Desert trips from California

The Desert Trips from California offer millions of lands of incredible things to see and do. In the desert of California, Death Valley and National Park holds the record for hottest temperature ever recorded. At Anza Borrego, California’s largest state park, discover amazing spring time wildflowers for Desert Trips. The oasis like Palm Springs region has golf resorts, mid century modern architecture, and every spring, the classic Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

The warm air of Desert Trips may draw you here, but some other attractions will keep you coming back.  It could be the excellent health spa in Desert Hot Spring season, the art galleries in palm desert, outdoor adventures in the desert, the hundreds of birds at the Salton Sea, or hot air ballooning over Joshua Tree.

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Mono Lake South Tufa Preserve

This haunting place in the Great Basin section of the California desert be indebted its beauty to the apparently unreasonable setting.The odd high points of calcium carbonate rising a very alkaline lake, sagebrush and rabbit brush all bounded with the Yosemite High country looking down over all. Populated by visitors from all around the world, but these visitors are the ones that have cast off the Yosemite Valley to get a little bit of desert in them, and we like them for that.

The Mono Lake, are covered tufa towers; they made when spring water with dissolved calcium. Emerged into the supersaturated water of the lake, and the calcium in the spring water could not stay melted.

Rainbow Basin

North of Barstow California lays one of the most beautiful and mysterious locations in the Mojave Desert Rainbow Basin. It is a mixture of colours, shapes, and fantastic creations, a place where water and the wind have worked magic, fashioning layers of sandstone and sediment to expose brilliantly coloured creations. Passing the day, it changes moment by moment, with shadows falling deep into gorges and cuts. Rainbow Basin is surrealistic, other worldly, apparently, a land that could not possibly exist on the same planet that holds forests and lakes and lush grazing land.

Salton Sea

The strangest attraction of the Salton Sea is a central element of the desert site east of Mojave. The sea designed as a result of flooding in the nearby agricultural centre of Empire County, and many believed it would become the Riviera of the West in time. The beaches are wild and beleaguered with fish bones, as the sea becomes even with deadly algae every summer. Set against some of a vast mountain vistas in the southern California desert, it is both a beautiful and strange sight.

Crowley Point

This place is hard to miss for travellers between the Owens Valley and Death Valley National Park. It is the place where the road starts to switch backing down off the Darwin Plateau eastward into the Panamint Valley. Near the top of the corners, there is a large stony pull out with an old marker honouring local Catholic priest John Crowley.

Red Rock Canyon State Park

Red Rock Canyon State Park is home to an attractive desert landscape with hills, cliffs, and other unique rock creations. It is an excellent place to commercialized the wildlife, particularly road runners, lizards and hawks. In Last Chance Canyon, which runs through the park, visitors can see rock art and the remains of old villages.

Nights at the park have a different kind of magic. With no towns in the region, night skies are free of light pollution. On most Saturday nights, park docent gives talks on topics from petroglyphs to desert tortoises and of course stars.

Palm Desert

Palm Desert located at the base of the Santa Rosa Mountains, which is a bedroom of Palm Springs. This Desert is home to first class resorts, incredible scenery, golfing, and various charms. Tourist attractions around town include the Aerie Art Garden. The Living Desert Wild Animal Park, and the McCallum Theater for the Performing Arts.

The best time to visit Palm Desert Springs is between January and April when the weather is the most welcoming. Fall’s temperatures are almost as nice, but if you love the heat, we would not recommend visiting in the summer time when daily highs regularly reach the triple digits.

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Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree is a tree name that only grows in the Mojave Desert. It reaches a height of up to 60 feet and belongs to the Yucca family. Many trees are said to be several hundred years old. In the west, the thickest bunches of trees were discovered, in the “Wonderland of Rocks”. The area has interesting rock creations. Which is shaped by the high temperature and enormous pressure under which the metamorphic rock was forced up out of the earth many millions of years ago. The park is home to a different variety of wildlife. The visitor will come through a few species of animals, such as dwarf antelopes, squirrels and occasionally a coyote. Deadly spiders and five different types of rattlesnake are native here.