How To Get Refund VAT from Dubai Airports

VAT Refund in Dubai
How to get refund VAT from Dubai Airports You are a tourist and have to buy goods or tours from the visiting country. When you buy a product apart from sales tax, you have to pay value-added tax on the purchase of the product or services. But you don't know what a value-added tax is. Let's have some information about it and then we will tell you how can you reclaim you value added tax amount from the goods or services purchased in United Arab Emirates. What is Value-added Tax. Tax-free shopping. VAT refund for tourists in UAE. How canRead more

Do’s and Don’ts during Ramadan in Dubai

Dos and donts in Ramdan

Have you got the chance to spend Ramadan in Dubai? The Holy Month of Ramadan is the blessing of ALLAH Of course, Ramadan is not on the same date every year depends on the moon appearing on which date. In this blessed month Muslim from all over the world observe fast from sunrise to sunset. Every Muslim already have knowledge about rules of Shahor and Aftaar but everyone needs to recall People lived in Dubai get a different version of DUBAI city in Ramadan, everyone tries to collect maximum blessings of ALLAH, shorten the time period of business and jobs. There

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Tips for Planning a Tour in Dubai Desert Safari

Traveling is the charm of life & especially Dubai tour is an astonishing experience. Dubai Is famous for its incredible attractions of the World, the most enjoyable tour is of desert safari adventures like dune bashing, Hatta Oman safari, quad biking, camel riding and extreme adventure sports in Dubai.   Most of the people get attracted from morning desert safari and evening desert safari, keep one thing in your mind your operator makes your tour outstanding or poor so choose your operator carefully. Never take plenty of water before starting your journey in desert especially before dune bashing’s exciting to

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Things Must Know About Alcohol Consumption in UAE

Alcohol in Dubai

If you are civilian of Dubai or a tourist, you need to know about the regulations and how to get Dubai Alcohol license, tourist laws of the country like how to avoid get fined and jailed due to alcohol and drugs consumption. Have a look on some important legal sides of drinking rules to avoid inconvenience in country. Don’t Take the Drink in Public: The first thing you must keep in mind is that it is illegal to drink in the street or in a public place in the UAE. Public drinking is strictly prohibited. The main thing you keep

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What shall I Wear in Dubai

What to Wear in Dubai: Dubai is not a conservative place, actually, it is a very gorgeous and open-minded habitation, and people from different countries come here to visit so there is no strict rule about the dress code. You can see men and women wear the variety of dresses like skirts, shorts, jeans, sleeveless some time burqas. But it is our moral responsibility to take care of the culture of a Muslim country and you are a visitor for some days. The Dress Code at Dubai Hotels and Shopping Malls: In Hotels and shopping malls there is no strict

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Where Can I Find Cheap Flats for Rent in Dubai?

Are you going to visit Dubai and want to spend your holiday in Dubai? Do you want to stay for some time in Dubai? If yes then you must know about the prices of houses, apartments, and homes for rent. You must know where you can find cheap flats for rent in Dubai. Average Prices of Flats for Rent Bur Dubai: €1,400 – €1,750 (restaurants, shopping, historical attractions) Deira: €1,300 (historical commercial center, large markets, popular with expats) Jebel Ali: €1,550 (major business hub & entertainment district) Apartments in Bur Dubai Bur Dubai is situated on the western bank of

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Places to visit in Zanzibar

Tourist Places in Zanzibar Zanzibar is an Arabic word which means the coast of black people. It is a place where the there is a beautiful island. It is a semi-sovereign state of the Tanzania. The island has the best beaches in the world.Moreover, this is not hyperbole. If you love to be lazy under in the sun, then this is the perfect place to go. The capital of Zanzibar is Zanzibar city. The most exciting thing about Zanzibar is, the duration of day and night of Zanzibar remains same throughout the year. Secondly, the weather condition of Zanzibar is

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Places to visit in Baku

Best Places for Tourist in Baku Baku is Azerbaijan’s capital. It is the architectural love consider almost like Paris and Dubai. Although with many of Soviet genes floating half-hidden in the background. Many cities in the world are developing as quickly. At its heart, the UNICCO-listed Old City lies within an unusually crenulated arc of the fort wall. Moreover, Around this are elegantly illuminated stone mansions tree-lined streets filled with exclusive boutiques. In the last ten years, authorities made many towers, dwarfing or replacement of tatty old Soviet apartment blocks.

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Places to visit in Bangkok

Tourist Places in Bangkok Bangkok is a place for you can expect everything. There you will find crowd, noise, beauty, excitement, calmness, enjoyment, entertainment thrill, and almost everything which you can expect from your holiday destination. There are lots of historical sites that you can visit and modern shopping mall to amuse your lady. Bangkok can be overwhelming as its essence blows you in the face, but it’s a charming city that symbolizes Southeast Asia’s tension between the developed and developing worlds.

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Places to visit in Mauritius

Tourist Places in Mauritius As a traveler, you may get the chance to visit the world, and all attractive tourists spot. But in a real sense how much the variety of beautifying, excitement, and calmness, history, and culture you would see in Mauritius, have no match at all. Mauritius is a paradise for travelers. It offers surf and sun at one place. It is beautiful honeymoon spot. Moreover, with its so much attraction, it keeps the tourists on his toes. Spending holidays here will bring memorable moments. It will leave best memories in your mind.

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