Tourist Places in Zanzibar

Zanzibar is an Arabic word which means the coast of black people. It is a place where the there is a beautiful island.

It is a semi-sovereign state of the Tanzania. The island has the best beaches in the world.Moreover, this is not hyperbole. If you love to be lazy under in the sun, then this is the perfect place to go.

The capital of Zanzibar is Zanzibar city. The most exciting thing about Zanzibar is, the duration of day and night of Zanzibar remains same throughout the year. Secondly, the weather condition of Zanzibar is hot and lasts all the year.

Off the main island are also a series of much smaller islets that gives a more exclusive, away-from-the-crowds experience and are perfect for honeymoon couples and romantic lovers.

1.Stone Town

Zanzibar is a place of crystal clear water. There are gleaming water and swaying trees.

Zanzibar is more than just beautiful. It is the historical and edifying center of Stone Town is a warren of ancient alleys and old buildings just waiting for discovery. Its rich and miscellaneous past has seen people from around the world move to Zanzibar.Moreover, you can see this cultural merger at full bloom in Stone Town.

2.Jozani Forest

Jozani forest is most popular place in Zanzibar. The forest is the last sanctuary in the world to see the Zanzibar red colobus monkey. The forest is located in the Eastern part of the island and is one of the fantastic places on Zanzibar.

It’s a sharp reminder of what we have done to our environment over the centuries. There are such a blunt monkeys who will never feel shy to tease you where ever you are standing in the forest.

3.Nungwi and Kendwa beaches

Nungwi is the third most large settlement in Zanzibar. Secondly, it has inhabitants of about 5,500. Moreover, it found in the distant north of the aisle. Kendwa; the smaller nearby is on the west shore, ignoring the little Daloni island and the big island of Tumbatu. Both are at approximately an hour’s drive from Stone Town.

Nungwi is the most famous resort in the north where there are many excellent restaurants. Furthermore, there are not just restaurants but the bars and hotels who are continuously providing sufficient entertainment and variety of food and enjoying activities.

The actual sketch, though, is the golden sand beach, CNN made ranking and keep that at 43 in 2014 in the list of the world’s best beaches.

It doesn’t matter you are living in the seven-star restaurant of at a simple, cheap hotel, but you have still equal access to all massage center and parlors.

4.Mnemba Atoll

 It is the best place for snorkeling at Mnemba. Leaving from one of Zanzibar’s many Northern shores, you start the morning by gliding across crystal clear waters in a traditional Dhow sailing boat.
Sailing is steady, but as a calm breeze runs across the deck and you can lay down underneath the shadow of the mainsail.

Moreover, a different feeling of quiet will make sure you do not want to attain anywhere fast.

5.paje Beach

 If you want rambler spot on Zanzibar, so it is your destination. It is the place where you can find the best hotels, bars, and restaurants where you can enjoy the best cuisine and best time to spend. Secondly, the best view and fantastic activities will give you the boost.

For those who are looking for an active tour to Zanzibar, it is the right place for all of them. The most fantastic activity is kite surfing. Furthermore, you need decent walking shoes for this place to get the best of it.