Haunted Places In UK

The time is coming soon for supernatural happenings, creaking coffins, and ghostly groans. If you dare to leave your home on Halloween. There are plenty of spooky spots to visit in UK. In this post you will find some famous haunted places in Uk.

These all places have a past of strange and bloodcurdling activities and ghostly sightings. Whether you are a believer of the mysterious world or not. The history of some of the places below is out of the ordinary. Maybe you feel curious, and you could try to visit one or two of them and make your mind up for yourself.

Haunted Places in UK

Haunted places

There are lots of places, but some of them are as follows:

Pendle Hill

Pendle Hill is a trendy place for those who fascinated by the supernatural motions and particularly the witch trials. The most haunted team visited there a few years ago and filmed a live episode where Yvette fielding described it as one of the terrifying places her and the team had visited. During the Lancashire trials, 12 witches were suspect of killing ten people.

Pendle Hill

Pluckley village, Kent

This community holds the official title of “Britain’s most haunted village.”

It is home to around 1,000 residents.

The local woods are frequently calls ‘screaming woods‘. It is said to be sinister by the many men and women gone astray in the woods.

Newsham park hospital, Liverpool

In starting this building was an orphanage for the children. There are many children in orphanages.

In the top story. There is a lengthy queue of ‘naughty cupboards‘ where children can hold in the dark and in lonely imprisonment.

There are sightings of fogginess and noises. As well as voices and individuals often mention on a sudden sense of domination and negativity.

Haunted Places in London

As like many other cities in the UK. London have also many haunted places. Some Haunted Places of Following are some famous haunted locations in London:

Tower of London

It is one of the most haunted places in the London. From 1100 to 1952. The Tower of London was castoff as a prison for those particularly disliked by the Royal Family. Prisoners here, as we all know, were usually beheaded though it seems even this did not end their time confined to the building.

Visitors and employees at the tower have long reported voices and specters. Which they attribute to a large number of ghosts believed to settle within the tower walls.

Ragged School Museum

Kids can be pretty creepy even when they are alive. So it is no surprise that The Ragged School Museum has built up a reputation as one of the scariest spots in all of London.

Opened in 1877. The Ragged School was intended to provide children from the impoverished Mile End with a primary education.

It was closed in 1908 when the area began to improve and it was deemed no longer necessary. For the next several decades. The building was castoff for a variety of purposes before being opened as a museum in 1990. Due to its reputation, it has been the focus of many paranormal investigations.

London Tombs

If you are a fan of horror. You have probably already been to or plan to go to The London Tombs. The London Tombs are one of many attractions across England. Which combines a manufactured creepy atmosphere with dozens of actors veiled as ghosts and specters. And with the sole purpose of frightening all who enter.

However, some reports suggest that there may be something a little more sinister going on at the attraction.

The Spaniard’s INN

Built-in 1585 and still serving thousands of eaters and drinkers every year. The Spaniard’s Inn is historic, atmospheric, and of course, haunted.

Most Hunted places in England

England is the place which is famous and well known for being home. And called numerous haunted locations and dwellings. The England contains some of the most haunted places. England with each place being the place of much unexplained paranormal wonders.

Visit the most Ghost hunting sites to make the time and journey fascinating experience.

Borley Rectory, Essex

It was a Victorian castle in the beautiful village of Borley, Essex. In 1939, a fire destroyed it. The story of Borley was enclosed in the Daily Mirror and by noted ghostly investigator Harry Price. It listens that there was something supernatural happening at the house were footsteps heard in the dead of night in the 1860s.

The ghost of a nun and two headless horsemen. A phantom carriage and the phantom ringing of the servant’s bells. As well as bottle-throwing are just some of the paranormal incidents reported at Borley.

Village of Pluckley, Kent

Pluckley Village is also known as the most haunted village in Britain. A screaming man and a schoolmaster was found hanged by a group of children. And an old woman who used to sit on a bridge smoking.

Pendle Hill, Lancashire

It situated in an area known as Pendleside. Pendle Hill is supposedly known as the home of twelve ‘witches‘ from the 17th century. It’s famous for its links to George Fox. Which led to the foundation of the Quaker movement.

London Tombs