Attractive Places to Visit in Kuwait

Kuwait radiates the charm of the Arabian escapade, and therefore, the visitors find a lot of things to do in Kuwait. Apart from enjoying excellent accommodation and fine dining. Moreover, there are many of things for travelers to do in Kuwait.

However, Here are the most attractive destinations to visit in Kuwait.

The Kuwait Towers:

Group of three-cylinder tower Kuwait towers notable landmark of Kuwait city. It considers as an iconic building in the Arabian city too. Towers represent Kuwait’s monetary renaissance and also Worlds cultural as well as touristic attraction. Kuwait towers are a combination of modern and Islamic architecture. It is unique design. You can make a comparison with a blue-tiled mosque and slender minarets of Samarkand Bukhara.

National Museum:

 It is a real showcase of Kuwait culture and heritage.

The museum was formally the home of Royal Al Sabah family. It was robbed during the Gulf War, a lot of it has been re-established over the years. There are three main divisions

  • Archaeology
  • Heritage
  • Planetarium

The most amazing part of this is collection from Falika island. It is the story of the bronze age.

Secondly, the Heritage part is not far behind with life-size representation of a variety of facets of Kuwaiti life.

The Planetarium, the earliest of its kind in the Gulf area, is in the shape of a horizontal dome.

Grand Mosque:

Garden mosque is a most significant mosque in Kuwait. It is situated in the center of Kuwait city and known as Masjid-al-Kabir by the locals.

It has a capacity of 10,000 people.  Persian cultural and architectural design reflects from this mosque.

It characterized by center dome and pillars and minarets.

As one enters the mosque for sure, he will mesmerize by the gold and blue combination. Furthermore, the breathtaking tiling style and fantastic calligraphy just make anyone wow. Asma Ul Husna stamped in the dome of mosques is.

Moreover, Never miss Amir’s room. Visitors must be attired unadventurously.

 On the other hand, Headscarves are available there if you are not carrying your own.

The Liberation Tower

40 meter taller then Eiffel tower Liberation tower is the second tallest tower of Kuwait and fifth tallest communication tower of the world.

Kuwaiti Amir sheik Jaber al Ahmed al Jaber al Sahab unveiled the liberation tower.

The arrangement is made by earthenware tiles on the concealment from base to first mezzanine stage. Three natural beam shades cause to be an arithmetical design from the bottom.

This tower has three working areas, which includes:

  • communications center
  • rotating observatory level
  • the restaurant at 150 meters

Al Kout beach:

Al out beach is renowned and a fine dust free beach.

This beach serves as an exceptional place for tourists.

It is the best place for a picnic, for meeting old friends, to have a romantic time with your loved ones. People who come there play volleyball and other games. Beautiful sunset view at this beach increases its value.

You can take a leisurely walk flattering the well sand and the deep blue water. The breakwater is famous for photo shoots. Some of the other activities you can treat in are:

  • Jogging
  • Foods
  • Do some shopping at the Alkout mall situated crossways the beach.

The Kuwait Municipal Gardens:

The Kuwait Municipal Gardens is the most attractive tourist point in Kuwait. Kuwait Municipality conserves these gardens. The most popular garden located at Fahd Al Salem Street. If you are visiting Kuwait, then it will remain imperfect unless you take a tour to the Municipal Gardens. You will see these gardens well decorated and maintained with proper shaded areas.

Furthermore, You can relax there and enjoy the glory of the sunset. You will find a mainstream of the Kuwait Municipal gardens has leisure parks as well as children’s playground. Therefore, You and your children can spend best of time in these gorgeous parks. The administration of Kuwait was victorious in its attempt to change this dry region with green lawns.

Kuwait Zoo:

Kuwait zoo is one of the most pleasant places in Kuwait. Zoo administration gathers animal around the world. Never miss the opportunity to visit Kuwait Zoo during your tour.

The zoo is situated in Omariya on the Airport Road.