Experience the Adventure of a Desert Safari And Camel Ride in Dubai

Desert Safari and Camel Ride in Dubai

A desert safari and camel ride in Dubai are among the most popular tourist activities in Dubai. It offers visitors a chance to explore the stunning desert landscape surrounding Dubai, observe the wildlife and flora, and experience the traditional Bedouin culture that has been around for centuries. The safari includes an exciting off-road drive over dunes, a guided tour of the desert, and an opportunity to ride a camel.

The safari experience begins with a 4×4 drive into the desert, with the driver taking you over the dunes and to the edge of the desert, where you can enjoy the spectacular views. Then, you will trek across the dunes on a camel, where you can take in the picturesque landscape and the vibrant wildlife.

The camel ride gives you an excellent opportunity to observe the Bedouin culture. You will also be able to visit their camp and learn more about them and their lifestyle.

Desert safari and camel rides are gaining popularity among tourists as they provide a unique experience that allows visitors to explore the desert in a fun and safe way. It is an exciting and unforgettable experience that offers a glimpse into the culture and lifestyle of the Bedouin people.

Desert Safari and Camel Ride
Desert Safari and Camel Ride

Arabian Desert Surrounding Dubai

The Arabian Desert surrounding Dubai is perfect for a desert safari tour and camel ride. Dubai’s desert environment provides visitors a unique experience with its wide variety of natural landscapes. From the rolling sand dunes to the hidden oases, there’s something for everyone to discover. 

Adventure of Exploring The Desert

Exploring the desert is an adventure like no other. With towering sand dunes, diverse wildlife, and breathtaking scenic views, a desert safari and camel ride in Dubai is an experience not to be missed. 

The Arabian Desert surrounding Dubai is home to some of the world’s tallest sand dunes. With a desert safari, you’ll have the opportunity to experience the thrill of dune bashing and riding through the sand on a 4×4 vehicle. The constantly shifting sands and dramatic landscapes provide a truly unique and exhilarating experience. 

In addition to sand dunes, the desert is home to various wildlife, including exotic birds, reptiles, and even the occasional desert fox. The stark beauty of the desert provides a backdrop for a truly unforgettable adventure. 

Finally, the scenic views from the top of a sand dune are breathtaking. With panoramic views stretching as far as the eye can see, a desert safari and camel ride in Dubai provide a unique perspective on the beauty of the desert. 

So if you’re looking for a thrilling adventure that takes you off the beaten path, a desert safari and camel ride in Dubai is a perfect choice.

The Highlight of The Camel Ride & Desert Safari

  • Go on a fantastic trip in the Dubai desert and see moving sand dunes, unusual animals that live there, and breathtaking views.
  • Spend a fantastic time observing the majestic sand dunes, some reaching up to 200 feet in height. Marvel at the ever-changing landscapes created by the wind, the sun, and the rain.
  • Keep a lookout for the animals that inhabit the desert. The desert has fascinating wildlife, from famous camels to snakes, spiders, lizards, and many birds.
  • Capture the beauty of the desert by taking in the spectacular sunsets and sunrises that can be seen from the sand dunes.
  • Climb to the top of a dune and experience the breathtaking views of the endless desert.
  • Explore the area on foot, by camel, or in a four-wheel drive, taking in the desert’s unique sights, sounds, and smells.
  • Enjoy 
  • sandboarding & dune bashing.
  • Enjoy the peace and tranquility of the desert, surrounded by nothing but sand and sky.

Experience of Riding a Camel

Riding a camel in the Dubai desert provides an unforgettable experience! It is a great way to explore the stunning desert landscape and get a unique insight into the culture of the United Arab Emirates.

A camel ride in the desert can be thrilling as you traverse the sand dunes and take in the breathtaking views. The experience is even more remarkable when you explore the desert environment with a local guide.

When you book a desert safari, one of the many activities you can choose to do is go on a camel ride. If you’ve never been on a camel before, here’s what you can expect:

First, you will be mounted on the camel. The guide will help you settle and be there to hold onto the reins. The camel will then stand up, and you’ll feel like you’re going to fall off! But don’t worry; you’ll be securely strapped in.

Once the camel starts walking, it will be a bumpy ride. You’ll bounce around a lot, so hold on tight! The good news is that camels are very sure-footed, so even though it feels like you’re going to fall off at any moment, they rarely do.

Activities of Camel Ride & Desert Safari Tour

  • Sandboarding is a great activity to try while on a desert safari! It’s basically like snowboarding, but on sand instead of snow! You’ll get a board with wax on the bottom to glide down the dunes. It’s a lot of fun and a great way to get a thrill!
  • Dune Bashing: Dune bashing is an exciting off-road adventure where you drive a 4×4 over the dunes. It’s an adrenaline-pumping activity, and you can reach speeds of up to 80km/h!
  • Camel Ride: Camel rides are a popular activity on desert safaris. You’ll climb onto the back of a camel, and the animal will take you on an adventure around the desert. It’s a unique way to explore and take in the sights of the desert. 
  • Henna Painting: Henna painting is a way of decorating the skin with beautiful, colorful designs. It’s common to see henna artists doing their work in the markets of the desert. This is a fun activity for kids; they can get their unique designs and show it to their friends.

