your adventure in UAE.

There are more places to visit, but the limitation of time is where you can not visit them at any time. Most of the shopping malls and restaurants open after 10 am. We hope this information will help you with planning your vacation at UAE.