What are some lesser-known sights to see when visiting Dubai

If you already visited Dubai with your soul and want to explore more hidden attractions of Dubai.

Let’s think what you already enjoyed in UAE like Dubai Desert Safari, Dubai Mall, Safari Parks and theme parks.

Singing Sand Dunes of Liwa

Mysterious music of sand in desert, travelers come from all over the world feel this specific sound of sand. Unlimited sand dunes in desert vibrates with skidding of vehicle’s wheels and footsteps and produce horror sound.


No one can recognize the sound it may be like the beat of drums or interrupted sound of drum beats, sometime feels like the combination of different musical instruments.

Sand Dunes of Liwa

Masdar City, UAE

The city is well known for zero carbon, approximately 1% strength occurred in atmosphere.

Masdar City

This place on earth is straight danger for the health of humanity.

Masdar City


Miraculous thing in this city it is converted to green city with full functionality. Magically overcome effect of greenhouse gas influence.

The World Islands, UAE

Dubai is luxirious city with beautiful islands.

The World Islands

World’s best arrangement of islands look like a proper map of sealands.

The World Islands

Palm Island is the example of islands

Ski Dubai

The luxury mountain created inside the Mall. Dubai is the hottest place but it does not mean you cannot enjoy snowy adventures in Dubai.

Ski Dubai

Largest mall have winter resort inside with artificial mountain with snow provide the great adventure of skiing.

Ski Dubai


This is quite impressive, large mountain with snow all around in a mall attracts the people from all around the globe.

Dubai Miracle Garden

World’s first floral composition with variety of flowers.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Approximately 45 million flowers make the beauty of garden splendid.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Plants arranged in different manners recently launched Mickey Mouse floral structure with the permission of Disney.

Ripe Markets

You can try some local markets to get fresh natural fruits and vegetables.

Ripe markets

All the traditional jewelry and dresses available in this market.

Jewelry at Ripe Markets


Special yoga classes arranges here even some poor persons get classes free of cost. You can get different meals from this market. Fresh bakery, coffee and other traditional dresses.


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