Best Places for Tourist in Baku

Baku is Azerbaijan’s capital. It is the architectural love consider almost like Paris and Dubai. Although with many of Soviet genes floating half-hidden in the background. Many cities in the world are developing as quickly.

At its heart, the UNICCO-listed Old City lies within an unusually crenulated arc of the fort wall. Moreover, Around this are elegantly illuminated stone mansions tree-lined streets filled with exclusive boutiques. In the last ten years, authorities made many towers, dwarfing or replacement of tatty old Soviet apartment blocks.

Some of the best new builds are jaw-dropping masterpieces. For now, loving couples canoodle their way around wood parks, hold hands on the Caspian-front bulvar, where and opal blues and greens make a ridicule of Baku’s desert-ringed location.

There are lots of places to visit in Baku, some of them are as follows:


this site is at the behind of city walls.  Shirvanshahs palace is just one of the oldest things of Shirvanshahs. Palace is in old town, and you can reach here by a walk of only five minutes from Icharishahar.

the story of its building is from 15th century. It was that time when Baku become the capital of  Shirvanshahs.


This is the top tourist attraction spot. It is one of the most visiting cities of Baku. You will feel fantastic as going up on the tower. There you can enjoy the gorgeous view of Baku.

It is the part of old city of Baku. It has such a mysterious look which make it completely attractive for tourists. From the areal view, it looks like “butta” which is a symbolic icon of Azerbaijan.

There is a well-known story about this tower is, once there was a king who was fell in love with his daughter and wanted to marry her. She was so ashamed of her fatter’s demand and asked him to build a tower like this. So that after completion of this tower she will marry him. When tower got completed, she jumped from the tower and committed suicide.


when it was the Soviet Union this lane was famous as Kirov Park, named after the Soviet Bolshevik head.

After the butchery of 1990 by Soviet hoards, which is yearly remembered by all Azerbaijanis on twenty January, this park has become an alley of sufferers called “Shahidlar Xiyabani” in Azerbaijani. Now it is a sign of pride of Azerbaijan and its sovereignty.


Boulevard is a place which provides best night view in Baku. There are lots of shopping malls, recounts, testicles called “chaikhana” in the native language, and much more for tourists. You will get the main attraction over there when you start walking with the sea.

Tourists go to that boulevard when they feel tiredness from Baku’s hot weather to get free air.


Once it was the family house of Zeynalabdin Taghiyev, the famous Azerbaijani oil tycoon, now this building playing the role of a historical museum and with its superb view. It will take you to the first chronological period opening from ancient times to modern Azerbaijan.


Is this shocking for you, to here about mud volcano? Don’t be so; it is true that this land has mud violations. There are most of-of the mud volcanos in the world. World’s highest volcano is also in this land.

Mud bubble comes outside the volcano. Moreover, it is not such hot as like other volcanoes. Secondly, it is not so much higher too.


this temple is famous as a place of the eternal temple. If we start discussing the history of this temple, then it will take use to the 18th century. It is about that time when Hindu traders came there to sell their medicine and wood made things.