Tourist Places in Mauritius

As a traveler, you may get the chance to visit the world, and all attractive tourists spot. But in a real sense how much the variety of beautifying, excitement, and calmness, history, and culture you would see in Mauritius, have no match at all.

Mauritius is a paradise for travelers. It offers surf and sun at one place. It is beautiful honeymoon spot. Moreover, with its so much attraction, it keeps the tourists on his toes. Spending holidays here will bring memorable moments. It will leave best memories in your mind.

Mark Twain wrote,

“Mauritius was made first, and then heaven; heaven being copied after Mauritius.”

Mauritius is an excellent attraction for honeymooners because it has lovely beaches and lazy sunny days.  But there are a lot of things to do on Paradise Island.  Next to Madagascar, Mauritius is a boss in wildlife sightseeing, outdoor exploit, fine dining, and opulence resorts.

 Here you can see

  • Massive tortoises
  • Rare, bizarre birds
  • Kitesurfing
  • Reef snorkelling
  • Golf
  • Horseback riding
  • Hiking

And much more.

 A real treat throughout your stay will be to sample delicious local food which takes its persuade from Indian, Creole, French, and Chinese backgrounds. Moreover, Mauritius is not just a beautiful place but a shopping hub and a historical site too.

It’s all gorgeous places are always waiting for tourists such as.

Grand Bassin

It is beautiful lack at 1800 ft above from sea level. It is a holy spot for Hindus. They think of its water that it is coming from their sacred river Ganga in India. There is a temple of their lord Shiva. There is a significant statue of Bhagavan Shiva. All Hindus come there on the event of Maha Shivratri.

Trou Aux Biches

Snorkelling and swimming lovers, this is the best place ever. They must come here first to visit and to have exciting snorkelling and swimming.

With soft sands shelving calm, petty and clear water, this is a perfect place for a beach picnic with family and friends. If you are a street food lover, attack at the many stalls and cafes along the shore. You can enjoy a variety of cuisine there.

Belle Mare Plage

It is the best place for those who rise early in the morning and love to enjoy the first beauty of nature at the start of the day, Sunrise. It is the perfect place to enjoy the sunrise. You will feel impressive to see the beautiful sunrise from the water. In addition, you can take the experience of swimming there too.

 Ile Aux Cerfs

Tourists from all over the world come to Ile Aux Cerfs beach in Mauritius to fritter time with folks and buddies. Above all, they come there during the weekend. It can be fun if sand and sun make an excellent combination for you. A cool and peaceful one between places to see in Mauritius, it has some magnificent lagoons too.

Black River Gorges National Park

Mauritius is not just a place where there is only beaches and resort. But it also has some forestry and green parks where you can make your eyes calm and relaxed with sightseeing of beautiful green view. If you are a nature lover and love to be with wildlife, then don’t worry there is something for you too in Mauritius. Just visit black river national park which is spread in the area of 68km. Moreover, it is a heaven for wildlife.

While hiking, you can see many

  • Wild Pigs
  • Rusa deer
  • Privets
  • Chinese guava.

 You will also see some of the rare species of birds and animals there.

Grand Baie Bazaar

Any visit demands to have some shopping from that place to keep the things as memories after your tour. So shopping in Mauritius is not a big deal. It is a beautiful place as well as a shopping hub.

Grand Baie bazar is quite popular among the tourists for shopping. Tourists must have this spot on their list of sites to visit.

Photo Museum

Visit of Mauritius will remain incomplete without seeing the history of this paradise. Photo museum is the best place to have a glance at the historical facts of Mauritius in the form of photographs.