Experiencing The Real Essence Of Desert Safari In Dubai

 Desert Safari In Dubai

Dubai is such an amazing place to visit. One can find numerous factors to get excited throughout the trip. Every single thing about this place is simply extravagant. No matter what you indulge into, you are going to have some of the best moments of your life. Dubai presents its visitor’s numerous chances to be happy. Whether it is the skyscrapers or the exciting shopping destinations, sightseeing, landscapes or some moments in the desert safari in Dubai, Dubai has every element to take someone to an all new level. Dubai tends to be a favorite among the youngsters. The reason for this is the adventure. When in Dubai, you are sure to feel some adrenaline rush. This city supports and organizes a lot of adventurous sports and the adventurous one gets their perfect destination for trying out different things in Dubai.When the adventure is a part of the discussion here, out of numerous such activities, there is one single thing in the dunes that can give you some sheer moment of joy and adventure. Go and try out Dubai Desert Safari andexperience the extravaganza that this sport holds. Every time of the year, one can experience this fun sport live.

Evening Desert Safari

 Now, when it comes to the organizers, there are a plenty of options and you can chose based on your convenience. The most interesting thing about these safari trips is the chance of sitting in an AC car while you try to overcome the hurdles.Even some of the organizers give you the facility of direct pickup and drop to your hotel room. All you need to do is just get ready within the stipulated time and you are just good to go. In the case of other organizers, you can directly go for the safari and experience it.While this is adventure and fun, but special care is being taken so that people do not suffer from any form of serious injuries. The cars are protected by using technologies so that in the case of a roll over, which is very less the case, the passengers are not injured. This is a good step taken, considering the number of participation that takes place every year.

Desert Safari Activities


Camel In Desert

While you try to tear apart the sand and make your way out, the safari tour just doesn’t end there. There is more to it. Under this package, you get numerous other scopes for entertainment. One such famous thing is belly dancing, which has a root connection to that of Dubai. While the beautiful ladies dance on the stunning numbers and give the most amazing performance, you can as well participate and have some amazing moments there.There are even other forms of entertainment that will bring you close to the real essence of Dubai. Like the hookah smoking! So, while you are all set, have a feeling of grandness while you blow a smoke from the hookah and release it in the air. The choice for hookah flavors is unparallel. So, when you are on a tour with your friends, you can have some great moments to cherish lifelong.

Desert Safari Tour Packages

 While these are the part of the desert safari in dubai tour package, if you are not really satisfied with your entertainment quotient, you can also try out something else. Sand boarding can be another good option for that excitement need. Participate there, be a part of it and just enjoy. But you need to pay separately for this. The same thing goes for quad biking too. You can very well experience it by paying just a few bucks.Even there is horse riding, where you can participate with your kids as well. However note that the safari tour has some strict rules and regulations regarding participation. So, the older members or children below 3 years of age are not allowed to take a part. Moreover, in the case of the charge and rates too, for the children below 10 years of age, the amount will be charged half of the total amount. In the case of a child, having more than 10 years of age, he/she will be treated like an adult.While the norms regarding the participation of child may be strict, but this ensures safety all round. Besides, while in a safari, the car is not supposed to move uniformly. As a result, the children are going to suffer some time or the other.
Desert Safari Dinner Menu
 So, while you are done with the safari and other adventurous ride, grab a plate of some of the best delicacies that are served in both vegan and non-veg platter. So, based on your preference, you can choose your dish. And, mind you, there is a separate section for drinks, and the serving is unlimited. So, you need to have a really big tummy in order to eat everything that is served.After finishing your lunch, you can very well rest for a while in one of the AC tents that can very easily save you from the scorching heat of the desert. Another exciting thing about this desert safari is the beautiful landscape that you get to see. While you can click some of the amazing pictures of the sand dunes, apart from that, this place, in particular, gives out a splendid view during sunset.
Camel Ride in Dubai
 So, make the camel your carrier and set on a ride with your camera and capture some of the most mesmerizing stills. And, when you have just done everything and thinking to go back to the hotel, you need to wait a little longer. This is because there are even special arrangements for the nighttime. You can enjoy some male artists performing or sit and watch the fire show- every single thing will give you jaw dropping moments.The entire day, till they drop you back to the hotel again, provided you have opted for such facilities, is going to be amazing enough to remain in your heart forever. With the security of cars and professional drivers taking you on an adventure, everything sums up to create a very different ambiance.