Desert Safari With Dubai Frame

Desert Safari With Dubai Frame​
The Dubai Frame

Desert Safari Dubai With Dubai Frame

Ah, Dubai! A city that epitomizes luxury, innovation, and rich culture. One of its iconic offerings is the Desert Safari. But what if we told you there’s more to it? Dive into this unparalleled journey where you not only explore the golden sands but also witness the Dubai Frame, a modern architectural wonder. Your guide starts now!

Let’s begin with the crux of our adventure. The thrill of a Desert Safari combined with the allure of the Dubai Frame. Both these experiences might sound worlds apart, but in a city like Dubai, anything is possible!

Morning: Dubai Frame

Standing tall amidst the city’s skyline, the Dubai Frame isn’t just another building. It’s a bridge between Dubai’s past and its glittering future. A photo here is worth a thousand likes, don’t you think?

Evening: Desert Safari Tour

Dubai’s desert isn’t just a barren stretch; it’s a living, breathing entity. Feel its pulse as you ride over dunes, witness breathtaking sunsets, and be embraced by its age-old traditions.

From Skies to Dunes –  Dive into Dubai’s Ultimate Adventure.

About Desert Safari With Dubai Frame

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Desert Safari Duration 6 - 7 hours

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Evening Safari Highlights

  1. Golden Horizon Gazing: The metamorphosis of the desert from day to evening is nothing short of magical. Under the palette of the setting sun, the dunes seem to glow, offering a surreal, breathtaking view that’s unique to the evening Desert Safari.
  2. Night under the Stars: The vast expanse of the desert becomes a silent observer to the brilliant night sky. Lay back and gaze upwards, as the desert unveils a celestial extravaganza, creating a stargazing experience par excellence.
  3. Cultural Enchantment: As the evening deepens, the desert comes alive with cultural festivities. From captivating belly dance performances to melodious Arabic tunes, immerse yourself in an authentic Bedouin cultural experience.
  4. Desert Banquet: Savor the flavors of the Middle East with a specially curated evening desert feast. Grilled meats, traditional salads, and sumptuous desserts – a dining experience set amidst the dunes, illuminated by the soft glow of lanterns.
  5. Camel Twilight Rides: Experience the desert the traditional way. Embark on a calm camel ride, feeling the gentle sway and the cooling evening breezes, making it a timeless adventure to cherish.

Dubai Frame Highlights

  1. Architectural Marvel: Standing tall at 150 meters, the Dubai Frame is a testament to modern architectural genius. Its unique design, reminiscent of a giant picture frame, is a sight to behold, especially when illuminated in the evening.
  2. Dubai’s Time Capsule: More than just a structure, the Dubai Frame offers a journey through time. While one side showcases the old city, the other offers a panoramic view of the modern skyscrapers, capturing Dubai’s evolution in a single frame.
  3. Starlit Panoramas: Ascend to the top of the Dubai Frame during the evening, and the city unfolds beneath in a myriad of lights. The contrast of the historic neighborhoods against the backdrop of glitzy towers, all under a starry sky, is pure magic.
  4. Interactive Exhibits: The Dubai Frame isn’t just about views. Its galleries offer interactive exhibits, telling the story of Dubai’s rapid transformation from a humble fishing village to a global metropolis.
  5. Glass Bridge Walk: For those seeking a touch of thrill, the Frame’s clear glass bridge on the top offers a unique perspective. Walk across, if you dare, and feel the exhilaration of being suspended high above the city, with breathtaking vistas surrounding you.


A whole day would be ideal to ensure a wholesome experience.

Yes, though some activities might be restricted for safety reasons.

Light, comfortable clothing is recommended. Don’t forget your sunglasses and hats!

Many tour operators offer combined packages for convenience.

Winter months (November to February) are the most tourist-friendly.