European Castle Tours

Europe has many castles that date back to centuries. From feudal fortresses to the lavish residences of kings. Castles like the French palace of Versailles and the fairytale turrets. Fairytale turrets created by King Ludwig II of Bavaria. That inspired an American theme park edifice. Here is some famous European Castle.

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Hearst Castle Tours

Hearst Castle is a 60,645-square-foot. This castle have 165-room Moorish-style house on the California beach. It’s the kind of place that only an insanely rich man in the early 20th century could have built. Almost as big as modern-day billionaire Bill Gates’ Xanadu 2.0 in Medina, Washington.
Hearst Castle also has 127 acres of gardens. Also have terraces, pools, and walkways. It’s full of Spanish and Italian antiques and art.

Three large guest rooms flank the main house. In its prime time. Hearst Castle had a private movie theater. Also have a zoo, tennis courts, and two magnificent swimming pools. Lavish parties were familiar at Hearst Castle. And movie stars were frequent guests.


Hotels near Hearst Castle

There are so many hotels near Hearst castle. The nearest hotels are Silver Surf Motel and San Simeon Lodge. Cavalier Oceanfront Resort and Silver Surf Motel also near to this castle.  Sands By The Sea Motel, Courtesy Inn San Simeon, and Days Inn San Simeon are at walking distance from Hearst castle.

Eltz Castle

Eltz castle is an authentic feudal castle that survived the centuries. It’s unique setting on an oval rock in the Elzbach valley. Etlz castle is surrounded by woodlands and the little stream. That gives the castle a fairy tale and magic appearance.

The castle could not expand horizontally due to its location. The rock builds the foundation. That’s why it grew only in height. Over the centuries, the Burg as we can see it today, developed. Several towers and turrets made by the family. The spires and bay windows were added by the family members. That made up the unique picture of Eltz castle.


Largest Castle in the World 

Following are the biggest castle in the world:

  • Malbork Castle (143,591 square meters)
  • Mehrangarh Fort (81,227)
  • Prague Castle (66,761)
  • Windsor Castle (54,835)
  • Hohensalzburg Castle (54,523)
  • Spis Castle (49,485)

Windsor Castle Tours

Windsor Castle is one of three official residences of The Queen and has been home to the Autonomous for over 900 years.
The Castle is the largest populated castle in the world and the oldest in continuous occupation. The imposing towers and battlements of the Castle loom large from every approach to the town. Creating one of the world’s most spectacular skylines.
From March to October the doors of the castle are open to the public at 09:30 every day. Including Sunday and close at 5:30.

From November to February opening time is 9:45 and closing 16:15. Last entrance is 90 minutes before closing time.


Neuschwanstein Castle Tour

The Neuschwanstein Castle locates at only 3 km away from the touristic town of Fussen in Bavaria. The castle is also very close to Munich andthe capital of Bavaria.
Neuschwanstein tours can be taken from Munich, Fussen, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, or Frankfurt. And are often mutual with visits to other attractions along Bavaria’s Romantic Road. Many visitors choose to appreciate the castle from the outside only. And many find that the most fabulous views are from the Marien brucke Bridge.

The interior, including the opulent Minstrel’s Hall and the grand Byzantine Throne Room. Can only be visited on a guided castle tour.


Castle Germany

These castles are most famous in Germany. Neuschwanstein Castle, Burg Eltz and Hohenzollern Castle. Lichtenstein Castle and Schweriner Castle also attarct visitors due to their beauty. Last one is Reichsburg Castle is also famous castle in the Germany.

Disney Castle Germany

Before the construction of Disneyland. Walt Disney and his wife Lillian took a European tour. A Disneyland representative confirms that the time he spent at Neuschwanstein Castle. And that time was indeed the inspiration for the Sleeping Beauty Castle.

In many ways. It makes sense that Walt Disney would be compelled to share Ludwig’s vision. Similarly, Walt Disney, King Ludwig II thought outside the box and was known as “The Eccentric King.” He conceived many projects that were before their time.

Edinburgh Castle Tour

Edinburgh Castle is one of the most exciting historic sites in Western Europe. Set in the heart of Scotland’s dynamic capital city. It is sure to capture your imagination. The scenery will take your breath away.
Edinburgh Castle is an enormous and beautiful place to explore. It’s rich with history. It has superb architecture and there are many different attractions within its walls.


Castle Hotel Windsor

Castle Hotel is one of the most stunning Georgian buildings in Windsor. It sits superbly in the town center. Opposite to Sir Christopher Wren’s Windsor Guildhall and just a few minutes’ walk from Windsor Castle.

Actually in service since the 15th century. It awarded eight Royal Warrants along the way. Castle Hotel is undergoing an intricate renovation for September 2015. Blending the hotel’s elegance and fascinating past with contemporary charm.

Eastern European castle

The castle tour has plenty of places for travelers to visit. Eastern European governments use castle ruins. They also use castle hotels and castle museums. This castles add romance and historical significance to tours through Eastern Europe.

European Haunted Castle Tours

No doubt castles are some of the fascinating places in the world. Even more so when they are spooky. These are the most haunted Castle in Europe. You must visit these places. The European Castle Tours may prove joyful for you.

  • Moosham Castle, AustriaFrankenstein Castle, Germany
  • Castel Reszel, Poland
  • Predjama Castle, Slovenia
  • Houska Castle, Czech Republic
  • Frankenstein Castle, Germany
  • Castel Reszel, Poland
  • Predjama Castle, Slovenia
  • Houska Castle, Czech Republic