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How to Become a Travel Agent

How to Become a Travel Agent

A travel agent is a person who engages in selling and arranging transportation, tours, accommodations, or trips for travelers. No doubt nowadays, traveling is a common practice. Because of this travel agency is a fast growing business. So, you also can work as a travel agent.

Ultimately being a travel agent, takes dedication, travel expertise, and excellent interpersonal skills. ASTA’s Becoming a Travel Agent will provide you with a wealth of information about the travel agency. Accurate information is helpful for you to begin your career.
However ASTA’s course explains the multiple travel agency business models in place today and gives you a sense of just how agents make money.
When people think about travel agency. The question arises in their mind is that want to be a travel agent where do I start? So here are some steps to help you to become a good travel agent:

Determining Your Specialty in the Travel Market

  • Consider what sort of travel agent you wish to be. Two different types of travel agents. One is “corporate” and second is “leisure” agents. The former makes arrangements for companies whose personnel who must travel for their work. Entertainment agents may specialize regarding themes, destinations, or clientele.
  • Write down your first and foremost interests.  Which may increase your passion for the job and your chances of success by focusing on areas that already attract you. First and foremost write down your interests in general terms. Then create a second list of destinations that you like to visit or love to go.
  • Determine your client base. You must contact with other travel agents. Just to get a rough idea of the going price for the sort of dream trips you would like to offer to your clients. Use this price information to determine what kind of income your clients would need to afford these trips.


Travel Agent School online

Most of the people think that how do I become a travel agent from home. What is the procedure to become a travel agent from home for free. How much does it cost to become a travel agent. What is the way to become an independent travel agent for free. How to start a travel agency business from home. How to start a travel agency from scratch. These are the questions asked by so many people how have interest in this field.
Online travel agent school online offer programs at the certificate and associates degree level. In these programs, students learn about computer reservation systems and the basics of successful travel planning through interactive modules. Students can obtain national travel agent certification through online courses.
The travel agent online school provides the facility to students at home. They can learn from home and can start a travel agency business from home. This is the best way to start a small and your dreamed business.

Travel agent certification programs

Most online travel agent courses are part of diploma programs. That prepare graduates for national travel agent certification. Following are some online certification programs.
Travel agent certification is online program. To qualify for this program. The travel agents must have 18 months of experience or 12 months with TAP test completion. This training course includes the topics of travel sales and techniques. Consumer focused professionalism and office skills.

CTC Program

CTC is a six-month program establishes for travel professional with CTA certification. To qualify this program they need at least five years of experience. This course focuses on marketing and consumer relationships and theoretical classes. In classes they discuss the development of marketing strategies and productive management of office politics.

CTIE Program

CTIE, candidates for this program. Must have at least five years of experience in the field and CTC certification. CTC certification is the prerequisite of this course. This course covers advanced elements of travel industry business management, and topics include the logistic of travel law.

Travel agent certification online

Online certification is an internet based program. Which is a high point in a new career as a travel agent. It is also helpful for those who have an interest in developing a home based business as an independent agent. The CTC offers a high-quality hospitality and tourism education in British Columbia.

The online programs also provide the facility of online certification for travel agents. Travel agent certification online programs are helpful for you to become a certified travel agent.
The Travel Agent Proficiency Test is also known as TAP test. It is the first step towards professional recognition.

How to become a travel agent for Disney

The real part is a Disney travel agent means that you are always talking, thinking and reading about the best vacation destination in the solar system. Disney vocational planner salary is about $9.77/hr. Nowadays, it’s easy to become a travel agent.
You just contact with a local travel agent to learn the ropes or start an online course to become a good travel agent. As a consequence, the certified travel agent salary is about $36,277 per year.

How to become a travel agent in Texas

Working in the tourism industry can be a great experience. As a travel agent, it allows you to support individuals to find the vacation of their dreams. You should be a travel agent in Texas with a little training and determination. The minimum requirement in Texas is high school diploma to become a travel agent. You can enroll in institutions, such as post secondary vocational school, university or community college.

Avoya, travel host agency

This is an American Travel Representative. Traces it roots back more than 50 years. It is built on integrity and professionalism. They has a long standing reputation for being one of the world’s most advanced marketing and travel technology companies.

Following are some Schools for travel agents:

  • University of North Dakota
  • Ashworth College
  • University of Central Florida
  • Penn Foster Career School

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