Travel to Jordan

Jordan is an Arab land on the east of the Jordan river. The earliest monuments define it. It’s home to the renowned archaeological site of Petra. The Nabatean capital dating to around 300 b.c. set in a narrow valley with tombs, temples, and monuments carved into the surrounding pink sandstone cliffs, Petra earns its nickname, the “rose city.” its capital is Amman.

Jordan is a small city, and it has gorgeous and beautiful cultural landscape.
There are lots of best places to visit. You can divide your trip into three categories to explore Jorden’s beauty grandly.
  • A relaxing and more luxurious trip, to spend the best time in resorts and dead and red sea
  • An archaeological tour, incorporating the Roman city at Jerash, and the crusader-era castles
  • A nature-focused journey, dividing time between the reserves at Mujib, dana, and wadi rum

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Places to visit in Jordan

There are following locations where one should go on a trip of Jordan.


Close to quiet valley delimited by Jordan’s rocky mountains, Petra was left abandoned and hidden from the world for hundreds of years. After being rediscovered in the 1800s, the city of Petra is now not only Jordan’s most famous tourist attraction, it’s also one of the world’s most barely credible archaeological sites, and was recently select as one of the new seven wonders of the world. You must walk through a narrow 1.2km gorge, known as the Siq to reach Petra. The rocks give way to disclose the implausible facade of Al Kazneh,  which served as a royal crypt, but got its name from the legend that pirates hid their jewels there.

The city including dozens of pre historic Nabataean tombs and a roman rock-carved street creased with temples, majestic monuments, public buildings and a vast auditorium. Petra’s most magnificent and impressive shrine is Ad Deir (the monastery), which is scenically hovering on top of the city in the beautiful Petra hills. The steep walk up to the monastery takes about an hour.

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Wadi Rum

The south of Jordan there is ancient riverbeds, large pastel-colored stretches of sandy desert and astonishing rocky hills known as Jebels form the incredible landscape of wadi rum. Wadi Rum possesses perfect beauty counterfeit by millions of years of environmental configuration, erosion, and development. This region is the home of the Bedouins. They were living in tents of goat hairs, be apt to their herds of sheep and goat and preserve a lifestyle that has been practiced here in the Arabian desert for centuries.

On visits to Wadi Rum, you can take a 4×4 desert jeep ride through the center of the eye-catching desert. You can spend a night at an isolated desert camp where you can enjoy a beautiful sunset, take pleasure of traditional Jordanian meal and camp under the stars or in tents.

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The Dead Sea

It is the lowest point on the earth’s surface; the Dead Sea is a mesmerizing natural phenomenon. It is the border line of Jordan amd Israel.

The mineral content of this sea is 33%. It is 75km long, and 10km wide is about six times salty than the average sea. It is the incredibly high rate of salt. The high rate of having salt and minerals in sear means having no life in the water, no plants, no animals. It does not allow to sink or to swim. The only option is to move up and down like a cork. It is called the dead sea of Jordan.
It is the there is nothing can live in can only watch clusters of the white salt crystal of sear shores. These crystals are the mineral salt crystals which appears in extreme concentration.
Many of the people thought these salt crystal have therapeutic and curative power. So they consider the dead sea a perfect place for pampering and spas.

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It locates on the tip of the Dead Sea on the Gulf of Aqaba. , the peaceful resort of Aqaba is Jordan’s only doorway to the sea. It recognizes for its clean sandy beaches. There are clear water and very colorful reefs studdes with marine life. Aqaba is just the perfect place for fun, plunging and swimming. It is an ideal location for water sports too.

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Do I need a visa for Jordan?

A passport which must have a validity of at least six months with a visa is necessary for a visit to Jordan for foreigners. Approximately it has 56 USD for one month visa of Jordan for a single entry and this is the best place for the single travelers

Lots of people thought Jorden is not a safe place to visit because of the condition of its neighbors, Iraq and Syria.
But according to world economic survey, it is the safest place to visit in the Middle East ever.
Jorden scored 5.79 for security and safety. The average rating is 5.17. The Qatar ranked as the safest place in the Middle East. And Jorden was sixth Safest city.
In conclusion, Jorden is beautiful historical and a safe place to visit for tourists. It is a perfect place to feel the beauty of historical sites.