Things Not to Do in Dubai City

Do you think about the vacations in Dubai? Or decide to join any job at Dubai City? If yes then before you go, keep some rules and regulations in mind. Dubai is the marvelous city with friendly & well-mannered people but this is not English country there are some rules which you have to follow according to the religion and tradition of the country. There are the answers to some questions about Do’s and Don’ts in Dubai. Can you Wear Shorts in Dubai? Dubai is a Muslim country, according to Islam women are most respectful creatures of GOD. In rules

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Is Dubai Expensive To Visit?

Dubai City is developed from scratch in the center of desert located in the United Arab Emirates, most people think it is very expensive to stay and visit.   Keep one thing in mind If your money exchange rate is great then it is ok, Dubai city is as cheap or you can say as expensive as you want it to be. Visa: Most interesting fact regarding Dubai visa unlike Asia all other countries are approximately free. So this is the best choice to spend your vacations in Dubai. You need not worry to plan a trip to Dubai because you

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Desert Safari Outfit


Desert Safari Outfit Almost all the travelers ask what to wear during desert safari tour. So here is the detailed post regarding to what wear and why. Desert Safari Outfit Ideas for Girls Wear something with bold prints or same color from top to bottom. So your dress will pop out against all the brown back ground “Desert”. So we decided what color we are going to wear. Next step is what to wear, here are so many options like you wear jumpsuit, cotton causal pants, Loose or stretchy pants, or even leggings, Bermuda Shorts, Or high rise long shorts.

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Dinner in The Desert Dubai

Dinner in Desert Safari

Dinner in The Desert Dubai If you are looking for dinner in the desert without dune bashing than this tour is perfect for you. People who don’t want to do the dune bashing due to any reason but still want to go for the desert safari tour than book this tour. In this tour driver will pick you from your location around 3:30 to 4:00 PM and take you directly in our desert camp without doing dune bashing. There you can enjoy the tea, coffee, ghawa, belly dance shows, tanoura dance show, fire show and bar be Que dinner veg

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How to Book Desert Safari in Dubai


How to Book Desert Safari in Dubai Desert Safari in Dubai is most demanding tour of UAE. Desert Safari tour booking is so easy. Just google “Desert Safari in Dubai or Dune Bashing Dubai“. You will get lots of results from the google. Open any site and read the reviews google my business reviews An other option is to read the TripAdvisor reviews. After that drop a call to the tour company or send them a email. Check with them for the availability and book a tour with them. For booking the desert safari tour,  following information is required by

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What is Morning Dune Bashing Dubai

Dune Bashing

What is Morning Dune Bashing Dubai Dune bashing Dubai is rough ride on the desert dune. During the dune bashing driver, driver’s the vehicle up & down on dunes with high & slow speed. This is the thrilling ride and the tourist looking for some adventurous ride they must go for it. Morning dune bashing is also the same but only difference comes you will be picked in the morning around 8:00 AM or early morning around 5:00 AM to go for dune bashing on red dunes. If you are looking for only dune bashing, than morning dune bashing is

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How long is the camel ride?


How long is the camel ride? Camel ride in Dubai is during the desert tour is one of the most do thing. You must have to try it, it’s amazing to enjoy the ride on the desert ship. People ask for how long you can enjoy the camel ride during the desert safari tour. Answer of this question is it depends on your tour package. On regular evening desert tour it’s just a introductory ride which last maximum 3-5 minutes. You can extend it by upgrading your desert package. Below is the detailed chart regarding the price and duration of

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Is there additional cost for wearing the local costumes in desert safari

desert safari dubai

Is there additional cost for wearing the local costumes in desert safari? You will find the Arabic costumes during the evening desert safari tour. It’s a part of desert tour so you don’t have to pay extra. Once you reached to the desert camp you will a find a separate tent where clothes are hanged you can wear and take picture with out paying anything.

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What is desert safari dubai timings

Desert safari dubai

What is Desert Safari Dubai Timings? Desert Safari Dubai timing depends on two factors. One of them is, which tour you booked or looking to book. Second one, on which season you are visiting Dubai desert like Summer or Winter. Desert Safari Dubai Summer Timing Desert Safari Dubai Winter Timing

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