Cultural Elements of a Desert Safari

A desert safari typically includes a range of cultural elements that represent the fascinating history, folklore, and traditions of the Arabian Peninsula.

Traditional music and dance performances are often part of the experience. They may include everything from belly dancers and dervish whirling to oud music and Arabic songs.

A traditional Arabian meal is usually part of the experience as well. A camel-meat stew, rice, and bread are typically served, accompanied by freshly prepared salads, appetizers, and desserts. The meal often features flavors reflective of the local cuisine, such as saffron, cumin, coriander, and other spices and herbs.

Visitors may also get a chance to sample traditional Arab sweets, such as “halawet el jibn”, which is a cheese-filled pastry, and “lokmat el qadi”, which are deep fried dough balls. Other popular items on the dessert menu include “muhalabia” and “kataf”, both of which are made from cream, honey, and nuts.

The cultural elements of a desert safari bring people together from all walks of life to share in the joy and celebration of a traditional Arabian experience.

Discover the Magic of the Desert: Choose Your Adventure with Morning, Evening & Overnight Safaris

Morning Desert Safari: A morning desert safari typically starts around 5:00 am, allowing travelers to experience the desert’s beauty during the most comfortable part of the day. On a typical morning safari, you’ll be able to explore sand dunes, visit an oasis, and marvel at the sunrise. On a morning desert safari, camel rides, sand boarding, and dune bashing in a 4×4 vehicle are common activities. 

Evening Desert Safari: Evening desert safaris are the most popular time for tourists to experience the desert. These safaris typically begin in the afternoon, around 3:00 pm, and last until the sun sets. You’ll have the opportunity to experience the vibrant colors of the setting sun, take a camel ride, go sand boarding, and enjoy a BBQ dinner and belly dance. 

Overnight Desert Safari: Overnight safaris are perfect for adventurous travelers who want to experience the desert after dark. These safaris typically start around 3:00 pm and last until the following morning. Highlights of an overnight safari usually include spotting stars while sleeping in a Bedouin tent and watching the sun rise over the dunes.

Cost of a Desert Safari And Camel Ride

An evening desert safari and camel ride typically cost around $60 per person. This includes pick up and drop off from your hotel or resort, access to the desert, a camel ride, refreshments, entertainment, and a live show. Additional services such as henna painting, sandboarding, quad biking, and a belly dancing show may be available for an additional fee. Prices may vary depending on the tour type, like evening, morning, or overnight safari, location, and tour length.

The Desert: sights and sounds of the Dubai desert

The Dubai desert is a sight to behold. The vast expanse of sand and the camels that dot the landscape are a sight that is not to be missed. The best way to experience the Desert is on a camel ride or a desert safari.

The camel ride is an experience that is not to be missed. The gentle swaying of the camel as it walks across the sand is an experience that is both relaxing and exhilarating.

The desert safari is another experience that is not to be missed. Desert safari with camel ride is a guided tour of the Desert that takes you through the dunes and allows you to see the wildlife up close.

What to wear during a camel ride in the Desert

Assuming you would like tips for what to wear during a camel ride in the Desert, here are a few essential wardrobe items to keep in mind:

  1. Since you will be exposed to the sun, wearing sunscreen and a hat or scarf is essential to protect your face from the sun.
  2. Since it can get hot during the day, light, breathable fabrics are key.
  3. You will want to wear comfortable shoes that grip the stirrups while riding.
  4. It is also a good idea to bring along a water bottle and snacks to stay hydrated and fueled during your ride.
  5. If you are planning on riding at night, be sure to bring a flashlight so you can see where you are going.
  6. Always dress in layers to adjust to the changing temperature as the day goes on.

Get ready for a bumpy ride during a camel ride.

Desert safaris are a popular tourist activity in many countries. However, camel rides can be a bit bumpy and uncomfortable. Here are some tips to make your camel ride more enjoyable:

  1. Wear comfortable clothing. This includes loose-fitting pants and a shirt that covers your arms and shoulders.
  2. Hold on tight! The camel will likely walk quickly and make sudden movements, so hold onto the reins or saddle firmly.
  3. Relax and enjoy the ride. Despite the bumps, camel rides offer a unique experience of the desert landscape.

Enjoy the desert scenery.

Camel rides are a popular tourist activity in Dubai, as they offer a unique way to experience the Desert. The Desert Safari offer desert safari and camel rides.

The best time to go on a camel ride is in the morning or evening when the temperature is cooler. It is essential to dress appropriately for the desert climate and to wear sunscreen and a hat.

Camel rides typically last 1-2 hours, during which time you can enjoy the scenery of the Desert. The camels are well-trained and will walk steadily, so you can relax and take in the sights.

Take lots of photos!

If you’re planning a trip to Dubai, add a camel ride through the Desert to your itinerary! It’s an experience you won’t soon forget.

There’s something magical about the desert landscape, and it’s even more special when experienced atop a camel. Take lots of photos during your ride – you’ll want to remember this unique experience forever!

Conclusion: A desert safari and camel ride is a must-do when visiting Dubai.

A desert safari is a must-do in Dubai – and what better way to experience it than on the back of a camel? This tour will take you deep into the heart of the Dubai desert, where you can enjoy the peace and tranquillity of this unique environment.

Before enjoying a traditional Emirati dinner under the stars, you’ll have plenty of time to explore on foot and enjoy the fantastic views.

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