Desert Safari Dubai

Best Desert Safari Destinations

Best Desert Safari Destinations

The Middle East becomes a profitable option to break. You will surprise by the fact, but Dubai and Abu Dhabi are among the most visited places today. Tourists from every nuke and corner of the world want to go there and to have the sight of some of the best human-made wonders.

Other than massive buildings, incredible infrastructure and the best malls and shopping centers, there is something unique and strange in the Middle East. It is the widespread desert and overwhelming desert safari dubai trips.

They are full of fun, adventure, and entertainment. Now let yourself get in touch with the feelings of having a wonderful weekend in a camp located in the dark desert. Yes, the feeling is just ultimate. Especially, those who have never seen desert relish it more because it is impossible to feel the excitement of it unless you have the hint of the wilderness. The moment you reach there, you realize the vastness.
The desert safari offers the best safaris like VIP desert tour, hot air balloon, private falconry, astronomy, morning desert tour, evening desert tour, and Hatta Oman with dune bashing and overnight camping.

Egypt Desert Safari

Egypt desert safari tour is one of the famous tour of Egypt desert. During the Egypt desert tour you enjoy the Egyptian desert beauty along with waterfalls around Wadi El Rayan. When you are going towards the Wadi you will cross the marvels and historical mountains of Mudawara. This desert safari in Egypt also includes the dunes bashing, along with camel ride in Cairo desert.

Desert safari Egypt

Desert safari Egypt starts with pickup from your place, hotel, home or any selected place in Cairo. Pickup will be in between 7:00 AM to 7:30 AM. After pickup driver will take you to Wadi El Rayan desert which is around 2 hours’ drive from Cairo or Giza.

Wadi El Rayan is a marvels location surrounded by so many historical places and as well with water falls in the center of the Egypt desert. This places is full of desert wildlife such as the slender horned gazelle, if you are lucky you might chance to see them around the waterfall. This is one of the best place in Cairo desert to take pictures, enjoy this opportunity and save the memories as much as you can. Now you going to cross the beautiful Mudawara Mountains, I suggest you make a stop there and take pictures.

After that get ready for Egypt desert safari, our driver will shift you in 4×4 vehicle, which will take you on the big yellow dunes of Cairo desert. Where you enjoy the dune bashing on the yellow and soft dunes of Egypt. After this thrilling ride, driver will stop at any big dune where he will provide you sandboards, enjoy the sandboarding in the middle of the desert.

Next your driver will take to the camel farm area, where you can ride the camel in Egyptian desert. During camel ride in desert you feel like a Bedouin explorer as you ride through the Cairo desert. This camel ride ends once you reach to the desert camp, where you will be served with delicious BBQ lunch. You can stay there for a while get some rest and then our driver will drop you back to your place. We hope you going to enjoy your desert safari Egypt tour.[divider]

Desert Safari Sharjah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Desert safari tour in UAE is the best trip in the world where tourist can enjoy or experience the most famous desert safari in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi. The desert safari Dubai offers different desert tours like morning safari tour, overnight or Arabian night tour and evening safari at red dune of Dubai, in Dubai TDS also offers camel trekking, jeep safari and BBQ dinner. In Abu Dhabi a half day adventure safari, an ultimate desert safari at Liwa desert with lunch.

The best way to explore a beauty of natural desert is a camel ride safari or Camel Trekking Safari. So you can enjoy a fabulous camel ride with stunning morning desert safari and Evening Desert Safari or with any dune bashing adventure.

The most famous desert safari in Sharjah is 6-hour Sharjah desert safari, which includes camel ride in Sharjah desert, dune bashing in Sharjah desert and dinner at Bedouin desert camp, where the tourists may find great fun and entertaining atmosphere.[divider]

Desert Safari Oman

Desert safari in Oman is a sharing a tour, you and other 4 will share a 4×4 vehicle. You can also book private safari tour in Oman desert. In private Oman desert safari only you and your friends and family will be in one 4×4 vehicle. One of the best desert tour of Oman is overnight desert tour.

In desert safari Oman, you will be picked from your hotel or home. You going to enjoy the Omani sunset while driving in between Wahiba sands. Desert camp at Wahiba is one the relaxing desert camp in Oman desert. You going to spend your night at Wahiba desert camp, in morning your guide will wake you up early in the morning so you can climb the dunes of oman and enjoy the sunrise in desert of Oman.

