Why You Need to Experience Dubai in a Sand Buggy

Sand Buggy
Why You Need to Experience Dubai in a Sand Buggy Think Dubai, and you're probably thinking skyscrapers, shopping, and luxury restaurants. But there's a whole other part of Dubai that you shouldn't miss. And the only way to do it is by sand buggy. If you want to know why exploring Dubai's desert sand dunes by sand buggy is so unforgettable, and how to do it, read on! Dune Buggy Safari First Things First: What Is a Sand Buggy Tour? Dune Buggy Safaris are self-drive guided tours through Dubai's desert dunes. Dubai has some of the largest sand-masses in the world, which is whyRead more

11 Must-See Places to Visit in UAE

places to visit in UAE
places to visit in UAE If you're thinking about visiting the United Arab Emirates it's likely that you'll be visiting either Abu Dhabi or Dubai. There are many famous places to visit in UAE. But how do you know which ones are worth a visit? The two hottest cities in the UAE are only about an hour and a half away from each other by car. So there's really no reason to just visit one! Read on for our guide on the 11 must-see places in the UAE. 1. Burj Khalifa The Burj Khalifa, sometimes known as the Burj Dubai, isRead more

7 Reasons Why an Overnight Safari is an Unforgettable Experience

Overnight Desert Safari Reasons

7 Reasons Why an Overnight Safari is an Unforgettable Experience 15.8 million people visited Dubai in 2017. The city’s goal is to welcome 20 million tourists or more in the year 2020. While Dubai, and the United Arab Emirates in general, may conjure up images of fancy hotels, beaches, and world-class shopping, there are also other things you can do during your stay. Safaris might seem like they’re reserved for a trip to Africa, but you can actually take an overnight safari in the UAE. You can get lost in the magical desert that surrounds Dubai for a vacation you’re

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International Celebrities Visit Dubai

Shahrukh Khan in UAE

With the bonus luxury, lots of fashion hubs and the fascinations Dubai offers, Dubai is a favorite destination with worldwide celebrities to take the sigh of relief plan a tour to Dubai. We have some glimpses of famous celebrities which we collected from different social channels. When we start planning a trip to Dubai we have splashes of splendid nights, Desert safaris, luxury branded outlets, suddenly you are happy to imagine your favorite celebrity on the same place. 1. Rihanna: Internationally famed singer Rihanna visited Dubai and stayed at Sheikh Zayed Road Sheraton Grand Hotel. 2. Leonardo DiCaprio: Hollywood blast

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Tips for Planning a Tour in Dubai Desert Safari

Traveling is the charm of life & especially Dubai tour is an astonishing experience. Dubai Is famous for its incredible attractions of the World, the most enjoyable tour is of desert safari adventures like dune bashing, Hatta Oman safari, quad biking, camel riding and extreme adventure sports in Dubai.   Most of the people get attracted from morning desert safari and evening desert safari, keep one thing in your mind your operator makes your tour outstanding or poor so choose your operator carefully. Never take plenty of water before starting your journey in desert especially before dune bashing’s exciting to

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What is the Desert Safari?

Desert Safari Dubai

What is the Desert Safari? Desert safari is not a simple expedition towards massive hills of sand it involves the most hilarious journey in 4X4 luxurious vehicles with sand dunes called dune bashing. Dubai desert safari is the name of the adventurous ride on camels for a long time and provides the best sight to capture in cameras, open desert with the gigantic sapphire sky. The adventurous natural spot in the desert where you can enjoy glamorous as well as traditional activities like tenure dancing, tattoo painting on different parts of the body, and Henna painting etc. Desert Safari Dubai

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Dubai Safari Park

Dubai is the place of the desert but from past decades developmental projects continue to make this city more stylish and attractive. People from all the universe come here to enjoy the most attractive world-class entertainment options. But this city is infamous for the wildlife creatures, no zoo and safari world. If you are the nature lover and don’t want to go anywhere to enjoy wildlife adventure, an experience of Dubai Safari Park makes your trip more wonderful. Dubai Safari Animal Park  Place of safari adventure located in Al Warqa near to Dragon Mart. The place is only for the

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How should I plan a five day trip to Dubai?

Dubai city is full of adventurous activities, this city is the energetic world. Exciting things all around, innovative attractions, a person cannot imagine how the desert convert into the heaven like place. Guaranteed place to make you happy in every moment you stay here. If you want to stay here only for five days and you wish to get best of your experience in Emirates then follow this guide. Day 1:- Start your Journey with Most Exciting Places  Dubai Mall Just right after the arrival in Dubai, you need to take some rest and decide on a slow journey on

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How can we enjoy Desert Safari in Dubai?

Do you want to get the most amazing and adventurous experience of your life? Give a try to some exhilarating activities like Dune Bashing, sand boarding, camel riding, and camps activities. Morning Desert Safari If you are in hurry but don’t want to miss the desert adventure, don’t worry just choose morning desert safari plan.   Most adventurous tour with shinning sunrise scenery that makes all the sand look like small twinkling stars. Dune Bashing Start your adventurous ride in the 4X4 vehicle on the sandy and bumpy area. Don’t worry it’s not a dangerous activity because vehicles are fully

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Top 3 Reasons to Go On Safari in Dubai

You might know that Dubai is famous for its 6* hotels, but did you know it’s actually a safari hotspot? 15.8 million people visited Dubai in 2017, making it one of the most popular destinations to visit in the world. With glorious sandy beaches, warm climate, and rich culture, it’s easy to see why Dubai become so popular. But if you want a completely unique experience that will show you the true Dubai, you need to go on safari in the Arabian Desert. If you’re not already convinced, read on as we have put together a list of the top

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