Experiencing the Northern Lights in Canada’s

In the northern side of North America, there is a most beautiful and glamorous country, Canada. It is also a land of immense distances and abundant natural beauty and Northern Lights. Technologically and economically, and in many others aspects it closely resembles with its neighbor to the south, the United States.

However, Canada is the best choice to spend your vacations because it is a good country with a beautiful climate. Whenever you plan to visit Canada, you must experience the Northern Lights in Canada.

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Southern Aurora Borealis

Sometimes an Aurora is a polar light or northern light, which is a natural light display in the Earth’s sky, mostly can see in the high latitude regions.

When the solar wind sufficiently disturbs the magnetosphere, it creates the Aroura which gives a great view. Therefore the best places to view the Southern Lights are as follow:
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South Georgia Island

It lies in the South Atlantic Ocean in the South Sandwich Islands. The best time to go is the Antarctic winter, between March and September.

Stewart Island

The Stewart Island at the Southern tip of New Zealand is another place where you can enjoy the excellent view of Nothern Lights. The exact time to go is the Antarctic winter, between the March and September.

On the other hand, the Falkland Islands, Ushuaia Argentina, and Antarctica are the excellent places to enjoy the Northern Lights experience.
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Northern Lights What are They?

Our sun is 93 million miles away. However, its effects encompass far yonder its evident shallow.

The storms on the surface of the sun send squalls of charged solar particles careering across space. If Earth comes in the path of this particle stream, then the Earth’s magnetic field and atmosphere react.
When these particles from the sun strike atoms and molecules in Earth’s atmosphere, they excite those atoms, causing them to light up.
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Northern lights vacation packages

It is time to see the beautiful Yukon with the hospitality of northern lights.

There are not only natural view but spas and resorts too.
Furthermore, lots of travel companies offer different packages for travelers to spend the best time over there.
The companies provide best services to enjoy every moment, and also they present to enjoy the mind-blowing scenes of the northern lights from the substantial knockdown or the privacy of your cabin.

Discover Yukon

  • Three nights / four days in $845 per person based on double occupancy (single supplement $400)
  • Four nights / five days in $1025 per person based on double occupancy (single supplement $500)

Above all packages is from a travel company to visit Aurora.

Package includes:

  • Massage
  • Spa
  • Breakfast
  • Dinner
  • Tour guide
  • Private tour to Yukon wildlife
  • A long drive with many stops to enjoy beautiful scenery

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Winter package

  • Three nights / four days in $1190 per person based on double occupancy (single supplement $600)
  • Four nights / five days in $1390 per person based on double occupancy (single supplement $700)

Winter package is fully inclusive of luxurious accommodations.

Package includes:

  • Home cooked meals
  • Facilities of resorts
  • Range of guides activities
  • Signature spa treatment
  • European style breakfast
  • 1/2 day dog sledding adventure
  • 1/2 day snowshoe tour

There are lots of other packages too.

Best places to see the northern lights in Canada

  1.  Whitehorse, Yukon:

Those travelers who visit Yukon in winter have more chance to see northern lights. This venture is just in the short distance from the city of Whitehorse. Also, there is no pollution. In fact, you can see the mind-blowing view from rental lodges and retreats.


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  1. Mucho lake provincial park, British Columbia

This place provides a beautiful and most picturesque view of northern lights. Moreover, the aurora borealis reflects off the quiet water of the mucho lake.

The story is not ending here; many more spots are there to enjoy beautiful northern lights for example:

  • Fort McMurray, Alberta
  • Battle Harbour
  • Newfoundland, and Labrador
  • Dempster Highway, Yukon
  • La Ronge, Saskatchewan

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Best Northern Lights Tours

The northern lights are the natural phenomenon which happens during the winter months, from late August to April in Iceland. Ultimately, these views are also known as Aurora Borealis. The northern light tours are weather dependent because these light sightings are not guaranteed.

Tromso is known as one of the best places in the world to watch the northern lights.
Iceland is the fabulous Iceland which fascinates the visit at any time of year, but the winter months have the unique ability or attraction to show the beauty of northern lights. In Iceland waterfalls and landscapes can be explored, whale watching, and experience thrills of super jeeps and snowmobiles.
Night flight can enjoy best northern lights tours operate from Jukkasjarvi in Sweden, see the higher latitude in Svalbard, Norway, and also enjoy the Aurora from glass igloo in Kakslauttanen Finland, Canada, Alaska, Greenland, Scotland, and Ireland.
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Northern lights tours Canada

To look up at the dancing lights is to enjoy the one of the vast display of nature’s mother. In Canada, there is also the opportunity to experience the Aurora, which is accessible in the period between December and April. Canada’s northern light region also gives clear cross ways to the country. However, Yellowknife is one of the top northern lights viewing spots in Canada.

If the tourist wants to get the best way to see this natural phenomenon is a tour from a town like Whitehorse or Yellowknife. Experience the wild beauty of Alaska during 4th day northern light tours, Hunt for the mystical Aurora Borealis with dining during Yellowknife tour, Arctic day evening Aurora viewing and northern light tours from Yellowknife. These are the northern light tours in Canada.
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