Whenever you plan about any tour first thing comes to your mind is weather of the place.

Dubai is famous for scorching & hot weather but the real fact is Dubai’s weather is tremendously pleasant most of the time in the year except June July and August.


You need to know on which whether you are going to spend your vacations in Dubai, pack your bag accordingly.

Weather of Dubai In Summer:

When summer arrived this is true all the things look like burning fire, hotter than hell. Weather of June July August is full of harshness everywhere, no humidity on the sky, temperature rises above than 110 degrees.

Morning Desert safari

Outdoor Sittings in Summer:

Due to the high temperature, all restaurants closed their outdoor setup. You can experience a great silence and nobody travel by taxi or metro bus and even stayed at homes.


People from America and the UK are very sensitive and difficult to manage in this extremely hot weather. People look more exhausted and lazy in summer days.

Dubai in Summer

Rain Storms in Dubai:

In the whole year, approximately rainstorms occurred 4 to 5 times with flash floods in Dubai Sees.

Dubai Rain

Just imagine the beauty dip with shining bright water droplets presents a heavenly view.



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