What is the Desert Safari?

Desert Safari Dubai

What is the Desert Safari? Desert safari is not a simple expedition towards massive hills of sand it involves the most hilarious journey in 4X4 luxurious vehicles with sand dunes called dune bashing. Dubai desert safari is the name of the adventurous ride on camels for a long time and provides the best sight to capture in cameras, open desert with the gigantic sapphire sky. The adventurous natural spot in the desert where you can enjoy glamorous as well as traditional activities like tenure dancing, tattoo painting on different parts of the body, and Henna painting etc. Desert Safari Dubai

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What is desert safari dubai timings

Desert safari dubai

What is Desert Safari Dubai Timings? Desert Safari Dubai timing depends on two factors. One of them is, which tour you booked or looking to book. Second one, on which season you are visiting Dubai desert like Summer or Winter. Desert Safari Dubai Summer Timing Desert Safari Dubai Winter Timing

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What does dune bashing mean?


What does dune bashing mean? Dune Bashing is rough ride in desert. This is one of the most thrilling part of desert safari Dubai tour. Once you reached to the desert. Driver will decrease the Tyre pressure that helps vehicle to run easily on the sand. Reducing the tires’ pressure will improve your traction. Dune bashing mean driving up and down on desert dunes with different speed. Dune Bashing is Safe? The vehicles going for the dune bashing are fully equipped with safety gears. The drivers are fully trained and have desert driving license. Is Dune Bashing is Safe for Kids?

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Dubai Safari Location

Dubai Safari Location Lots of people searching for the Dubai Desert Safari Locations. Some of them confused as they want to go for dubai safari park and some of them wants to go for desert safari. Dubai Safari Park Dubai Safari Park become home to 10,000 plus animals. It covering over 350 rare and shrinking species. Location of Dubai Safari Park Al Warqa 5 – Dubai Desert Safari Dubai This tour is total different tour than dubai park. Their are different locations for dune bashing in Dubai & in Sharjha. All the Desert Camps are located in Dubai not in

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