What is Red Dune Safari

Evening Desert Safari

What is Red Dune Safari Red dune safari means, dune bashing in red dunes. Red dunes are located in Sharjha at Al lahbab area. It is also spelled as lehbab. It’s located almost 50km from down town Dubai. Dunes of Lahbab are very big and red in color. That is the main reason it’s called Red dunes. Only few companies are going toward lehbab area for dune bashing, reason is, it’s far from their desert camp “All the desert camps are located in Dubai”. To do the dune bashing in lehbab you have to take the safari permit from Sharjah

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Luxurious travel to Dubai

Luxurious travel TDS

Luxurious travel to Dubai Luxurious travel offers the best pleasant experiences, personalized services, gourmet meals, and beautiful surroundings. That together promise a maximum of pleasure and a minimum of stress. May be it’s a supplementary reservation and restaurants in the lobby. A king-size bed, and marble-lined bathroom or a butler to pack and unpack your baggage.

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Morning Desert Safari Dubai

Morning Desert Safari

Morning Desert Safari Dubai Raised with the stories of wonders of the deserts. Where when the first beam of the sun touches the land it turns “Dust into Gold.” The brilliant fortunes of the Dubai desert which incredibly not covered. You require a journey in the morning light to be found. So what are you sitting for; pack your bags, put on some sun block and have an astounding visit to Morning Desert Safari Dubai.

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