Red dune safari means, dune bashing in red dunes. Red dunes located in Sharjah at Al lahbab area. It also spelled as lehbab. It’s found almost 50km from downtown Dubai. Dunes of Lahbab are enormous and red in colour. That is the main reason it’s called Red Dunes.

Only a few companies are going toward lehbab area for dune bashing. The reason is, it’s far from their desert camp “All the desert camps located in Dubai.” To do the dune bashing in lehbab you have to take the safari permit from Sharjah tourism department. Fossil rocks also located in this area.

Best time to visit red dunes are in the early morning to see the sunrise or in the evening to enjoy the sunset. Early morning safari is usually the private tour. That will cost you little bit high but it worth to go for this tour.

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