7 Reasons Why an Overnight Safari is an Unforgettable Experience

Overnight Desert Safari Reasons

7 Reasons Why an Overnight Safari is an Unforgettable Experience 15.8 million people visited Dubai in 2017. The city’s goal is to welcome 20 million tourists or more in the year 2020. While Dubai, and the United Arab Emirates in general, may conjure up images of fancy hotels, beaches, and world-class shopping, there are also other things you can do during your stay. Safaris might seem like they’re reserved for a trip to Africa, but you can actually take an overnight safari in the UAE. You can get lost in the magical desert that surrounds Dubai for a vacation you’re

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International Celebrities Visit Dubai

With the bonus luxury, lots of fashion hubs and the fascinations Dubai offers, Dubai is a favorite destination with worldwide celebrities to take the sigh of relief plan a tour to Dubai. We have some glimpses of famous celebrities which we collected from different social channels. When we start planning a trip to Dubai we have splashes of splendid nights, Desert safaris, luxury branded outlets, suddenly you are happy to imagine your favorite celebrity on the same place. 1. Rihanna: Internationally famed singer Rihanna visited Dubai and stayed at Sheikh Zayed Road Sheraton Grand Hotel. 2. Leonardo DiCaprio: Hollywood blast

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Things Not to Do in Dubai City

Do you think about the vacations in Dubai? Or decide to join any job at Dubai City? If yes then before you go, keep some rules and regulations in mind. Dubai is the marvelous city with friendly & well-mannered people but this is not English country there are some rules which you have to follow according to the religion and tradition of the country. There are the answers to some questions about Do’s and Don’ts in Dubai. Can you Wear Shorts in Dubai? Dubai is a Muslim country, according to Islam women are most respectful creatures of GOD. In rules

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Friday Brunch Venues in Dubai

Dubai is the home of the world’s largest buildings and a very luxurious city in the United Arab Emirates. It’s a very attractive destination for tourists due to its fascinating brunches. Here is a list of best brunch places in Dubai: Jumeirah Al Qasr: Jumeirah Al Qasr is one of Dubai’s biggest Friday brunches. The respected guests can enjoy the atmosphere of three restaurants The Hide, Al Hambra, and Arboretum. Al Qasr means ‘The Palace’ where the guests can choose multiple types of foods including Chinese, Arabic, Malaysian, Thai, Indian, Japanese, German, British, and Spanish. It is an upscale brunch

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What are Some Natural Tourist Attractions in Dubai?

desert safari

Dubai is a magical place combination of gorgeous places and natural beauties like Miracle garden Dubai, Ras Al Khor, Dubai desert etc. You can visit heavenly lakes full of fleshy water and lawns with lush greenery, enjoyment is on the peak. You can discover your inner satisfaction in these peaceful places. Wonderful things are all around in Dubai city, you just need to explore. Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary in Dubai: The place away from the shopping malls and the messy area of Dubai city is an amusing experience for the visitors. You cannot imagine how beautifully salt and mud

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Do’s and Don’ts during Ramadan in Dubai

Dos and donts in Ramdan

Have you got the chance to spend Ramadan in Dubai? The Holy Month of Ramadan is the blessing of ALLAH Of course, Ramadan is not on the same date every year depends on the moon appearing on which date. In this blessed month Muslim from all over the world observe fast from sunrise to sunset. Every Muslim already have knowledge about rules of Shahor and Aftaar but everyone needs to recall   People lived in Dubai get a different version of DUBAI city in Ramadan, everyone tries to collect maximum blessings of ALLAH, shorten the time period of business and jobs.

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Things for Kids to do in Dubai

Dubai is the delightful city for old people and young people as well as it is also the most luxurious place for kids. Dubai city is the great destination for families. What are you waiting for? Plan a tour to the fun places of Dubai for your kids. Get into the most entertaining world and enjoy kidZania, mini-golf & theme parks in Dubai. Aqua Venture Water park: If you want to enjoy thrilling rides with animals and exhilarating slides which involve frisky water stunts so come to the best part of Dubai city Atlantis the Palm. Get amused with animal

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What is the Weather Like in Dubai?

Whenever you plan about any tour first thing comes to your mind is weather of the place. Dubai is famous for scorching & hot weather but the real fact is Dubai’s weather is tremendously pleasant most of the time in the year except June July and August. You need to know on which whether you are going to spend your vacations in Dubai, pack your bag accordingly. Weather of Dubai In Summer: When summer arrived this is true all the things look like burning fire, hotter than hell. Weather of June July August is full of harshness everywhere, no humidity

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Dubai Miracle Garden (Spectacular Flower Garden)

Dubai Miracle garden is a miracle of GOD in the desert with exceptional beauty of colorful flowers. This garden is like heaven in the busiest & populated city. Here are some tips before planning any trip. How did Dubai Miracle Garden Look Like Heaven?   Dubai Miracle Garden is a wonderland occupied 2000 sq meter space in the desert. Millions of flowers arranged incredibly like in the shape of peacocks, clocks, and castle and cartoon characters. World’s largest Mickey Mouse floral structure is also present in this garden. Approximately 50,000 visitors attracted by this fascinating beauty week. Reason to Visit

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What is the cheapest car hire place in Dubai?

Do you need a car in Dubai? If you plan some tourism activity in Dubai recommended way is renting out any car as compare to take public transport or taxi. Dubai car hires companies to provide any type of vehicle according to the requirement of visitors. Dubai city is the tourist destination that’s why rental companies available offering the best service with drivers too. Dubai is the city of attractions, grab lot of visitors from all around the world, got the best experience of vehicles in this great city. Roads of Dubai is convenient to move on, especially the way

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