Where Can i Ride a Camel in Dubai

camel trekking in dubai

Where Can i Ride a Camel in Dubai If you are looking to ride a camel in Dubai, best option & place is desert. Book your desert safari tour and ask them to extended the camel ride time. Normally the camel ride is only for 5 minutes. An other option is to book a camel trekking tour. In this tour you can enjoy the camel ride for 30 minutes. Riding a camel is one of the adventurous thing.

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How long is the camel ride?


How long is the camel ride? Camel ride in Dubai is during the desert tour is one of the most do thing. You must have to try it, it’s amazing to enjoy the ride on the desert ship. People ask for how long you can enjoy the camel ride during the desert safari tour. Answer of this question is it depends on your tour package. On regular evening desert tour it’s just a introductory ride which last maximum 3-5 minutes. You can extend it by upgrading your desert package. Below is the detailed chart regarding the price and duration of

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What to Expect When Riding a Camel on a Desert Safari

Are you a traveller at heart? You may have a never-ending bucket list full of adventures you can’t wait to take. But, with only a few weeks a year open for vacations, you probably want to make the most of every trip. The Middle East is full of breathtaking sites and interesting culture, unlike anything you see back home. Among these countries, the UAE stands as one of the most popular tourist destinations. In fact, Dubai is the fourth most visited city in the entire world! So, how can you make your trip to the UAE unforgettable? Riding a camel

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