Desert Safari Dubai

Dubai Safari Park

Dubai Safari Park

Dubai is the place of the desert but from past decades developmental projects continue to make this city more stylish and attractive.

Dubai Safari Park

People from all the universe come here to enjoy the most attractive world-class entertainment options. But this city is infamous for the wildlife creatures, no zoo and safari world.

Safari Park Dubai

If you are the nature lover and don’t want to go anywhere to enjoy wildlife adventure, an experience of Dubai Safari Park makes your trip more wonderful.

Dubai Safari Animal Park 

Place of safari adventure located in Al Warqa near to Dragon Mart, same road for one of the most tour which is Dubai desert safari. The place is only for the persons who love to visit natural places and magnificent creatures, replacement of Jumeirah zoo.

Dubai Safari Animal Park


Different kinds of animals habituated here with a comfortable environment and all circumstances are according to the living conditions.

Animals at Dubai Safari Park


Enjoy The Animal Magic

All the dangerous and human-friendly animals are the residents of the Safari Park, about 1000 animals lived here like lions, snakes, and many more reptiles.

New Born Lion at Safari Park

You can spend a full day here with attractive kinds of colorful birds, animals, monkey, bear, and bats.

Birds at Safari Park

You can find three main types of animals belongs to different communities.

  1. African kinds
  2. Arabian Kinds
  3. Safari

The African Village

This is like the journey of the African Rainforest with the unique setup.

African Village

African animals like tawny lions, monkeys, and chimpanzees with different cages. All the animal cages are built with the strong material.

cages of Safari Park


All the animals kept in the comfortable environment, the structure of cages are adjustable according to the weather conditions, cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Natural environment at safari park



The Arab Village

13 hectares area is occupied by the Arabian village, animal safari is  classified in three sections:

  • Desert
  • Mountain
  • Steppes

Different activities you enjoy according to the relevant sections like the camel riding, haunting dogs and different traditional activities included in this tour.

Camel ride at Safari Park

There is some restriction for kids and babies to make your trip more safe and secure.


Don’t be personal with animals, they are not reliable.

Open Safari Village

Keep one thing in your mind this safari tour is quite different, don’t try to step outside to enjoy your journey.

You can also enjoy the thrills of birds and kicks of reptiles, the ride of the Asian elephant, and interaction with the giraffe is a very interesting activity.

Interaction with Animals at Safari Park

Area of 22 hectares of dry land is the most charming area of the whole trip of Safari Park.

Some things important about Dubai Safari Park

  • Safari Park Is the largest walkthrough of UAE
  • Zookeeping course is offered for the training of zoo holders.
  • Safari Park presents the first exhibition of the crocodile in the world
  • Hippo and Tiger exhibition.



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