How long is the camel ride?

Camel ride in Dubai is during the desert tour is one of the most do thing. You must have to try it, it’s amazing to enjoy the ride on the desert ship. People ask for how long you can enjoy the camel ride during the desert safari tour. Answer of this question is it depends on your tour package. On regular evening desert tour it’s just a introductory ride which last maximum 3-5 minutes. You can extend it by upgrading your desert package. Below is the detailed chart regarding the price and duration of camel trek.

Tour Type Camel Ride Duration Add-on Duration
Evening Desert Safari 3 ~ 5 minutes 100 AED 20 minutes
Morning Desert Tour 10 minutes 100 AED 30 minutes
Camel Ride Tour 30 minutes
Overnight Safari 3 ~ 5 minutes 100 AED 20 minutes
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