Best, Most Reliable 4×4 / Off Road Vehicles for Dune Bashing

Most Reliable Off Road Vehicles Used in UAE When choosing a vehicle to have an excursion in the desert, the following points need to be considered. Always be safe, risky approaches to a sand dune can be very dangerous when not equipped with a skilled driver and a suitable vehicle. Remember there is a soft and hard side of every sand dune, train your eye to notice which is which before attempting to drive on the dunes. Think of snowshoes when deciding which tires are best for the dunes, wide tyres limit the vehicle from sinking in the sand. AlwaysRead more

Top 10 Things To Do in Abu Dhabi

Top 10 Things To Do in Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates and the second most populous city in the country after Dubai. This metropolis is situated on a T-shaped island that juts into the Persian Gulf. Abu Dhabi’s tourism scene undergoes constant refinement and expansion. It delivers experiences that make it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The tourism scene is intertwined with the region’s rich heritage, culture, and arts. We make it our mission to ensure that you have the most memorable experiences through our tours and desert

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Things to do in Dubai in 2019

Things to do in Dubai

Best Places to Visit in Dubai Dubai is the most famous, attractive and fashionable city in UAE. It is the biggest attraction for tourists because of its beautiful places. We tried our level best to mention the best things to in Dubai, Whenever you visit Dubai, you must do following things. Or you can say that must things to do in Dubai tour.

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Friday Brunch Venues in Dubai

Dubai is the home of the world’s largest buildings and a very luxurious city in the United Arab Emirates. It’s a very attractive destination for tourists due to its fascinating brunches. Here is a list of best brunch places in Dubai: Jumeirah Al Qasr: Jumeirah Al Qasr is one of Dubai’s biggest Friday brunches. The respected guests can enjoy the atmosphere of three restaurants The Hide, Al Hambra, and Arboretum. Al Qasr means ‘The Palace’ where the guests can choose multiple types of foods including Chinese, Arabic, Malaysian, Thai, Indian, Japanese, German, British, and Spanish. It is an upscale brunch

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Things for Kids to do in Dubai

Dubai is the delightful city for old people and young people as well as it is also the most luxurious place for kids. Dubai city is the great destination for families. What are you waiting for? Plan a tour to the fun places of Dubai for your kids. Get into the most entertaining world and enjoy kidZania, mini-golf & theme parks in Dubai. Aqua Venture Water park: If you want to enjoy thrilling rides with animals and exhilarating slides which involve frisky water stunts so come to the best part of Dubai city Atlantis the Palm. Get amused with animal

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Top 5 shopping malls of Dubai

Shopping Malls of Dubai Burjuman Centre Do you find the best fashion products? Don’t wait visit Burjuman Centre Dubai located in Bur Dubai launched in 1991. Most amazing stores of different brands available here. Electronics of every type is available in this mall. There are variety of fashion wears, kids wear, leather products, fragrance and sports wear Dining Options of Burjman: – Different restaurants with variety of flavors like Noodle House, Red Shrimps and Carino’s. Entertainment: – You can enjoy Cinema complex. Play areas for children are also present. Travel: – Metro stations, directly linked to Red and green. Mall

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Tips for Planning a Tour in Dubai Desert Safari

Traveling is the charm of life & especially Dubai tour is an astonishing experience. Dubai Is famous for its incredible attractions of the World, the most enjoyable tour is of desert safari adventures like dune bashing, Hatta Oman safari, quad biking, camel riding and extreme adventure sports in Dubai.   Most of the people get attracted from morning desert safari and evening desert safari, keep one thing in your mind your operator makes your tour outstanding or poor so choose your operator carefully. Never take plenty of water before starting your journey in desert especially before dune bashing’s exciting to

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Is Dubai Expensive To Visit?

Dubai City is developed from scratch in the center of desert located in the United Arab Emirates, most people think it is very expensive to stay and visit.   Keep one thing in mind If your money exchange rate is great then it is ok, Dubai city is as cheap or you can say as expensive as you want it to be. Visa: Most interesting fact regarding Dubai visa unlike Asia all other countries are approximately free. So this is the best choice to spend your vacations in Dubai. You need not worry to plan a trip to Dubai because you

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Abu Dhabi Day Trip

Abu Dhabi is the charming and attractive city with the variety of modern and traditional activities. If you are traveling middle east countries, spend one day in Abu Dhabi is not a bad option. Read this article and make your one day plan awesome. The First Step is to Visit Sheikh Zayed: First, drop off your bags and check in the Intercontinental Abu Dhabi on Al Saud Street. This hotel offers relaxation and heart touching, beautiful scenes Arabian Gulf and city’s skyline. Start your day with the visit to grand Sheikh Zayed mosque. This mosque is very impressive and has

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Dubai Got World’s Largest Mickey Mouse Floral Sculpture

Another wonder of Miracle Garden Dubai is the floral structure of Disney’s first Character Mickey Mouse with millions of colorful flowers and plants. Now visitors have great opportunity to view the most ironic character of Disney land in floral decoration. Other Disney character is planned to create in November 2018 with new colors and plants. Walt Disney Partnership: Walt Disney has a partnership with the owner of Dubai Miracle Garden and decides to make a sculpture of flowers with the height of 18 meters. On the 90th birthday of Disney world, the most appealing character of this world created in

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