Desert Safari Without Belly Dance


Desert Safari Without Belly Dance On daily bases we received queries where people ask they want desert safari tour but without belly dance show. Few of them only want the dune bashing and few of them want to spend some quality time in desert with their loved one’s but they are not interested in belly dance show. So we decided to answer this question. If you not willing to see belly dance show you have two options, one is which we recommend you. Once this belly dance show going to start you can leave the place. You can go outside

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Desert Safari Outfit


Desert Safari Outfit Almost all the travelers ask what to wear during desert safari tour. So here is the detailed post regarding to what wear and why. Desert Safari Outfit Ideas for Girls Wear something with bold prints or same color from top to bottom. So your dress will pop out against all the brown back ground “Desert”. So we decided what color we are going to wear. Next step is what to wear, here are so many options like you wear jumpsuit, cotton causal pants, Loose or stretchy pants, or even leggings, Bermuda Shorts, Or high rise long shorts.

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What can we wear In Desert Safari Tour

Dress Code For Dubai

Dress Code For Women/Girls Desert Safari Tour There is no official dress code for desert safari tour. As per our recommendation women/girls can wear any causal dress “Trouser, T Shirts, Shorts”Knees Should be covered”, and wear flip-flop or sandals. Respect the country that we live in & protect it’s value and culture, By wearing decent & Modest clothing. Dress Code For Man/Boys Desert Safari Tour For Gents we again recommend causal dress like trouser, T-shirts, Shorts and wear flip-flop or sandals.  

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