Haunted Places in Australia

Hunated Places in Australia TDS

Most people love haunted house stories. It seems that the more vivid it can be the better. Everyone exposed to the typical ghost story involving a haunted house. With a terrifying specter that sends residents running out screaming.

However, many people think that these are just stories and some believe that it is a reality. There are many haunted locations around the world.

Monte Cristo-New South Wale

Monte Cristo-New South Wale TDS

The Monte Cristo is an elegant Victorian Homestead. The location of this house is in the southern New South Wales country town of Junee. Over the years there have been countless reports of paranormal activity in the house and surrounding grounds.

Meanwhile, Christopher William Crawley, a local farmer, built this house in 1884.In its time of existence, it had a pregnant caretaker pushed over a balcony, a baby was pushing down the stairs, and a stable boy tragically burns to death while he slept.
Later Olive Ryan and her husband purchased this house and perceived many paranormal activities here.
Huanted Monte-Cristo New South Wale TDS

Haunted Places in Sydney

Haunted Places in Sydney TDs

Sydney is full of urban myths, horror stories and downright strange occurrences that can never explain. From haunted houses to mental hospitals, there is a dark side to Sydney that many people do not know about it. Explore Sydney brings you the top 5 most haunted places in Sydney.

Gladesville Mental Hospital

Gladesville Mental Hospital TDS

In Sydney, Hospital of mental problems was a psychiatric hospital started in 1838 in the suburb of Gladesville. Tarban Creek Lunatic Asylum was its real name. Earlier to 1838, persons with psychological and sensitive issues in the Sydney were housed in “Lunatic Asylum” in Gladesville.

Real sandstone is known as Tarban Creek Lunatic Asylum. That was designed by famous architect which are colonial Mortimer Lewis from 1836 and 1838.Patients and affected persons from Liverpool and the Female Factory.Last provision of patient service were closed in 1997. Some other famous haunted places are listed below.
  • The Haunted Quarantine Station
  • The Wakehurst Parkway
  • Studley Park House
  • Fremantle Arts Centre in Western Australia
  • Port Arthur in TasmaniaPort Arthur in Tasmania TDS

Ghost Hunters Australia

Ghost Hunters Australia TDS

Ghost hunters are the persons who investigate the places that are creepy. There are many ghosts hunter societies in Australia. Some are as follows:

  • Australian Paranormal Field Investigators in Balga
  • Access Paranormal in Sydney
  • Adelaide Spirit Chasers in Adelaide
  • Ghost Hunters Down Under (GHDU) in Parramatta
  • Ghost Hunters of The South Coast & Territories

Haunted House Tours Sydney

Haunted House Tours Sydney TDS

Sydney is the place which filled with urban legends, horror stories, and downright strange incidents that the visitors and anyone else has never explained. In Sydney, there’s a dark side, like haunted houses and mental hospitals, parkways, and tunnels.

Studley Park House

Studley Park House TDS

The most haunted building in Camden’s is Studley Park House. Moreover, this house sold countless times, and last time it bought by Dr. Henry Oliver and converts this building to a boarding school. A fourteen years old student tragically drowned while swimming and his body stored in the cellar. After this incident, many deaths happen, and many voices have listened by the people. This building is a haunted reminder of all those who have died.

Gladesville Mental Hospital, The Haunted Quarantine Station, Redbank Range Tunnel, The Wakehurst Parkway, and Anglican Parish of Mulgoa are the most haunted places in Sydney.

Paranormal Australia

Paranormal Australia TDS

Australia is the place where paranormal usually happen. Diverse, dangerous fauna, strict, and challenging climate. Australia is the place where mishap happens and has an amusing history. The Australia can scare people by its scary history. As well as about spooky legends and ghost stories. The sightings scary places and scary urban legends.

Hartley Paranormal Tour is a tour in which Goose-bump your senses with a frightening trip on the Ghost Bus. The “BUSTER” is ghost bus with the only ghost tour at Hartley and takes dark glee, forgotten and secret locations that are illegal to the general public.
Some ghost haunting equipment used that will improve your already heightened senses tune. The spooky troubles detected by this computer.

Haunted House Melbourne

Haunted House Melbourne TDS

In fact, Melbourne is the place where visitors can take a tour of 19th-century Melbourne on a 1.5-hour ghost tour. Wherever they can discover hidden lanes and historical buildings. The Eynesbury homestead, Altona Homestead Ghost tour, George the station ghost, where a man has seen standing near a fence with a fishing rod. The younger & Jackson ghoul.

Haunted Places in Crawley

Haunted Places in Crawley TDS

Friends Meeting House, here apparently hunted of two ghosts, who are young boys, they apparently snap at the house, which was though the picture has been lost. These boys like to suspend around and made a reason to harm in the loft rooms. Moreover, a former sailor ghost also has been seeing there.

The George Hotel, Crawley High Street, Langley Lane, Ifield, The Star Inn, Horsham Road, Asda, Pegler Way, Bar Med, Crawley High Street, Smuggler’s Cottage, Snow Hill, Copthorne, Railway tunnel in Balcombe. These are the most haunted places in Crawley.