Best Tourist Places to Visit in Oman

Places To Visit in Oman TDSHidden jewels with rich history right back to 3,000 BC, There are thousands of tales in the lap of Oman. It was the native land of Queen of Sheba. Prophet job is resting there. It was the home of well-known adventurer Sindbad and sailor.

So it is no doubt that the Sultanate has such a profusion of concealed fortune. From the impressive forts, beautiful palaces and numinous souqs of the capital Muscat, to the undulating dunes. Freshwater wadis and miles upon miles of pure sandy seashores. Oman is just waiting for the discoverer to discover its hidden secrets.

Oman Tour TDS

Top things to do in Oman

Enjoy Architectural Designs

 Oman is very rich in architectural masterpieces. There are lots of beautiful and breathtaking building. Moreover, these buildings were built in pure Arabian and Asian, most importantly old designs.

Visiting The Attractions

there are lots of places to visit in oman such as

  • Royal Opera House MuscatRoyal Opera House Muscat TDS
  • Grand MosqueGrand Mosque Oman TDS
  • Bait al LubanBait al Luban TDS

If you are in Oman and not have visited these places then your tour is just incomplete.


Bandar Khayran TDS

Snorkel or leap in the perfect waters of Bandar Khairan. Go dolphin surveillance or rest on a dhow sail off Muscat’s rocky shore.


 the Omani-French Museum, Natural History Museum, children’s Museum and the Bait Al Zubair Museum,  are ideal places to grab up on the history of Muscat.


The old souq of Muttrah is a perfect place for sightseers to buy genuine Omani mementos and resources.

Layover in Oman & Overnight delay in Oman

Oman airport is quite good for a hiatus. It concerns with your class how much you have to pay for this or get the free accommodation. Different prices regarding different packages are available there for long layovers. They provide a good meal, resting area, WIFI and comfortable environment.

Moreover, airport authorities also provide short duration visa to enter the country for some time. That time could be maximum 72 hours or less. In some cases, they offer a free visa to enter the country, but in some cases, you have to pay for this.

Oman points of interest


It’s a coastal township about 35 minutes from Muscat Airport. It has a famous castle and is a hub for Camel Racing and customary bloodless Bullfighting. It is also a viral site to discover the local hot springs,  wadhi’s  mountains and as well as the citadels of Nakhal and Rustaq. Cave investigation, rock climbing, plunging, and hiking are some of the typical activities there.


It is 45 minutes away from Muscat Airport in a pleasant sunny environment with perfect beaches. Nearby beauties are Wadi Bani Khalid. It is famous for its beautiful spirals of water, and the village of Bilad Sayt is extensively known as the most striking in the entire of Oman.

The beach

This high-class restaurant, with the beautiful Arabian atmosphere created by fire pits and slight illumination. They serve there thrilling, compound fare in a lavish beachside site. The French pie chef at the hotel’s indoor restaurant makes evil confections, as well as delicious handmade chocolates.

Oman monuments

This coastal land has overwhelming natural sights ranging from vast turquoise oceans to cocoa brown mountain tops and is the home to many folklores, ancient structures, and advanced architecture.

The City of Nizwa

Nizwa is one of the largest city and has excellent historical background.  It consists of many forts, historical sites large souqs, and colorful livestock market.

The Bahla Fort

According to World Heritage site UNESCO since the 1990s, the beautifully built Bahla Fort is one edifying place that one should visit and enjoy the glory of history. Now open to people, the momentous castle was built around 3000 BC when Bahla was a wealthy haven open to doing business and visitors from around the area.

Tomb of Bibi Maryam in Qalhat

 Qalhat was once Oman’s capital. There is a tomb of Bibi Maryam. Is also famous by the name of “Mausoleum of Lady Maryam” too.

Fable says that the King of Hormuz Bahauddin Ayez made crypt of Bibi Maryam.  Her vault is a place of a mosque that Lady Maryam made for herself.

Things to do in Oman airport

if you got stuck in Oman airport then there are plenty of activities that you can do at Oman airport.

There are lots of shops, where you can enjoy shopping of Oman’s traditional stock.

 Mosque available at the airport for males and females.

There are some most beautiful lounges for passengers trapped in the airport.

A split prayer room for male and female travelers is available inside the fatal house at the departures area close to the duty-free space on the first floor.

Moreover, there are multiple entertaining activities over there to entertain the passengers.

  • enjoy free WIFI
  • get a splash of Omani Perfume
  • Cofee break
  • Look around

Oman tourism Authority

Oman is a country on the Arab. Visiting and the attractions in Oman has grown just significantly, and it is expected to be one of the principal industries in the nation.

Oman has one of the most different surroundings in the Middle East with various tourist magnetism and is above all a well known for enlightening tourism. The travel guide publisher Lonely Planet made the capital of Oman, Second Best City to visit in the world in 2012.  Muscat also was chosen as the Capital of Arab Tourism of 2012.

Moreover, above all things happen just because of tourism authorities of Oman.

Oman stopover what to do

there are lots of things to do on stopover at oman airport like:


 Are you thinking about that how to shopping at the airport. Most people feel that one can just buy in shopping malls or at markets, but now you can buy at Oman airport.

Free internet

There is free WIFI service at oman airport. You can use it and become connected with rest of the world.

coffee cafe

 there is kind of coffee cafe at Oman airport you can enjoy delicious coffee at Oman airport which become necessary after tiring flight.

Oman destinations

Oman is on the rim of the Arabian Peninsula; you’ll discover the Sultanate of Oman. Often ignored by travelers, Oman is a beautiful destination filled with incredible magnetism and cities.

Misfat al Abryeen

While more great cities in Oman can come into view very up to date, slighter villages like Misfat al Abryeen help imprison a more familiar feeling. This mountain village is made up of rock buildings in shades of brown and orange, and it can seem more like an Italian mountain village than something you may expect to locate on the Arabian Peninsula.

Wahiba Sands

at the center of Oman, there is a stretched desert with high dunes and beautiful sandy beauty.

Badu people are living there. this is popular travel destination. enjoy the nomadic life there and experiance the camel ride.


In the sixth and seventh centuries, Nizwa was the capital of Oman. Now, the city is famous for its implausible fort, which was made in the 17th century under the dictation of Sultan Bin Saif Al Ya’ribi. However, some parts of the castle date all the way back to the ninth century.

moreover there are some more places to visit in Oman such as:

  • Muscat
  • Musandam Fjords
  • Ras al Jinz
  • Jebel Akhdar