Al Faya Desert – The Fun Spot for Adventure Lovers

Al Faya Desert

Al Faya desert perfect fun spot

The Al Faya Desert is a vast and empty place. It is one of the largest deserts in the world, and it covers much of the Arabian Peninsula. 

This desert is a very hot and dry place. The Al Faya Desert is a famous destination for nature lovers and thrillers. You will reach this desert after driving one hour from Dubai downtown. Here thrill lover people explore different adventures.

The sand of the Desert in Sharjah is renowned for its vast area. The oasis clubhouse, restaurant, and pool house is the attraction of this place. 

Thrill lovers can perform different activities here. You can choose any desert safari package, from morning desert safari to overnight desert safari.

Most thrilling activities are mentioned here.

Dirt Biking in the Desert

If you’re looking for a challenge, dirt biking is an excellent option in the Al Faya Desert.

  1. Choose the right bike. There are different types of bikes designed for different types of riding. If you’re doing a lot of dirt biking in Dubai desert, you’ll want a bike specifically designed for off-road riding.
  2. The right bike size is vital for a safe ride, especially in the desert. If you’re unsure, ask someone at a bike shop to help you.
  3. Wear comfortable dresses during the thrilling ride.
  4. Protect your head. Always wear a helmet when you’re mountain biking. 
  5. Start slow. Don’t try to tackle the most challenging trails right away.

When heading out on a ride, be sure to bring a repair kit, water, and snacks. All tips must be followed in the Al Faya Desert.

Dune Bashing Dubai

If you are a beginner and want some adventurous experience, come to the Al Faya Desert. Here gentle sloping dunes can make your experience comfortable. UAE has been a magnet for visitors for decades. People from different countries come here to play with dunes of sand and capture lifetime memories from here.

If you are a thrill lover, it’s not difficult to explore perfect sand dunes for diving. Different deserts are best for safari tours, but some locations are extraordinary, like Liwa Desert, Bidayer, Fossil Rock, Al Faya Desert, and Sweihan


One of the most popular spots is in the Al Faya Desert in Sharjah. The desert gets cold at night. There are a few companies that offer sandboarding tours in the desert. 

Each company has its packages and timings for visitors. No prior experience and knowledge are required for this adventurous game.

Spend the night in a Bedouin camp:

If you do not spend a luxury night in the camp, you are wasting your time in the Al Faya Desert. Bedouin-style will present you with the lifestyle of bedouin people. Here you can enjoy the overall experience of desert culture, like camping, dancing, and BBQ.

Ride a camel

The main interest of Al Faya’s desert safari is camel riding. Here you will find different adventures like bike rides, sandboarding, etc. but exploring the sands with camel rides is matchless. Riding on a camel means you are your vehicle’s owner and can visit whatever place you want.

ATV quad biking

ATV quad biking is a great way to see the Al Faya desert and a lot of fun. Once you’re ready to go, you’ll have a blast cruising around on your ATV. The desert landscape is beautiful, and you’ll be able to explore it in a new way.

Though, there are some essential things to remember before you head out on your thrilling adventure with ATV. 

  • Second, wear suitable attire and security gear, including a solid helmet, comfortable gloves, and long pants.

Bottom Line

The Al Faya Desert is a great place to visit for nature lovers and thrill-seekers alike. There are many different activities to enjoy in the desert, from mountain biking and dune bashing to sandboarding and camel riding. Whatever your interests, you are sure to find something to enjoy in the Al Faya Desert.

Mian Zeeshan Tahir
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