Desert Safari Dubai

How should I plan a five day trip to Dubai?

Dubai city is full of adventurous activities, this city is the energetic world.

Exciting things all around, innovative attractions, a person cannot imagine how the desert convert into the heaven like place.

Dubai Mall

Guaranteed place to make you happy in every moment you stay here. If you want to stay here only for five days and you wish to get best of your experience in Emirates then follow this guide.

Day 1:- Start your Journey with Most Exciting Places

 Dubai Mall

Just right after the arrival in Dubai, you need to take some rest and decide on a slow journey on the first day of the trip.

Dubai Mall is the flawless place, the largest mall in the world with the outstanding variety of things to grab the attention of visitors.

Dubai Mall

One of the most amazing malls in Dubai enough to spend the memorable day with lots of activities like window shopping, dining, and entertaining activities.

Shopping at Dubai Mall

KidZania is the award holder place in Dubai Mall where kids enjoy different costumes and enjoy adult life with most exciting activities.


Burj Khalifa

World’s largest building, needle-shaped super scraper. You can capture most amazing scenes from the Burj Khalifa, no trip is completed without seeing this magical deck.

Burj Khalifa

From the top of this tower, you can watch whole Dubai, you need to purchase a ticket to reach on the top of the tower. On the top of Burj Khalifa, you can get spectacular views of the Dubai Skyline.

Day 2: Plan a Tour Of new Dubai

One full day is the ideal time to visit all the famous places of “New Dubai”.

Burj Al Arab

The most luxurious hotel in the world is waiting for you with the well-known landmark.

Burj Al Arab

You can stay here with the best of sitting rooms with deluxe furniture and bars. Enjoy the lavish servings of staff and lip-smacking foodstuff.

Big Bus Tour

The recommended way for the visitors to view all breathtaking places in Dubai city like Dubai fountains, sandy beache, and dramatic skylines.

Big Bus


You can visit all traditional and historical places and even nightlife with superb chic dining.

Day 3: Check Out the Traditional Places

You have to spare your one day for historical and cultural places.

Dubai Museum

Dubai Museum is located on the side of Bur Dubai. You can see the modern innovative things placed in the oldest building of Dubai city.

Dubai Museum

You can see the most amazing and traditional architectural design of the building, it also represents the Arabian style life of the old people. Inside of the museum is very impressed with the art and crafts of past people, you can purchase the replica of art displayed in the museum.

Dubai Museum

You can visit Dubai water Parks to get cool amusement in summer.

Historic Streets

You can visit old streets with your guide in a way you can get proper information also visit Gold and spice souks.

Historic streets

Day 4: Go On a Desert Safari

If you miss the desert activities you missed everything in Dubai. Desert Safari Dubai is most entertaining activity with most adventurous activities.

Dune Bash desert Safari

You need to spend your full day in the desert to enjoy all the activities like dune bashing, quad biking and the beautiful sunrise scene in morning.

Quad Bike desert Safari

In the evening and overnight desert safari you can enjoy camel riding, belly dancing, BBQ dinner, Hookah and Tanura dancing.

Hookah Desert Safari

Day 5: Head Home

Now plan to go back to your home and take some traditional Arabian things for your family.

Traditional Arabian Things

Now you will feel one trip is not enough to get full amusement in Dubai and your last point will be Dubai International Airport

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