Attractive Places to visit in Saudi Arabia

Kingdome of the Saudi Arabia is an Asian country.

It is famous for its beautiful valleys, desert, and amazing tourists spots. Saudi Arabia is a country where everyone must go at least once in his life. It is an Islamic country where public health and schooling is free. Government issue visas to the relatives and friends of Saudi citizens.

Moreover, overseas tourists might face some issues in getting a visa. However, if relatives and friends can help in supporting, then you can do efficiently.

Saudi Arabia has wide range of best hotels where foreigners and locals stay and have the best time

Albatoul Marine

when you come to Saudi Arabia and having a plan to visit Abotoul Marine, then keep in mind that there is an exciting activity which is Water blob.

You start flying in the air due to water pressure. It is because of upthrust of water. When you are in the air, the surroundings look amazing.  It is all about maintaining your balance and keep flying in the air with the help of water pressure.

Albatoul is a gorgeous place to visit. On the other hand, it has bright, beautiful blue water where you can enjoy beautiful view as well as can experience exciting activities.

Median Saleh

 are you history seeker?

Do you have a keen interest in archeological sites?

If you are, the Madaina Saleh is your place. It is a place where you can find significant historical facts and secrets of old civilizations.

Median Saleh is one of the parts and bundles archaeological spots in Saudi Arabia. it has royal Monument with a brief description.

According to history, this consign used to have clean water, and it fascinated many colonizers. They later started figurine, remodeling, and bordering the wells at this pebbly place. It is significant rocky carvings. Moreover, it looks highly fascinating and surprising.

King’s Fountain, Jeddah:

 King fountain is one of the fantastic places in Saudi Arabia. it is most attractive and fascinating site for tourist. Jeddah is an international city where a fountain view is a breathtaking place and a big tourists attraction.

The jet propels water to the height of 853 meters. King fountain situated at the red sea, the stunning fountain is one of the eye-catching places which can be seen from most of the areas inside the city. The excellent thing about this fountain is that it doesn’t use fresh water but the brackish sea water as a part of maintenance. It gives a view of serenity and tranquillity during the night time when it lightens up and is seen to have different gorgeous colors that augment its loveliness.

Masjid Al Nabawi Medina

AL Nabvi Mosque is in Madina city. The most beautiful and fantastic mosque in the world. It has a capacity of more than 2,000,00 persons. It has a dome of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) inside it. Beautifull green dome called Gumbad e Khiizra increases its beauty more. It has amazing umbrellas to give cold shed to visitors on the hot sunny day.

This mosque is not just a mosque, but the place where people served by many services such as learning and worships throughout the year.

Masjid Al Haram

Masjid Al Haram is in Mecca city of Saudi Arabia. It is the largest mosque in the world. Muslims around the world come here every year to offer Hajj. Hajj is a religious activity of Muslims. Muslims come there not only  Annually but round the year in fact. Moreover, this is a beautiful mosque. Also, this mosque called a House of God. Muslims call it Kaba.

Kaaba has a cube-shaped construction with simple and extraordinarily modest architecture.

Royal Saudi Air Force Museum, Riyadh:

Made in 1920, this astonishing Royal Air Force Museum is the center of magnetism for many of the people and travelers who have an aspiration to get knowledge about the air force, crafts, historical facts and figures, and space of Saudi Arabia. Positioned in Riyadh, this inspirational museum is open every day except for Mondays.  It has an outside park as well as an extraordinary enclosed museum. There are many plans on exhibit in a contemporary and very eye-catching glass edifice. You come to know all the past of Saudi Aviation and go up into the helicopter hut for a better knowledge.