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Traveling is the movement of people between comparatively distant geographical locations. It can involve by automobile, bicycle, train, boat, bus, airplane, and even on foot, or another means. Traveling is a thing which always attracts to almost every person. Nowadays, the trend of solo travel or also called single travelers is most popular. People move for many purposes. Some of are as follow:

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Traveling Purposes

Traveling can be for more purposes; this purpose can be business, family tour, or just to enjoy holidays. People usually like to visit with buddies or with family. But there are some cases in which some people want to go alone.

  • Solo traveling is a trend which is increasing day by day.
  • There are lots of benefits of solo traveling, but a darker side of solo traveling still exists.
  • Many of the men love to travel alone. Moreover, this trend is also increasing in women day by day.
  • Women need to follow more precautions for solo traveling as compared to men.
  • Whenever someone wants to spend some time with his/her self, he/she must go for solo traveling.
  • Many groups provide single travel service to people.
When anyone starts moving only first few days go with lots of energy, fun, and excitement. Furthermore, with the passage of time, all the aspects become more apparent which can be good or bad.
When your trips go longer more of the thoughts will starting circulating in your mind, 80% of them must be negative. At the same time, it is more alluring part of the trip which gives you the power to create self-confidence and ability to fight with a situation that can be best or worst with your abilities, because it is just a mind game and a game of nerves. Testing yourself is fun. It’s fun to know about yourself that how far you can go by your strength.

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The darker side of solo travel

The darker side of solo travel is to feel loneliness. It is the only thing which can overcome by having those persons who are very close to you and who are your companion for most of the times. That person could belong to your family or your friend’s circle.

But some solutions are there to avoid it are being more proactive. It’s easy to suggest but harder to adapt when you are actually in loneliness.
Get together with people, ask them questions, go to where it’s busy, try to beat momentary conversation, explore more.
If you can’t find any discussion no worries in this era, there is Skype and internet.
The first, much like shallow relationships comes down to people. Now and then, you meet someone and get through the initial layer of same-old-chat, to find yourself talking with an amazingly attention-grabbing and often wonderfully big-hearted human being.
Being solo is a great challenge for someone because being alone is not only just mean that you are living alone or spending time alone, it is referred to solve every problem alone, to face every situation alone and to do every work alone.

Now this one isn’t severely a positive. There are times when everything looks bad and irritating. Perhaps you’ve angered the better gods, or maybe it’s just coincidence. But no matter, there will be a moment come when you want to curse the whole lot. Nothing goes according to sketch. Well because you deal with these problems. You compress them. And at the same time as it’s not fun at the moment, during the challenging times that make the best reminiscences and the best stories. Your self-government, autonomy, determination and administrative abilities will thank you.

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Long-term unaccompanied travel

Long unaccompanied travel isn’t for everyone, and It is not the thing which is for a minute suggest that anyone move single-handedly and comprehensively. There’s something exceedingly dominant about chipping in experiences with those close to you and being able to talk about in the future. But there is something special about solo travel that you can’t access in another place. If you can hold in your arms the dark days, expect them, and have learned how to be a treaty with them, some glowing positives and opportunities are entirely meaningful.

If you are setting a plan of having a trip and could not find any partner then no need to worry there are lots of groups who provide the traveling service to singles to have fun and to enjoy properly.
Solo travel is on the rise for a good reason. It allows you lack of restrictions and a greater prospect to connect with locals.

Some following companies provide solo traveling services to singles around the world:



A solo, Britain’s number one “singles Holiday Company,” has been around since 1982, and they’ve been preparing food for specifically to individual travelers from the start. The company offers all kinds of vacations from walks and treks to cities, ski or beach vacations.

Classic Journeys

Classic Journeys provides a way out to an issue that single travelers have long had to deal with appurtenance. Many of travel companies raise their rates up to 50% for those who are going alone. On the other hand, Classic Journeys keeps its tradition and charge around 15%, because they only accuse customers the extra fee that hotels charge for single travelers.

Contiki Vacations

Contiki is great towards younger travelers, specifically those who are between 18-35. The company uses forums and social media to connect travelers with each other before they go on board on their ride. Most of these are for doubles, Contiki’s goal is to go with travelers up with someone of the same sex and then reserve a double room for them. So if you’re looking to make contacts on your trip, this is a great opportunity for you.

TDS Tours

TDS Tours is United Arab Emirates Based tourism company. Working since 2011 and established very good grounds in local market and as well for outbound tours. If you are single travelers and want to visit UAE or from UAE to any part of the world than this help be very good choice for you.


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