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International Celebrities Visit Dubai

With the bonus luxury, lots of fashion hubs and the fascinations Dubai offers, Dubai is a favorite destination with worldwide celebrities to take the sigh of relief plan a tour to Dubai. We have some glimpses of famous celebrities which we collected from different social channels. When we start planning a trip to Dubai we have splashes of splendid nights, Desert safaris, luxury branded outlets, suddenly you are happy to imagine your favorite celebrity on the same place. 1. Rihanna: Internationally famed singer Rihanna visited Dubai and stayed at Sheikh Zayed Road Sheraton Grand Hotel. 2. Leonardo DiCaprio: Hollywood blast

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Tips for Planning a Tour in Dubai Desert Safari

Traveling is the charm of life & especially Dubai tour is an astonishing experience. Dubai Is famous for its incredible attractions of the World, the most enjoyable tour is of desert safari adventures like dune bashing, Hatta Oman safari, quad biking, camel riding and extreme adventure sports in Dubai.   Most of the people get attracted from morning desert safari and evening desert safari, keep one thing in your mind your operator makes your tour outstanding or poor so choose your operator carefully. Never take plenty of water before starting your journey in desert especially before dune bashing’s exciting to

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What is the Desert Safari? What is the Cost of it in Dubai?

Desert Safari Dubai

What is the Desert Safari? Desert safari is not a simple expedition towards massive hills of sand it involves the most hilarious journey in 4X4 luxurious vehicles with sand dunes called dune bashing. Dubai desert safari is the name of the adventurous ride on camels for a long time and provides the best sight to capture in cameras, open desert with the gigantic sapphire sky. The adventurous natural spot in the desert where you can enjoy glamorous as well as traditional activities like tenure dancing, tattoo painting on different parts of the body, and Henna painting etc. Desert Safari Dubai

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How Do I travel Cheap in Dubai? Cheap Holidays in Dubai

When I booked my Dubai Tour, there were many things in my mind which I really want to do in Dubai I want to go to a Dubai Desert Safari and want to enjoy the Dune Bashing and also want to do camel ride in the desert. And go to the top of the Burj Khalifa And want to enjoy the Dubai meal When I was reached in Dubai I found all the things are more expensive than I thought. You can say Dubai is a city of rich man’s playground. Many people do not visit Dubai because of fear

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Things to do in Dubai

Dubai is well known for wonderful buildings, amazing beaches, adventurous desert, fabulous hotels and beautiful parks. Top attractions of Dubai are Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, Palm Islands, Malls and restaurants with eminent fountain view, which creates the effect of another world on visitors. You can do the number of adventurous activities in Dubai as camel rides, dune bash, skydiving, bungee jumping, sand boarding, skyboarding, swimming and many more. Burj Al Arab: Burj Al Arab of Dubai is the third tallest building of the world. Its lavish hotels and attractive construction is the main attraction of tourists. It is a

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How to Book Desert Safari in Dubai


How to Book Desert Safari in Dubai Desert Safari in Dubai is most demanding tour of UAE. Desert Safari tour booking is so easy. Just google “Desert Safari in Dubai or Dune Bashing Dubai“. You will get lots of results from the google. Open any site and read the reviews google my business reviews An other option is to read the TripAdvisor reviews. After that drop a call to the tour company or send them a email. Check with them for the availability and book a tour with them. For booking the desert safari tour,  following information is required by

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Itinerary ideas for short stopovers in Dubai

If you have very short time and you want to visit Dubai’s best attractions then don’t worry find the short stopover in Dubai.     It might be of 7 hours or one and two days check out this article to get an idea about itinerary ideas for short stopovers. Spare Some Hours for a Short Stopover in Dubai If you have approximately 7 hours to spend on holidays then you have 2 best options which have enough worth. Get to The Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa By visiting these precious places you can get a lot of memories in

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What’s the duration of belly dancing in safari desert show?

Belly-Dancer in Dubai Desert

What’s the duration of belly dancing in safari desert show? Belly dance show is the most loved & watched show during the desert safari tour. Belly dance is one of the main part of this tour. A year ago there was only one belly dance show performance. But due to it’s high demand now all the companies started two belly dance shows. Each belly dancer perform for 10 minutes. So total duration of belly dancing in desert safari is 20 minutes.

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What is the WEBSITE and EMAIL of desert safari Dubai.

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What is the WEBSITE and EMAIL of desert safari. Our website is Email Address : We have different email address according to departments few of them we can mention here Our Transport Department Address : 17, The Iridium Building, Umm-e- Suqeim Rd, Al Barsha – Dubai

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What is desert safari in Dubai?


What is desert safari in Dubai? So many people ask what is desert safari means or what is desert safari in Dubai. Desert safari in Dubai is a tour. This is a five hours tour which includes so many activities. This tour consist of Dune Bashing, Photo shoot in desert, sand boarding, camel ride, quad biking or ATV rides, Belly dance shows, Tanoura Dance show “Egyptian Dance”, Fire Show, Stick Show And dinner. If you are visiting Dubai, it’s recommended must go on desert safari tour. It’s a life time experience.  Their are different desert safari tours.

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