After a traditional breakfast, you headed out to Sur to enjoy views of the city from Al Ayjah. The fast paced morning continued with the drive along the coast to Wadi Al Shab. Once you are at Wadi Shab you will enjoy a wonderful experience composed of a short boat ride, relaxing 40 minute hike, and an invigorating swim to a cave and waterfall. Recommend bringing your swimming clothes (interchangeable for hiking if possible), swimming goggles (makes it easier to see in the water), light hiking shoes, and water shoes to protect your feet while in the water.

After all the adventures in desert camp of Oman, you will be severed with Lunch. Once you get free from lunch you will be dropped backed at your place, hotel or home.

During the desert safari Oman tour you witness the fresh green of wadis and endless vistas of rolling dunes, unintelligibly rocky mountains and ancient villages built into the desert walls. The tourists can meet the remaining Bedouin populations living traditional ways in their rural camp.[divider]

Best Desert Safari

Camel Safari Nevada

Explore the excellence of the Great Basin on this life-changing safari on a glorious camel. Visit a camel farm for an opportunity to make companions with one of these entrancing animals. After that take in panoramic views of Virgin Mountains as you trek sprawling desert. Picked up at your hotel and make your way towards the northeast.

About an hour outside the city lies a 176-section of a land farm located between pleasant Virgin River and great mesas of the Great Basin. Upon arrival, move towards the camel ranch, where the flock of happy ungulates is waiting to welcome you. Invest some time to have a bond with the camel. You are going to ride a camel, and even play with child camels who call the farm their home.

After an introduction, bounce on the back of your camel and set off into the desert. All this is done while following your expert handler to guarantee a protected and beautiful track. As you advance over the dusty trails and dunes of the basin, look out onto the whole field of the Virgin Mountains. Absorb the powdery tones of the amber, copper and gold rock formations. Afterward ride back to the ranch, where you can say bye to your camel.

Know before You Book:

  • Children under three years of age are not allowed.
  • Children having an age of 3 to 5 years must ride with a paying adult.
  • Maximum allowed weight per camel is 113 Kgs. or 250 Pounds.
  • If pregnant or have knee, hip or back problem, the ride is not for you.[divider]

Desert Safari in ErgChebbi Morocco

The Sahara Desert extends over large parts of North Africa, from the Red Sea to the Atlantic. covering a few or all of 11 countries in the African continent. The desert is made up of salt flats, plateaux, and sand seas or ergs. These ergs or dunes are formed by the breeze and can achieve tops as high as 180m. They rise like an ocean out of the desert and are an appealing spot to visit.
Because of political reasons, some of these sand seas are unavailable to visitors. While others are more open, although independent tours to these are difficult, if not impossible to arrange. The easiest to visit is possibly the Erg Chebaga and Erg Chebbi dunes in South Eastern Morocco. About 22 km long and 5 km wide, the Erg Chebbi dunes offer a shocking experience.

Camping at ErgChebbi

In the desert, camping tends to be basic. At the simpler end, you can expect a provincial Berber tent set up around a table. You will sit on carpets on the floor for supper and will sleep on mats laid down on the ground. Facilities will be basic.

No doubt the more extravagance camps have additional items. For example, beds, table, and seats to eat on and some even have showers. If someone does not like the plan of camping in the desert, he can go for the camel trek in the dunes of sand and after that take rest in the Kasbah.

Camping at Erg Chebbi[divider]

Desert Safari Qatar

If you are visiting Doha, or resident of Doha, then you must have to try desert safari Qatar tour. Qatar desert safari is a unique way to explorer the beauty of Qatar desert. You can select the pickup time according to your own comfort, driver will come and pick you from your hotel.

Once you reach to the desert enjoy the dune bashing in Qatar desert, dune bashing in Doha desert is the thrilling ride, you feel the sand is moving under your feet during the dune bashing in 4×4. During desert safari in Qatar tour you can select the Quad biking also, Quad bikes are the self-drive ride on the big dunes of Qatar desert.

Once you get from the Qatar desert tour, our driver will take you the boarder of Qatar, this is unique place where 3 countries “UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar” meet each other. During the boarder visit you get the chance to see the inland sea “Khor Al Adaid”. This is one of the few places in the World where the sea encroaches deep inside the desert and this place is famous due to its on ecosystem.



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