Dirt Bike Dubai

Dirt Bike Dubai is one of the best tours to explore desert nature. During this tour, you get a chance to ride the dirt bike in the open desert of Dubai. Our motorcycle rental in the Dubai desert will give you the ultimate opportunity to explore the open desert of Dubai. Once you book our motocross Dubai tour, our driver will pick you up from your location according to your chosen time; the timing of dirt bike rental in Dubai is flexible.

Once you reach our desert safari location, we will provide you with all the gears you expect to get to ride the rental dirt bike in the Dubai desert. Next, we will give you the safe and recommended dress to ride a dirt bike. Finally, our experts will guide you with all the necessary things you need to know before riding a bike in the Dubai desert.

We will equip you with a helmet, boots, and protection kits. In addition, our expert tour guides will give you all the safety instructions for the motorbike tour. Our dirt bike tour is not only for tourists; it’s for residents of the UAE. You can reach our location in your vehicle also. Just inform our booking agent to provide you with the google location map.

Dirt Bike Tours in Dubai

We have two bike rental Dubai tours. One tour is for beginners, and the tour length is 2 hours. 2nd tour is for the experts, and the tour length is 4 hours.

Motocross Tour for beginners

This tour is for beginners, and you must have some basic knowledge about how to ride the bike. During this tour, you will learn how to handle the dirt bike in dunes, run it in the red dunes of Dubai, manage the distance, and follow the trail.

Our motocross expert will take you through the orientation session on the dirt bike. After that, you get the chance to dirty your hands with the best dirt bikes in Dubai. A highly-skilled instructor will also accompany you to help grow your confidence and skills.

You get all the protective gear and necessary safety equipment for the dirt bike tour; you don’t need to bring anything yourself.

Dirt Biking Tour for experts

If you have basic knowledge of how to handle dirt bikes on Dunes and how to handle the bike off-road, then this tour is perfect for you. This is a 4-hour dirt bike tour that takes you deep inside the desert on the big dunes of Dubai. You get a chance how to handle the bike on ever-changing dunes how to handle the obstacles of the desert. It’s a thrilling and daring tour and not recommended for people who have any back problems.

During the tour, all safety equipment will be provided by us, and our dirt bike expert will give you the company throughout the journey. We are sure with a dirt bike rental in Dubai; you will have a memorable experience.

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