Dream Center Los Angeles

The Dream Center Los Angeles is a Christian Church. Which locates at 2301 Bellevue Avenue in the Echo Park near Los Angeles, California. Two blocks west of Alvarado Street on the north side of 101 Freeway. It is two miles from Hollywood and a little over two miles from Downtown Los Angeles.

The church nuns to gang members. It includes Unwed mothers and children without parents. Further more they also accomdate drug addicts, taggers, motorcycle groups and various subculture. Most noteworthy they also help people living because of AIDS, ethnic and nationality groups. It helps the homeless people and others in need and runs a halfway house for released prisoners. Because of this about 500 people at the centre receive rehabilitation.

Founder of Dream Center

Tommy Barnett is an author and chancellor of Southeastern University. He began his ministry at the age of sixteen. Barnett and his son Matthew co-pastor the Dream Center.
Matthew Barnett Pastor found the Dream Center in 1994. He started an international movement reaching from South America to Sweden.
Matthew Barnett was born on January 22, 1974. Now he is 43 years old man. Matthew found the Dream Center following in the footsteps of his father and fellow Pastor Tommy Barnett. In addition to this center he is also New York Times bestselling author.
This author took over leadership at Angelus Temple in November 2001. Being a father with his children, name Mia Aimee and Caden West with his wife, Caroline. Finally in addition this family is doing their level best for the people who need rehabilitation.
Dream Center Los Angeles

Founder of Dream Center Los Angeles

Dream Center Los Angeles Drugs Rehab

Dream Center Los Angeles for recovery’s state allows drug and alcohol rehab program. It provides a completely safe, private, and sober living environment. That enables men and women ages and older to completely immerse themselves into their comprehensive treatment services.

The small, intimate size of their program designs to ensure that each client receives the compassionate and highly personalised care. That he needed to achieve the dream of addiction free living. As a result their ratio is getting better with each passing day.

Atlanta Dream centre school of ministry

The Atlanta dream centre school of ministry is a discipleship program. This program is designed to facilitate personal spiritual growth. Dream center Los Angeles open the door to future ministry development. With classes, they provide a solid Biblical foundation and opportunity for practical ministry experiences. The School or Ministry produces graduates. Who are prepared to live life passionately devoted to Him and know what it means to be a disciple of Christ.
The culture of the Atlanta School of Ministry focused on familiarity with Jesus. In fact that is a place which is full of passionate lovers of the King. They search for that student who will give everything to see their King noble. Let’s, just for a moment, forget about the names and programs and focus on His heartbeat.

Be still, listen carefully, and therefore you’ll feel it. Our hearts were made to beat with His. Therefore the Atlanta school of Ministry is set separately from typical academic settings because heart focused on caring with our Father.

Dream Center Los Angeles Discipleship Program

Dream Center Los Angeles Discipleship Program is a 12 to 24 month.  This is residential and community living program. They focus on the teaching of their clients. How to build a relationship with God and give them tools to help them. As a result they able to sustain their sobriety. The participants must be between the ages of 18 and 59.

No doubt they are not a rehab but a recovery program. Gears for men and women who have life controlling issues. Such as drug addictions, suicidal thoughts, hopelessness, depression. Anything that is keeping them moving forward in life.

However, following are some terms and conditions for the effective Discipleship Program:

  • Electronics, outside work does not allow for the duration of this program.
  • The clients could not have to contact with a boyfriend, girlfriend or fiance, or a common law spouse throughout the entire program.
  • Moreover during this program, there is no smoking policy on or off the campus.
  • The program provides all participants with three-time meals per day, plus room and board.

dream center la

As a consequence the Dream Center recovery program has following key features:

  • Extraordinary Facilities
  • Master Level Therapists
  • Individual Treatment
  • Holistic Approach
  • Dual Diagnosis
  • Adventure Therapy
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Continuum of Care

Dream Center Gym

The Dream Center Gym facilitates the sports leagues and different activities of the Dream Center. Neils Company Pure Fitness built a 10,000 square feet health club in 2005. It includes free weights, circuit training, elliptical, recumbent bikes and life cycles. Due to all these facilities client easily overcome their problems.
dream center gym

The dream centre recovery international job is small. Friendly size programs which designed to a defence that each client receives the sensitive and highly modified care. It is necessary to attain the goal of addiction-free living. They offer opportunities and resources for vulnerable youth.
As well as families to reach self-reliance by supplementary in the areas of food, clothing, education, career development, and health care. A dream centre internship is an incredible place to volunteer and to develop your skills on a professional level. S they easily get job in the market.
This Lord’s Gym Los Angeles ca is world-class fitness facility. This ministry came to life through a partnership with a church in Roseville, CA . Which provided the equipment. The facilities include a full gym, a basketball court and volleyball courts.
It facilitates the sports leagues and various activities of the Youth Center. For young people who cannot afford the monthly fee. They offers opportunities to earn their membership cleaning equipment, restocking the bathrooms and other chores. So they enjoy the Gym facility . The Lord’s Gym is a 24 Hour, all-inclusive gym. The members provided with a 24-hour access key to enter at their convenience.

Dream Center Jobs

placement centre offers community members and participants in the Dream Center’s Transition Program. That provide assistance in gaining employment.

The dream centre Foundation 

it is a non-profit organization. They dedicated to promoting social safety in the greater community of Los Angeles California. They develop to grow a successful working model in the Los Angeles area. It will motivate churches worldwide to meet the spiritual and physical needs of the community.


If you are in Los Angeles you must to visit Dream Center. Further more people around the must support these type of projects. You will find some very good rehabilitation center in gulf region. UAE government also paying special attention for rehabilitation center.

Even in Dubai they have world class rehabilitation center. People visiting Dubai must visit these center so they get motivated more. It is our moral job to work together and to support such activities so world become a better place to live.